How To Know If A Guy Likes You Quiz | 99% Accurate

How To Know If A Guy Likes You Quiz | 99% Accurate

Some say that if you know, you know. But honestly, it’s not always that easy. Some guys are good at hinting at their attraction, while others are not. You don’t want to make the first step if you’re not 100% sure of his true intentions, and that’s okay. It’s completely natural for you to wait for him to make it a little bit clearer. If they don’t, well, there’s always this quiz to help you out. If you’re interested in a little bit more scientific approach, try this!

Secret Looks

It’s no secret that boys like to stare at girls. If you’re attractive, you should be no stranger to this behavior. However, being a generally desired female has its cons. You simply cannot tell if they like you for who you are or just for your looks. If that matters to you, then you’re going to need to rely on more than just his secretive looks.

If you’re part of the same friend group and you hang out a lot together, it’s going to be easier for you to observe his behavior. During a group conversation, he might stare at you for a little longer than the talk requires, that’s usually when you know that something is going on in his mind. Some guys are way too shy to let you catch them, but they will slip one day or another. They just cannot help it sometimes.


People who are a little more confident and know how to use eye contact in their favor will look you deeply into your eyes, hoping you get their hint. But if they’re self-confident, they will probably not make you wait and question their motives. They’re likely to come up to you and initiate a conversation. And that’s when you know for sure.

The Little Things

The guy who likes you will remember all the little things about you. Maybe not everything you have ever told him, but most of it. They try to pay attention to you because they’re genuinely interested. Also, admit it, it just feels very nice when someone cares.

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Not only will he know everything about you, he will also not be satisfied with the amount of information you provide him with. He will try to make it a little bit more interesting and ask your friends about you. If your friends know you have a crush on this guy, they will surely let you know. It’s so cute when boys do that. They go out of their way to surprise you or just see a smile on your face.

Let’s not forget about the compliments. Us girls, we love them! And the guys know it. Pay attention to the compliments though! If he only focuses on your looks, it might be a sign that he’s only looking for a hook up, and doesn’t want to commit. If his compliments are about your intelect, and your looks, this might be a real match.

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The guy who likes you will probably do some little favors for you. It might not seem like much at first. They will bring you your favourite cookies to a meeting, they will hang your coat in a restaurant, or maybe carry your backpack for you. If the guy is consisten in his acctions, he might be into you.

Actions Over Words

Many guys are not big on texting. Girls should remember that, so that they don’t think the buy hates them right after he takes a little longer to reply. It’s also important to mention that guys generally don’t like clingy and needy girls. You shouldn’t be constantly available for him, and be ready to hang out whenever he wants to. If you’re free, then sure, go on. But if you’ve had previously made plans, just stick to them. That will make him think you’re more interesting and have your own life.

If the guy makes plans with you and never shows to a meeting, give up. The acceptable explanation should involve a severe car accident or a death of a loved one. It’s not okay to just forget about meeting someone. Think about it. Would you even forget that you were supossed to see him? Of course not. Do not be a doormat, and walk away from the things that don’t want you.

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Sometimes guys that are not necessairly comfortable with telling you that they’re not interested, will try to act dumb and it might lead you on. If they agree to your date idea, but it just never gets down to settling when it’s going to happen, well, spoiler alert, it’s not going to happen. It may be the case that he is just busy, but people who are genuienly interested in others will make time for them. Or just let them know precisely when it’s possible for them to start their social lives again.

The Future Talk

If the guy is really serious about you, he will make some plans and include you in them. You can see it in the little things. He might gradually switch from “me” to “us” while answering a question about his future travels. If he needs to change his workplace, he will consider your opinion about it.


He will be interested in your future as well. If he wants to know what you’re dream job is, and what you’re passionate about, he probably already thinks of your future together. But it’s not always about the important work-related things. Sometimes he’ll just simply ask you if the hoodie he wants to buy suits him. He will seek your approval if he really likes you. Who wants to wear something their crush hates?

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Remember, it’s not always the girls who talk about the future. I’ve met a lot of guys, who are equally as scary sometimes. If you just met, and the future talk is already visible, it may not be such a good sign. Think twice. Maybe he’s very insecure and is just looking for someone to be there for him for some emotional support.

Anyways, we hope this text helped you! Try this does he like me psychology quiz and let us know the results! Good luck!

How many questions are there in this quiz?

There are 20 questions.

How accurate is this test?

It’s 99% accurate. We cannot tell for sure what you’re crush is thinking, so we put together some classic signs of his attraction toward you. Have fun!

What if he doesn’t like me?

I know it’s easy to say, but please don’t panic! There are plenty of people in the world who will like you for who you are. A year from now, you’re probably not even going to remember his name.

Will I even know for sure?

Yes! There’s a way! You can just ask him, and we recommend that. It’s not easy but you will feel very empowered afterward!

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