Christmas Trivia | 100 Christmas Trivia Questions And Answers (2024)

Christmas Trivia | 100 Christmas Trivia Questions And Answers (2024)

Christmas is a wonderful time that we spend with our loved ones. In December, we will slowly prepare for this special holiday. Are you guys ready? If you want to feel this magical atmosphere more, test your knowledge with this Christmas quiz with answers! You can do it with your friends, with your family or by yourself, if you want to tell trivia at the Christmas table later.

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Christmas Trivia Questions and Answers


We have prepared for you as many as one hundred unique questions about Christmas. First try to answer them, and then get acquainted with the answers. The questions are not only about traditions of the whole world, but also about Christmas movies, songs and Christmas episodes of cult series. It is general knowledge questions about Christmas. Some questions are easy, some are difficult and require knowledge of other cultures. Can you answer all 100 questions? If you want to thoroughly test your knowledge level, take our Christmas Quiz multiple choice at the end! So, here it is Christmas trivia for adults and kids!

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  1. What country has a Christmas tradition of eating fried chicken from KFC?
  2. What country has a Christmas tradition of buying lottery tickets?
  3. In Spain, it is not Santa Claus who brings gifts. So who brings toys and candy to Spanish children?
  4. What do Norwegians hide at Christmas to protect themselves from evil spirits?
  5. In what country are Christmas trees decorated with cobwebs?
  6. What is Santa’s home address?
  7. What does the finder of the gherkin-shaped ornament on the Christmas tree get?
  8. What cartoon is an important holiday tradition in Sweden?
  9. How do the people of Venezuela go to the Shepherdess?
  10. When do we start preparing for Christmas in the US?
  11. In what country is Christmas Eve the most important day of Christmas Time?
  12. What is left for Santa to eat on Christmas Eve?
  13. Who watches over the children to make sure they behave politely before Christmas?
  14. In what country do people eat Christmas dinner wearing crowns made of paper?
  15. What do you decorate a traditional English pudding with?
  16. What kind of alcohol is added to traditional English pudding?
  17. Who wrote the original story The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding?
  18. What was the name of the first animated Barbie movie that had a Christmas theme?
  19. Which celebrity is starring in Netflix’s latest holiday movie Falling for Christmas?
  20. In what countries is Boxing Day celebrated?
  21. What event prepares us for Christmas?
  22. What is the name of the main character in the Christmas Carol story?
  23. Who played the Grinch in the 2000 film How the Grinch Stole Christmas?
  24. Which singer appeared in the Christmas comedy The Night Before?
  25. Who did Michael Keaton become in the movie Jack Frost?
  26. What movie with Bruce Willis is often watched at Christmas?
  27. In what country was the carol Silent Night written?
  28. What is the Christmas tree decorated with in Denmark?
  29. What do Parisians eat for Christmas?
  30. Where do the French hide their Christmas gifts?
  31. What do we hang on our windows and doors during the Christmas season?
  32. What type of tree is most often a Christmas tree?
  33. Under what plant do people kiss during Christmas?
  34. In what country was the story of the Nutcracker written?
  35. In what year was The Nutcracker released?
  36. What phrase do we use when we want to wish a Merry Christmas to people from other cultures?
  37. Instead of to Santa Claus, who do UK children send letters to?
  38. Where do UK children put their letters?
  39. What type of sauce is most popular during the Christmas season?
  40. What unusual ingredients did Rachel Green add to Trifle?
  41. What is the name of the British packets that two people open by pulling on the ends?
  42. What do Finlanders do during the Christmas season to cleanse the soul and body?
  43. What is the traditional drink in Finland?
  44. Who do the Irish gift before Christmas?
  45. How many days does the Christmas celebration last in Greece?
  46. What do Greeks decorate instead of Christmas trees?
  47. What color is the last Sunday before Christmas Eve in Hungarian tradition?
  48. According to Hanukkah tradition, how many candles does the menorah contain?
  49. What colors dominate the Christmas season?
  50. What is the most popular carol?
  51. What is the most popular Christmas movie in the US?
  52. When was the first Christmas card made?
  53. What are the Christmas mince pies filled with?
  54. What is left for Santa Claus to eat in the UK and Australia?
  55. What does Rudolph get for Christmas?
  56. What is traditional eggnog made of?
  57. Which Christmas movie was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the highest grossing comedy?
  58. What was the first scene shot for Home Alone?
  59. What was the name of the creepy old man who cleared snow from the streets in Home Alone?
  60. How many times was the statue in front of Kevin’s house in the movie Home Alone hit?
  61. What is the name of the Christmas movie starring Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz?
  62. What was the title of the popular song “Last Christmas” originally intended to be?
  63. What popular Christmas song did the girl in the movie Love Actually sing?
  64. What values does the song Happy Xmas – War Is Over represent?
  65. Who is the performer of the song Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas?
  66. Which jazz and pop singer is known for singing many Christmas songs?
  67. Why are carols called carols?
  68. What is the oldest Christmas carol?
  69. What do Christmas stockings symbolize?
  70. What does the mistletoe symbolize?
  71. Why we give gifts on Christmas?
  72. How many reindeer does Santa Claus have?
  73. Who works in Santa Claus’ toy factory?
  74. How does Santa express joy and happiness?
  75. What kind of sparkling soda do we associate with Christmas through its apt advertisements?
  76. What carol was played in space?
  77. Why does Rudolph have a red nose?
  78. How much does a typical Christmas gift for a family member cost statistically?
  79. How much does a typical Christmas gift for a friend cost statistically?
  80. What is most common Christmas gift?
  81. What do adults most often get for Christmas?
  82. Which toy company’s Christmas ad campaign is the most famous?
  83. What is the name of the limited edition holiday drink sold at Starbucks?
  84. What spice is most associated with the Christmas season?
  85. What instrument sound is most associated with the Christmas season?
  86. Why do we wrap Christmas presents?
  87. Which is the most Christmassy place in New York City?
  88. Where is the world’s largest Christmas tree located?
  89. What is the most popular Christmas decoration?
  90. What is the most popular Christmas dessert?
  91. What is the most popular Christmas cookie?
  92. What is the most popular Christmas meal in the US?
  93. What actor played the elf in the movie ELF?
  94. What is Disney’s most popular Christmas animation?
  95. What classic American book is popularly read during the Christmas season?
  96. What is the most famous Christmas cartoon?
  97. What candy is the most popular during Christmas time?
  98. What is the most popular Christmas flavor?
  99. Why do we eat gingerbread during the holiday season?
  100. Why Christmas is celebrated?

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  1. Japan.
  2. Spain.
  3. A Catalan Tió de Nadal – piece of log with a red Santa Claus hat.
  4. Mops and brooms.
  5. In Ukraine.
  6. North Pole, Canada.
  7. An extra gift.
  8. Donald Duck Special,
  9. On roller skates.
  10. Since Thanksgiving.
  11. In Poland.
  12. Cookies and a glass of milk.
  13. Elf on the shelf.
  14. In England.
  15. A sprig of holly.
  16. Rum or brandy.
  17. Agatha Christie.
  18. Barbie in the Nutcracker.
  19. Lindsay Lohan.
  20. In the United Kingdom and Australia.
  21. Advent.
  22. Ebenezer Scrooge.
  23. Jim Carrey.
  24. Miley Cyrus.
  25. A snowman.
  26. Die Hard.
  27. In Austria.
  28. Small Dannebrog flags.
  29. Oysters.
  30. In their shoes.
  31. Christmas wreath.
  32. Noble fir.
  33. Under the mistletoe.
  34. In Germany.
  35. In 1816.
  36. Happy Holidays.
  37. To Father Christmas.
  38. Into the fireplace.
  39. Cranberry.
  40. Beef, peas and onions.
  41. Christmas crackers.
  42. They go to the sauna.
  43. Grog.
  44. Dairy farmers and mailmen.
  45. It last for 12 days.
  46. Sailing ship models.
  47. Golden.
  48. Nine candles.
  49. Red, green and gold.
  50. Jingle bells.
  51. The Grinch.
  52. In 1843.
  53. Meat, dried fruit and spices.
  54. A mince pie and sherry.
  55. A carrot.
  56. From eggs, cream, milk, sugar and whiskey or rum.
  57. Home Alone.
  58. Kevin buying a toothbrush.
  59. Marley.
  60. Four times.
  61. Holiday.
  62. Last Easter.
  63. All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey.
  64. Yoko Ono and John Lennon opposed the Vietnam War.
  65. Judy Garland or Frank Sinatra.
  66. Michael Bublé.
  67. The name comes from the French word carole meaning a circle dance with singers.
  68. Angels Hymn.
  69. Christmas stockings have no symbolism, they are just a nice tradition.
  70. Vitality, fertility, love, romance.
  71. Because the Three Kings give gifts to the born Jesus on this day.
  72. Nine.
  73. Elves.
  74. Ho! Ho! Ho!
  75. Coca-Cola.
  76. Jingle Bells.
  77. Because reindeer noses have a dense array of blood vessels.
  78. $50 and $100.
  79. $20 and $50.
  80. A toy.
  81. Cosmetics, socks and gift cards.
  82. LEGO.
  83. Irish Cream Cold Brew.
  84. Cinnamon.
  85. The ringing of bells.
  86. To keep the joy of discovering gifts.
  87. Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center.
  88. In Germany.
  89. A star.
  90. Pudding.
  91. Chocolate chip cookie.
  92. Prime rib.
  93. Will Ferrell.
  94. Mickey’s Magical Christmas: Snowed In at the House of Mouse.
  95. Little Women.
  96. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.
  97. Chocolate Santa.
  98. Peppermint.
  99. Because of Hansel and Gretel fairytale.
  100. Because of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Christmas quiz for adults

Did you learn something new about Christmas? Were there funny Christmas quiz questions? If you want to test your knowledge now, take our quiz! We have selected the best questions that will verify how much you remember. Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Christmas trivia questions for kids

This quiz contains many questions. Some questions are advanced, so the trivia is also suitable for adults, but you will also find appropriate questions for children. For example, the one with Elf on the Shelf, or the questions are about Santa Claus and Rudolph. If it needs more easy questions, we have some more suggestions for you.


For children, simple questions such as What color is Santa’s hat? What does Santa’s clothing look like? What are some examples of Christmas foods? What do we give to the top of the Christmas tree? What means of transportation does Santa ride? What do we give for Christmas stockings? Children like such simple questions to which they know the answers well. They can also show their creativity by describing their favorite Christmas traditions. For children, Christmas is the most important time in their lives, so let’s make sure they have a magical winter!

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Christmas music trivia

Our questions also include those about Christmas songs and carols. If you want to create special music trivia for the holidays, go ahead and write out all our music questions and play Christmas Music Trivia. There was no shortage of such questions on the list.

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But if you need more Q&A, we will help you! You can boldly ask questions about the authors of various Christmas carols, such as: Who wrote the carol Jingle Bells? Also, let’s not forget about current musical trends. What is the latest Christmas song? Has Ariana Grande sung any Christmas song? How does Camila Cabello pronounce the word “Christmas” when she sings? Musical experiences are important for the holidays. Thanks to Christmas carols we experience this extraordinary time much more joyfully. And what is your favorite Christmas carol that you sing every year?

Best Christmas Movies


You’ll also find references to famous Christmas movies in our Q&A. One of the most famous films in this category is Home Alone, which starred a young, charming Macaulay Culkin. The making of this film brought many interesting stories. Did you know that in order to make the Christmas atmosphere more noticeable, Kevin’s house was designed so that the dominant colors red and green. These colors dominated virtually all scenes. This includes furniture, clothing, food containers and all wallpaper.

There are many other interesting Christmas movies to watch during this special period. Take a peek at the examples given, and if you haven’t watched something, you can make up for it this Christmas!

  • Bad Santa
  • Four Christmases
  • Fred Claus
  • The Polar Express
  • The Christmas Candle
  • The Christmas Chronicles
  • The Family Man

The British film Love Actually is also very popular during the holiday season. This item is not necessarily a polite family film, so adults also have something to enjoy. Did you know that it was originally intended to be two different films? One script was about the Prime Minister of Great Britain, in the other the main character was an unfulfilled writer, whose role was taken by Colin Firth. However, the two scripts were combined and another 12 love stories were added. It must be said that this was a good move!

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Christmas traditions from around the world

If you’ve gone through all the Christmas questions and answers, you’ve surely noticed that Christmas traditions vary greatly in other countries. For example, the Japanese greatly amaze both Americans and Europeans with their custom of eating the well-known fast food on Christmas Day!

Traditional Christmas Food


Although we also have a total of eating hard to digest food, as traditional Christmas dishes are high in carbohydrates, sugars and fats. This probably came from the fact that once upon a time in winter, people didn’t have access to fresh fruits and vegetables, so dried fruits and nuts reigned supreme, generally food that could be stored longer. Well, and of course, heavily caloric foods add energy, much needed in the cold season to warm our bodies.

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Christmas Wishes

Do you know any more interesting stories about Christmas traditions? Maybe you also have another approach to celebrating Christmas in your country? No matter what country you are from, we wish you a peaceful and joyful Christmas season.

How many questions are in the Christmas Summary Quiz?

There are 20 randomly selected questions about Christmas.

Are there questions about Christmas traditions in other countries?

Yes, there are questions about Christmas traditions from around the world.

Are there questions in the quiz about Christmas movies and songs?

Yes, there are questions about Christmas movies and songs.

Is this quiz appropriate for kids?

This Christmas Quiz is for both children and adults.

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