Dog knowledge quiz

Dog knowledge quiz

Hello again! It is brilliant that we have so many pet fans here. Probably most of you are dog lovers. The quiz I have prepared will check your knowledge about our favorite animals. The following 20 questions will tell you how much you know about dogs. We all love them but do we know the most essential facts about them? That is a great question. But do not worry. I am here to help you answer that. Before starting the quiz, let’s get more into details. With the short reminder in the quiz introduction, you can make sure to improve your score a lot. That is why I invite you to read it before starting the challenge.
Do you know that some animals cannot see colors? That applies, for example, to bulls. They see everything in gray. People think they see colors because they react to the red carpet on the stage. But what they really react to is the movement of the material, not its color. On the other hand, we have a group of animals with extremely perfect color vision. They are monkeys, birds, fishes, and insects. Do you have any idea in which group we can find dogs? The correct answer is- in none of them. Dogs see colors, but it is not many of them. It is much less than the number of colors people see. The main colors dogs can see are shades of yellows and blues. Are you surprised by that? Let’s see which facts are next.
Now, I want to tell you the differences between dogs. They are just like people. That must be the reason we love them that much. They are big and small, fat and slim. They vary also depending on personality, not only appearance. Some dogs like running, and some others prefer staying in bed all day. We have fans of food and ones that do not have crazy appetites. Do you know anything about the smallest breed of dogs? I am sure you all know that. The smallest dog is Chihuahua. They may look poor and not very brave because of their size. They have only from 20 to 25 centimeters of height. Their weight is from 1,5 to 3 kilograms. They can have short and long hair. No matter what the IQ rankings say, they have to be quite intelligent. They have real trust issues when it comes to strangers. That is already a better skill than some people have. The largest breed is the English Mastiff.
The biggest English Mastiff had 142.7kg and 27 inches of height. I can imagine myself hugging this cute pet. That is my dream to get such a big friend when I finally buy a house. I hope that none of you have Cynophobia. If you have it- I am surprised you are still reading after introducing English Mastiff. For those who do not know Cynophobia- it is a fear of dogs. I am so sorry for these people. My sister has it. She always wants to hug my dog, but she is too much scared of it. I hope that one day she can do it. Because I see my dog likes her a lot. Does any of you also have it?
Dogs are present everywhere. We can have them not only in our everyday life. They are present in books and movies. That may be the reason we all love them. We start seeing friends in them at an early age. I bet all of you have seen 101 Dalamatines from Disney. And we all hate Cruella, right? Then we went to school, and there was Lessie. The cute Rough Collie that played in the adaptation of the famous book “Lassie Come-Home.” But did you notice that more than one dog was used to play this role? And what is surprising, all of them were males. The reason for this is that they are easier to train. But, do not worry if you did not know that. Only dog freaks know all the facts about our pupils.
No matter if you knew it all, or you find out most of the facts right now- there is one sure thing. We are all dog lovers. We may like different breeds, and we have many of them to choose from. There are around 190 breeds of dogs. That is a lot. What is the most important is to share the love with all of them.
Now it is quiz time. You will answer 20 questions that will tell you if you are Dog Freak, Dog Fan, Dog Lover, or Dog Friend. Are you ready to take this challenge? I am sure it will bring you a lot of fun. It is a great occasion to understand facts that you did not realize before. Good luck!

How many questions are there in the quiz?

There are 20 questions in the quiz.

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Dog Freak, Dog Lover, Dog Fan, Dog Friend

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