Does she want to marry me?

Does she want to marry me?

Hello and welcome back to another quiz. This one is mostly for the gentlemen. So, you have a girl of your dreams – at least you think so. You are thinking about asking her to marry you, but is this the right time? Does she even want you to do that? Is she ready to take the big step? Ideally, you should know this by now. After all, it is not rocket science – if she wants to marry you, she will leave you some hints to figure things out. Let us talk about them now.

Does the topic of marriage come up in your conversations? It should if she seriously thinks about marrying you. She should talk about the good and the bad sides of marriage, but more so about the good ones. She should tell you about her ideas for a long-standing relationship. You two should discuss the commitment to getting married. If she avoids this topic altogether, it means she is not ready for marriage yet.

Does she trust you? Does she seek your advice when it comes to important things? If a woman sees her future with a man, she should trust him and respect his opinions. She will ask him what he thinks about certain matters because it is not just about her anymore – it is about you both and your future as a couple. She perhaps even consults you for advice on her career and life ahead.

She is ready for marriage if she loves to be around you and says she would like to be with you for a lifetime. She wants to talk to you all the time, she wants to know where you are and what you are doing. She showers you with affection. She likes cooking for you, working by your side, cuddling on the couch with you, and just spending time with you in general. She can easily imagine doing that for the rest of her life when she is married to you.

If she has been using the word “we” more so than “I”, she probably already has a vision of your life together as a couple. She makes plans for you both and discusses the future with you. She asks about your plans, shows genuine concerns regarding your work life and where it is leading, and also gives you suggestions on what would be the best thing to do next. If she does those things, chances are that she has set her mind on marrying you.

Meeting each other’s families is an important step. If she invites you to see her parents or suggests you both visit yours, that means she wants that relationship to be a long one. After all, why would you attempt to meet the family of someone you don’t see a future with?

What does your circle of friends look like? Are they mostly married or engaged couples? Of course, each couple does things at a pace they see fit. Just because your college buddies are settling down now, does not mean you must do it too! However, if she sees her girlfriends getting hitched left and right, or if you get invitations to weddings all the time, it might motivate her to prepare for that next step. It might motivate you, too!

Have you discussed having kids and starting a family? It is one of the most important conversations a couple can have before making the relationship official. If she is serious about marrying you one day, she must have asked if you want to have children. She wants to know where are you standing on this.

Consider the hints she is dropping. Did she notify you about her ring size, seemingly completely out of the blue? Does she point at the married couples you know and says “They look happy. Do you think we could be like them?”. Does she look hopeful and optimistic when you attend a friend’s wedding? All those things mean she is about ready for you to propose. Time to shop for that ring!

Does it seem like the volume of wedding-related conversations increased lately? Perhaps you have noticed bridal magazines strewn about the house, or you have seen her gazing affectionately at wedding dresses on a display in stores. She is getting ready for that big day, and clearly thinks you popping the question is just a formality at this point. Are you ready? Because you should be!

No time to spare! If you think you have met The One, do not wait up and take our quiz to make sure if she wants to marry you. Answer the questions and you will find out the truth in no time! Good luck to you and your potential bride-to-be. Share the quiz with your friends – maybe one of them is in a similar situation and needs some help?

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