Color Blind Test for Kids | Ages 6+

Color Blind Test for Kids | Ages 6+

Hi everyone! Quizzes are not only fun but also help in many dilemmas for you or your child. Today we focus on colorblindness in toddlers and children. We often provide you with entertainment daily. We help you pay attention to which heroes you have something in common. Also, we try to help you solve problems with decision-making many times. We try to draw your attention to various types of diseases and behaviors, which may be the first reason to meet a specialist. It is all there to help you.


Today, I will help you find out if your child is color blind. With the prepared color blind test challenge, you just have to check how your child answers the 20 questions. Based on the answers, we will tell you if he is a color blind person.

Do you know what colors can color blind kids see? It is just like color blind adults. The answer depends on the type of the disease. There are many different types of this disease, as well as many methods to detect it.

I know that you must have a great number of questions before we start solving the quiz. I have prepared all the needed information below, so it will be easier to understand everything. Please, focus for a few minutes before starting the quiz and read all the information presented below.

How can you tell if a kid is color blind?

One of the ways to check it is to try our quiz. The result can open your eyes. You have to observe your child because that might be a huge trouble for them at school or kindergarten. After solving this quiz you will not ask yourself anymore “How can I tell if my 2 year old is color blind?”. If you have not heard of this before, you should watch the video presented below.

YouTube video

Do you know at what age should a child be tested for color blindness?

You can do our quiz at any age. You can do the color blind test for 2 year old or any older child or toddler. You can try it with younger children, but there is no rule if the quiz will get their attention. The only reason to be tested is the ability to speak. You should make sure you clearly understand: what your child means while describing the picture.

Is our color blind test free?

Of course, the test is free. I know that there are not many free quizzes online. But our colour blind test game is out of charge, just like all of our games. All the best fun comes to you for free like always.

What does the color blind test for kids look like?

I have prepared 20 questions. You have to look at them together with your child and ask them what they see in each of them. Have you ever tried any animal color blind test for toddlers or red-green colorblind test toddlers can solve? This quiz game is a mix of everything that children can notice. You have to be patient and try to understand the meaning of your child’s words. They do not have to know every word to solve this quiz. They can adapt the sounds of animals they see or try to redraw the numbers they see on the screen.

Is color blindness in children common?

It is not that it is common for children or adults. We may just realize that a bit later than in our childhood.

Is the test based on the enchroma color blind test method?

Yes, it is. There are some questions not related to this method but most of them use it. It is the easiest way to see if your child can detect a well-known picture presented in a circle.

What is the reason for colour vision deficiency?

Usually, it comes from a genetic fault passed on to a child by their parents. It happens because cones in the eyes do not work properly.

Does it have anything in common with the color blind Diplo Lil Xan song?

No, it has nothing in common with this. But I know that doing such challenges with kids can be exhausting. That is why I recommend you play this one to chill out before solving this one. Then you can enter the game with a nice vibe.

Do not worry if the result will say your child is color blind. That is the first sign to visit a specialist, who can check what kind of color blindness it is and what you should do next. There is no need to stress, trust me.

Do not forget to share the quiz with others if you like it. Good luck with this game, and see you next time! Fingers crossed for your child. They can do it.

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