Bible Quiz | Can You Score 20/20?

Bible Quiz | Can You Score 20/20?

The Bible is one of the oldest books in the world. It was written by multiple people, who are believed to be influenced by God himself. The book is sacred is many different religions including Christianity and Judaism. If you think you know a lot about the contents of the Bible, try out our Bible Quiz! And maybe we can prove you wrong…

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Who wrote the Bible?

The origins of the Bible date back to the oral transmission era. Some of the Bible’s authors are not known by name to this day. Usually it wasn’t very important for them to become famous for writing the stories down. What mattered the most to them was that they delivered, what they believed was the God’s word.

Originally the Bible was written in three main languages:

  • Hebrew
  • Koine Greek
  • Aramaic.

The Bible contains many different genres of literature, also some very specific to certain regions where it was created. Among others, you can find poetry, instructions, stories, and prophecies. Expect detailed questions about them in our Bible Quiz.

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The Bible is composed of 66 individual books. It is separated into the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament takes place before the birth of Jesus, and the New Testament tells the story of the Son of God.

Some of you may find it particularly interesting that there are quite a few books that haven’t made it to the final selection of the Bible. They’re called Apocrypha. That name is used to describe writings of questionable value to the church. What’s interesting is that some of the versions of the Bible actually placed a few Apocrypha in between the Old Testament and New Testament, like Luther’s Bible.

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The Most Famous Bible Stories

Even if you’re not religious and have never fully read the Bible, it’s still practically impossible not to know anything about the Christians’ Holy Book. The influence of all of the stories found in the script is visible in the Western culture to this day. If something’s desirable and tempting, but also carries some serious consequences, people call at a “forbidden fruit”. Do you know where this saying originates from? The Bible, of course.

In our Bible Quiz we will focus mainly on the less known details. So that we can really spot the true experts here. Nevertheless, it’s always worth mentioning the most famous biblical stories.

David vs. Goliath

This story is about bravery. David, a shepherd boy, killed the Giant, called Goliath by himself. Despite being discouraged by people around him, he was brave enough to face the beast unarmed. It was God, who helped David defeat the enemy. The young boy trusted the Lord to protect him and showed us all that if God is on your side, nothing is impossible.

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Adam and Eve

It’s probably one of the most popular biblical stories. It focuses on the first people ever created by God. They were lucky enough to enjoy their life in Eden, the paradise created by the Lord just for them. They had the abundance of whatever they wanted, when they were by His side. He allowed them to experience everything in Eden, except for eating the fruit from one of the trees, called the Tree of Knowledge. One day though, Eve was tempted by the serpent into eating the forbidden fruit. Later, Adam also gave in. After consuming the fruit they realised they were naked and started covering themselves. That was one of the reasons Father knew they have violated his order. As a result, they were banished into the wilderness.

The fact that it was Eve who led to Adam’s collapse caused much attention, and has been used as a justification to blame women for some nasty events in the past. However, in the Bible, women are quite important. Some people go as far as calling Jesus the first ever feminist. Maybe one day we’ll make a “which woman of the bible are you quiz”…

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The Nativity

Some people consider it the most important story of the Bible. It talks about the birth of Jesus Christ, who is believed to be the Son of God.

The Nativity is the fundament of the widely celebrated Christian holidays. It is also a topic of many artistic creations. It is often used as a symbol in literature or theatre. Christmas plays a major role in the Christian tradition and many members of the religion decorate their homes with a set up of the manger. That’s the most probable place of Jesus’ birth.

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Everyone is familiar with Mary, who gave birth to the Son of God. To some, it is still not understandable how it came to be. Here’s a simple explanation. Mary was a virgin and has just married her husband Joseph. God sent the angel Gabriel to her to announce that a child will be born to her and that she should name him Jesus. She was a religious Jewish woman, so naturally, she did as the Lord said.

Joseph was sceptical at first but later he also got a message delivered to him. He listened to the prophecy and took great care of Mary, and later, also of her baby boy.

Even though Mary was from Nazareth, Jesus was born in Bethlehem. It’s because shortly before his birth, a census of Roman domains was commanded. He ordered every man to travel to his place of birth in order to get listed. Joseph was born in Bethlehem, so that’s where his family went. Interestingly, Joseph was of the House of David and Bethlehem is considered to be King David’s city. This is important in relation to the earlier prophecy that stated that the Son of God will be related to King David.

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Because of huge numbers of people traveling to Bethlehem during the time of the census, there was nowhere for them to stay. Mary went into labour and delivered the baby in a manger, with domestic animals around. They are also often portrayed in adaptations of this story.

Shortly, angels announced the birth of the Son of God to a group of lucky shepherds, who came to see Jesus and worship him as Messiah and Lord. The Bible also mentions the Three Wise Men visiting baby Jesus shortly after his birth.

The Three Wise Men and the shepherds showed their devotion to Jesus by offering Him gifts. What is your love language? Find out how you show affection here.

How long is the Bible Quiz?

This quiz contains 20 questions.

How to learn more about the Bible?

Many churches organise their won bible quiz fellowship where people compete with each other. It’s a great way to broaden your knowledge!

What is Epiphany?

It’s a Christian holiday that takes place on 6th of January. The Three Wise Men are the symbol of this day.

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