Am I Fat? | This Quiz Analyzes 20 Factors To Answer | Instant Results

Am I Fat? | This Quiz Analyzes 20 Factors To Answer | Instant Results

Am I fat? Have I put on too much weight lately? Is my belly sticking out a little bit? Do I eat too often? A lot of people ask themselves these questions once in a while. As the most advanced species on the planet our diet is complex and abundant. We have an overwhelming amount of different foods to choose from. Apart from main meals, we have snacks, desserts, lunches, brunches and a plenty of products which are ingredients of these meals and grubs.

Calorie-rich food and drinks brings us immeasurable pleasure. We love to eat and try out new things. New products are added to the shop shelves as we speak. There is so much of everything it can make a head spin. That is why it’s so easy to overeat and be carried away by our cravings. What is more, the more we eat the stronger our desires get. Our diet plan goes down the drain and we get too fat. 

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If you are here, that means you are concerned about how you look and your well-being. Giving it a thought or two is the first and most important step to losing weight. We would like to motivate you even further with our today’s test. We are going to evaluate if you weigh too much. All you need to do is answer 20 questions and discover how overweight you are. Maybe you are just overthinking it and you have nothing to worry about? We welcome you to give it a try!      

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Let’s Talk About Obesity And Overweight

Obesity and overweight refer to the excess amount of body fat which can be detrimental for one’s health. Both obesity and being overweight lower one’s performance and quality of life. They also increase the risk of many conditions, illnesses, and diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, sleep apnea, and cancers, among others.  

Being overweight means having too much body fat to be considered optimally healthy. Whether you are overweight or obese is evaluated by BMI (Body Mass Index). If your BMI is between 25 and 29 then you are overweight, but if it’s 30 and higher it means that you suffer from obesity. There are many free BMI tests and calculators on the internet. If you are interested if your body mass is optimal it’s certainly worth a try. It’s one of the indicators which will help you answer today’s question.

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Symptoms And Signs Of Being Obese

There are many symptoms and warning signs which may indicate that your increased body fat is detrimental to your health. If you are worried your eating habits may damage your body take a look at the list below. If you experience 2 or more symptoms consider scheduling an appointment with a diet specialist or your local general practitioner who will choose the most appropriate healthcare provider for your case.  

  • Excess body fat around the waist
  • Breathing problems
  • Low confidence and self-worth
  • Pain in joints and the back
  • Physical performance worse than before
  • Excessive sweating
  • Sleep apnea 
  • Lower tolerance to heat than before
  • Mental health disorders like depression and social anxiety
  • Lack of energy
  • Snoring during sleep
  • Tiredness after little physical activity

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How To Lose Weight?

It is very easy to put up on weight and get fat. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to get back into shape. It’s not an easy thing to do but it is certainly worth it as it is beneficial for our overall health. So what can we do to lose weight?

The first thing we should do is to revise our diet. It shouldn’t consist of processed and junk food in large quantities. It is safe to eat unhealthy snacks every now and then but it can’t be consumed on a regular basis. 

Try adding more vegetables and fruits to your diet plan. You also shouldn’t forget about proteins, healthy fats, and fibers. An important step is to reduce the amount of carbs and sugars you eat during the day.

Regular physical exercise is a must. If you want to burn calories you need to get your body moving. You don’t need to do intense cardio or weight lifting. If you think a gym life is not for you, you can try any physical activity you find interesting. Your workout routine may consist of cycling, swimming, hiking, dancing, or any team games. There are many ideas to consider but the most important part is that you can’t give up and keep going! Making it a habit is crucial for the process of losing weight. 

We welcome you to try! Apart from getting more lean, you will also boost your energy levels. It is also proven that regular exercises increase our happiness and lower the chance of being depressed.

Am I Fat? 

Am I Fat? Do I weigh too much? Answer 20 questions about your health, daily habits, and lifestyle to find out how overweight you are. Maybe you are just overthinking it?

Do you want to go on a diet but don’t know which one is right for you? We welcome you to try this test then!

What Is The Most Obese Country In The World?

Country with the most obese population in the world is Nauru. In 2022, 61 percent of its adult citizens were obese or overweight.

What Is The Least Overweight Country In The World?

The least obese nation is Vietnam – only  2.1 percent of its adults were rated as obese or overweight.

How obese is USA?

In 2022, 41.9 percent of adults were rated as obese. Obesity among white Americans amounted to 41.4 percent. Black adults, on the other hand, had the highest rate of obesity which was 49.9 percent.

Do Obese And Overweight Mean The Same Thing?

Although both terms indicate an excess weight, being overweight refers to the body mass which is too high for one’s age, height, and build. Obesity, on the other hand, means that one’s body mass index is over 30. It is then considered a condition of being obese.

What Scores I Can Get On The Test?

Very Fat, Moderately Fat, Slightly Fat, Not Fat

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