You Series Quiz | You TV Show Season 1-4 Trivia

You Series Quiz | You TV Show Season 1-4 Trivia

Welcome! On our site you can already find a quiz referring to the fourth season of You. You can find out which character from You season 4 is most similar to you! And here, in turn, you will be able to test your knowledge of all seasons. Are you ready for such a Netflix Challange? See if you are as clever and memorable as Joe Goldberg!

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You: Season 4

In February, the first episodes of the latest fourth season of the series You appeared on Netflix. Have you already watched it? If not, you’d better do so, because our quiz may contain spoilers from the first five episodes. The latest season is extremely interesting, the creators have done their best to add something new to this dark series. Joe ended his previous life with Quinn and embarked on a tour of Europe. He actually wanted to find Marianne, but things got complicated.


He eventually landed in London and became a literature lecturer at a university. Through a mutual friend, he ended up in a group of rich people. That’s where the serious problems only began. Someone wanted to frame Joe for murder, and he had to unravel a mystery in the style of those in Agatha Christie novels and figure out which of his new acquaintances wanted to frame him. Have you figured out the mystery yet? In the first part of season four we will uncover part of this puzzle!

You Characters

All four seasons featured a lot of interesting characters. However, the main role was always played by Joseph “Goldberg, a young man with a dark past. The main plot of the series was always a love storyline. Joe was a romantic who was looking for true love. However, his approach to relationships was decidedly unhealthy. He was a stalker who could do anything for love – even kill. Each season his love object was a different woman. And they are the ones we will focus on here. Do you remember who Joe Goldberg fell in love with for the first time? Would you have a high score on the You Quiz Season 1?

Joe Goldberg’s Girlfriends:

  • Candace Stone
  • Guinevere Beck
  • Love Quinn
  • Marienne Bellamy
  • Kate Galvin

Guinevere Beck

In season one, Joe meets Beck. He notices her at the bookstore where he works and is immediately fixated on her. Beck is an MFA student who aspires to become a famous writer. Beck was in a relationship with her boyfriend Benji, but Joe took care of him to stay out of their way. As a result, Joe and Beck are finally able to be together. They are in a relationship and dating, but it turns out that someone keeps getting in their way. This time it is Beck’s friend Peach Salinger, whom Joe is not fond of. Therefore, she soon becomes Joe’s victim.


Beck, mourning the death of his friend, writes a book about her and finally fulfills his writing dream. However, her mental health is affected, so she starts going to therapy with Dr. Nicky. Joe, on the other hand, does not know how to sustain their relationship and through his jealousy a breakup occurs. But after a short time, they get back together again. However, Beck starts asking too much about Joe’s past. She finds out about his ex-girlfriend Candance. Eventually, Beck finds evidence that Joe killed her boyfriend Benji. Unfortunately, she didn’t deal with Joe and became his next victim.

Love Quinn

Love and Joe meet for the first time in a grocery store and immediately fall for each other. Joe finds faith that he can still fall in love and that this time everything will work out. Love is a Chef and is an independent and confident woman. She takes care of her twin brother Forty. She quickly develops a bond with Joe, but because of her bad past relationship experiences, their relationship is complicated. At first Love only wants friendship and Joe has to earn her trust.

Eventually, however, they become a couple. Various problems arise in their relationship, but Joe copes better than he used to. Love eventually confesses to him various dark secrets of her family and admits that she once killed a man. Joe later also tells Love about his violent father. This brings them very close, as they have similar experiences and understand each other. After many complications, disappearing people and murders, Joe and Love finally get the peace they crave. They get married, and Love is expecting a child. Maybe we should make the Am I Like Love Quinn Quiz?


Marienne Bellamy

Love and Joe’s love story could have had a happy ending, but Joe was unable to give up his harmful habits. First, he took a neighbor as the target of his newfound affection and excitement. However, Love, having the same urges as Joe, finally dealt with Natalie herself, killing her. But Joe didn’t stop there. He fell in love again with Marianne, a charming librarian. However, this time he hid it more, knowing that Love could be dangerous. He took care of Marianne himself in his own way, getting rid of her violent ex. In the end, Joe and Love have many crises in their marriage and life as parents.

Joe maintains the relationship only for the sake of his son, but no longer loves Love. It all ends tragically. Love confesses the truth about Joe to Marianne, so she runs away. On the other hand, there is a fight to the death between Joe and Love. In the end, Joe wins, faking his own death and handing his son over to the people he trusted. He then grinds out an identity and sets off on a tour of Europe.


Kate Galvin

In the latest season, we learn that Joe went to Europe just to find Marianne. However, after confronting her, he decided that he would no longer kill. He decided that he would never fall in love again and would avoid the behavior that destroyed his previous relationships. However, Kate appears, poised and with a cutting tongue. Joe represses his feelings for her, but he is still drawn to her by something.

They get into an affair, which complicates Joe’s situation even more. But how it all ends, we will only find out in the second part of season four. Will Joe be able to come to terms with his past and regain his peace of mind? Or will he finally reach responsibility for his actions? Will his relationship with Kate Galwin end happily? Unfortunately, we don’t have answers to these questions yet, and we are waiting patiently until March 9, when the rest of the episodes will be released.

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You Season 1-4 Quiz

Now after this little reminder you are ready to take our Netflix quiz. We have prepared special questions from all four seasons of You, will you be able to answer all of them correctly? Some may be quite difficult, especially if you have watched the first seasons some time ago. But it is a good way to remember Joe’s story. Because the series may be coming to an end, it is not yet known whether we will see season five of You.

YouTube video

Therefore, let’s relive it and analyze the life of Joe Goldberg. Did he deserve to be forgiven and exonerated? Will he be able to start again a new life devoid of crime and toxic behavior? We’ll find out soon enough, but for now, take our special test, which we created inspired by Joe’s charismatic character.

Is this You Season 3 Quiz?

This quiz tests your knowledge of all four seasons.

How many questions does this You Series quiz have?

This You Series quiz has twenty questions.

Are there any other quizzes about the You series available on freequizgames?

Yes, on our site you will also find a personality quiz inspired by the You series.

When will new episodes of the fourth season of You be available on Netflix?

March 9 of this year you will be able to watch the entire season 4.

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