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Which Y/N Stereotype Are You | Completely Free Quiz

Welcome back! Today another fun quiz awaits you. Have you ever read short stories on the Wattpad website? Or are you still a fan of this entertainment? There and on Twitter, the y/n trend was extremely popular. Do you know what the abbreviation Y/N stands for? If not, we’re about to explain it all to you. Whether or not you’re familiar with typical fan fiction stories, it’s worth taking our Which Y/N Character Are You personality quiz!

Wattpad Stories

The Wattpad site is such a place where you can post your short stories and various kinds of texts. It’s a very easy way to express yourself and gain popularity for your work. Several people have published their novels thanks to the power of Wattpad. But people also just had fun writing and came up with different stories that reflected their fantasies.

Wattpad was particularly popular in its early days, that is, since 2006. As fan groups of various singers, bands and actors began to form on the Internet, stories about them were also created on Wattpad. Teenagers liked to imagine different situations and put themselves as the main characters. This allowed them to have adventures with their idols. Did you also enjoy reading Wattpad stories, or perhaps you wrote them yourself?


Y/N Meaning

The phrase y/n often appeared in Wattpad stories. It stood for Your Name, which allowed us to put our own name in the place of the story’s main character. This allowed us to get more into the story and read about ourselves. The phrase y/n was often used precisely in stories for teenage girls who fantasized about meeting and experiencing love with their favorite celebrity.

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 They varied depending on their preferences, but it all started with the popularity of the boys’ band One Direction. The band was formed in 2010 and gained the attention of a huge group of girls. Every teenage girl dreamed of meeting a member of the band and falling in love with them. It wasn’t so easy to interact with a celebrity, which is why all sorts of Wattpad romances were formed.

Y/N Stereotypes

Since stories involving celebrities were usually written by teenagers and young adults, they repeated certain patterns that were easy to follow and create. Just as typical teen movies always feature characters such as the athlete, the popular mean girl, the shy girl and the nerd, it was the same in Wattpad stories. Do you remember what these personality types were? Check out our list and recall, then take our test and see which of these stereotypes most resembles yourself!

  • Quirky Girl
  • Bad Boy
  • Popular Girl
  • Nice Guy

It used to be that the “I’m not like other girls” theme was still unexplored, and many girls fell for it. Every girl wanted to stand out and be unique, so the main characters in Wattpad stories were usually the quiet, quirky girls. Often the main character was also a smart and polite student who didn’t care about romances with boys. However, she was always the one who bonded with the most handsome protagonist at the end.


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Just as often, the main male character was always a stereotypical badboy. This usually led to the fact that these Wattpad stories actually depicted toxic relationships. The protagonists were constantly arguing, breaking up and getting back together again. Typical bad boys continue to be seen as interesting romance material because they add action and excitement. Girls also like to read about how it is the boy who changes for his sweetheart. However, this scheme has become terribly predictable and even harmful.

So has the character of the rival girl, who has always been the popular hot girl. She was often very feminine and also criticized for it. She could also be described as easy, which showed how slutshaming was still not understood at the time and was perniciously repeated. This evil rival was always trying to grab the attention of the quiet girl’s boyfriend, and of course she never succeeded. The main love interest always chooses the funny, quirky girl who wears loose sweatshirts and pants, not dresses or skirts. Yes, you have to admit that internalized misogyny was doing well back then, unfortunately.

Sometimes a nice guy character also appears. This can be the best friend of the main character, as well as a rival for the bad boy. Usually it was just a short romance to show Quirky Girl’s true feelings for the celebrity Bad Boy. He may be portrayed as a nerd, or it may be that he is a bad boy friend who cools his violent temper. Nice Boy is a side character that adds drama to the overall story.

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Take our quiz and find out which character stereotype are you!

The After series


The most surprising phenomenon of Wattpad was that one such teenage story became so popular that a series of books was published and several movies were made based on it. The story in question, of course, is the After series by American Anna Todd. The girl, like plenty of other girls her age, was inspired by One Direction fan fiction stories and wanted to create her own. Only, she was very persistent about it and managed to sign a contract with a publisher.

The story is just a typical romance between a good girl and a bad boy named Hardin, who was supposed to be Harry Styles. The books have become popular all over the world, although the After series counts more as guiltypleasure entertainment. Either way, the author was an ordinary girl writing fandom stories for fun, and that’s what made her successful. Such examples show that it’s worth doing what you simply enjoy.

Wattpad Today

In 2023, Wattpad continues to be a popular app and site where scores of people post their stories and read books by yet unknown authors. New fandoms continue to use Wattpad’s potential to create new stories about their idols. Young people can feel like real writers there, it’s a good way to train their writing skills, or just have some good creative fun.

Sometimes it also happens that well-known authors create interesting worlds, but the story doesn’t satisfy us and we then want to add something from ourselves. For example, the world of Harry Potter lends itself to the creation of many interesting stories. Such creative work doesn’t hurt anyone, because these are not plagiarisms, but separate stories inspired by the theme. Therefore, if you haven’t discovered Wattpad yet, be sure to take a look there, and maybe one day you will become a famous writer! 


Which Y/N Stereotype Are You

Now you know everything you need to take our Which Y/N Stereotype Are You test. Just as people find entertainment in reading amateur stories, many people also like to take personality tests for fun. This is the kind of test that may not discover your personality type in a professional way, but it sure will be fun to share the results with your friends! So take our What Stereotype Are You uquiz! You’ll find a lot of such tests on our site, but there are also some that will help you learn something new about yourself or the world. Don’t forget to see what else we have for you and try our other y/n quizzes too!

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