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What Generation Am I | Free And 100% Accurate

Welcome back! The next topic we are going to explore is generations. What generation am I? You’ve probably noticed that your style of speech, style of dress, sense of humor and lifestyle vary significantly with age. You can easily see the big differences by comparing yourself to your parents or grandparents. They are kind of out of this world, aren’t they? Probably because they lived in a strange world, because life 30 or 60 years ago looked unusual when compared to the present. Our parents faced different problems and expectations. The economic situation was different. Fashion trends were different. And all this matters. So take the What Generation Am I quiz!

Definition of a generation

But what is a generation really? If you had to define it yourself, how would you do it? You don’t have to think long, because we’re already coming to the rescue. A generation can be considered a group of people who were born in a similar period of time, and as a result, these people have been influenced in a similar way.


People from the same generation usually have a similar hierarchy of values, meaning that certain things that are important to a certain individual may be just as important to an entire generation. There used to be a lot of emphasis in society on starting a family. This was the only future our grandparents envisioned; there was no question of travel, career or living alone. I mean, you could live that way, but your neighbors, friends and family certainly didn’t approve of your lifestyle. They could have easily excluded you, which is upsetting and difficult for anyone. Nowadays, instead, more attention is paid to individuality. Most young people rather agree that everyone should live the way they like. And what generation am I? I have to find out!

Generation names

Now that we know exactly what a generation is, we can focus on what generations have formed in recent times. The division is not all that easy. There are different types of generations, which are not always accurate, especially when you were born between the end of one generation and the beginning of another. However, some sort of scheme has to be chosen. Here is the one we chose. If you wonder “what generation am I?”, you can find it here.

Baby Boomers

The exact age range is determined from 1946 to 1964, so it could be our grandparents, or our parents, or ourselves, it depends on which generation we ourselves belong to. The name of this generation was created based on the demographic boom. A lot of babies were born in those days. This certainly influenced the formation of an individual from that generation.

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 Baby Boomers tend to be strongly conservative. What matters most to them is family, although they don’t quite know how to talk to each other and form relationships because no one taught them how to do so. They are skeptical of any new developments. They like to state that since something was done a certain way in their time, it should stay that way. That’s why they don’t like change.

They had a specific approach to work. For a long time they stuck to one profession, one job. They devoted a large part of their lives to work. Boomers can be very thorough and committed, they can’t imagine life without work, classes or duties. But because of this, they are unable to relax.

Generation X

They are the children of the Boomers. Those born between 1965 and 1970 are. More educated, so they are able to maintain a work-life balance. This generation is mature, ambitious, doing everything to achieve their goals. However, they are often the victims of excessive consumerism and excessive competition.

This generation grew up in a time of technological development. Thus, they are able to use computers and smartphones, although as they get older they find it more difficult to adapt to change. These individuals also valued family and having children more than other life choices.


That is, Generation Y. Born between 1980 and 1994, although here some put this boundary further, even up to 2000. Often it is those born in between who are called Zillenials, because they belong to both generations at the same time. Thats why people often ask “what generation am I 1999?” or “what generation am I 2002?” But here we will focus mainly on Millennials.

These people grew up in the full development of technology, so they can easily keep up with the changing world. Their social skills are much higher than in previous generations. This group of people considered taking care of their mental health as their greatest value. This was probably because these people were victimized by inexperienced parents who did not consider therapy. In contrast, the pressure to have a family and children no longer affects them so strongly.

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However, millennials are a generation lost in the job market. Despite the fact that many of them have graduated from college, they are having a hard time finding a job in their profession. Older generations were in the habit of teaching millennials that hard work pays off. However, they did not foresee that the labor market would change so significantly.

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A large number of people from this generation don’t know what they want to do in life. The possibilities are many, but this is what overwhelms them. There is no single, simple path forward. These days you have to be flexible and adapt to constant change. Not everyone is ready for this, especially since their childhood taught them stability.

Generation Z

And what generation am I, if I born in 2000? Well, you are Gen-Z then. This generation dates between about 1995 and 2012. These young people are significantly different from Baby Boomers. They value values that are based on individualism and mental health. These individuals are the most tolerant and socially conscious.

Gen-Z wants to live its life to the best of its ability, so it resists the harmful patterns that previous generations have created. They have very well-developed communication because they have a lot of psychological knowledge. However, this generation considers itself claimant and lazy. But is this really the case? Or is it Gen-Z that will create a better world for us?

So, you can see, what generation am I define what person I am.


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The youngest group

Kids may wonder “what generation am I?”. The newest generation, is the Generation Alpha. These are people born in 2013, and the end date of this generation is estimated to be 2025. Due to their young age, it’s still hard to determine their approach to life. We will probably see this when they reach adulthood. However, these kids live in a time that is highly technologically advanced and have easy access to information. Will this be a generation of geniuses?

Unfortunately, some scientists have already noticed that this group is characterized by an extremely shorter attention span. They also have less social interaction. Living in a highly technological world is not so easy after all?

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Differences between generations

There are many differences between these generations. The difference in generations can cause difficulties in understanding each other. Older people cannot comprehend what is happening to the young. But what they don’t realize is that times have changed and today’s young people are facing completely new problems. Hey, but don’t forget to take our What generation am I quiz at the end!

Intergenerational differences are influenced by:

  • developments in technology
  • economic situation
  • access to medical and psychological care
  • world events
  • military conflicts and wars
  • labor market
  • housing market

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It used to be that finding a well-paying job and buying a house wasn’t all that difficult. Nowadays, this is a dream that many young people cannot afford, even if they work very hard. The economy has changed significantly. We have a financial and environmental crisis. This complicates things a lot. Knowing how other generations think can be useful for everyone. It makes us better able to live in harmony with each other. And after all, that’s what it’s all about, everyone in life seeks happiness, regardless of generation.

If you still have to ask “What generation am I?”, don’t waste your time and take What Generation Am I Quiz!

How many questions do you have to answer in this quiz to know the results?

You have to answer 20 special questions that will determine the result for you.

What generation can I be in this quiz?

You can be Boomer, Millennial, Gen-Z or Alpha Generation.

What if my result does not match my date of birth?

Don’t worry. Each of us is an individual and our life experiences may be different.

What influences the differences between generations?

Differences between generations can be influenced by the country’s economic situation, labor market, public awareness and much more.

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