What Crystal Do I Need? | Discover Your Healing Stone | Completely Free

What Crystal Do I Need? | Discover Your Healing Stone | Completely Free

Do you believe in the healing properties of certain crystals? Is it no surprise for you that bloodstone eases a pain in the body or that citrine may spark its owner’s creativity? If you are a proponent of unique powers of gemstones, you probably considered getting one for yourself. In today’s quiz we would like to help you choose the right one! 

What crystal do I need? That is the big question which will be tackled today. All you need to do is answer all 20 questions included in today’s quiz and the right crystal shall be revealed to you. We hope you will have a good time!

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The Practice Of Crystal Healing

In the scientific world, crystal healing is considered a pseudoscientific practice or an alternative medicine. The method incorporates semi-precious stones such as quartz, opal, bloodstone, topaz, or onyx. Even though there is no scientific evidence, proponents of crystal healing claim that certain gemstones have special properties which include boosting energy, easing pain, increasing creativity, and supporting the immune system, among others. 

There are many various effects a stone may have on its owner, which depends on the type of the crystal. Proponents of crystal healing use different stones to solve problems they are currently facing. For instance, if they have a headache, they use an amethyst, but if they suffer from anxiety, a quartz is going to be picked.

How Is Crystal Healing Performed?

The practice itself is performed quite simply. One method is to place a crystal on a part of the body which is a source of pain or other problems. In another one, a practitioner of crystal healing moves a gemstone around a body part in order to create an energy grid which is said to surround the person with rejuvenating energy. As you may have already guessed, the scientific research debunked the existence of ‘energy grids’. Whatever effects a crystal may have on a person are considered placebo.

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Origins Of Crystal Healing

The first use of crystals for medicinal purposes can be traced back to times of Ancient Sumerians (4500 to 2000 BC). Gemstones were used in their ceremonial magic known as magical formulas. Another early mention comes from Plato’s account on Atlantis. Atlantis is a fictional island being used as an allegory in his works, Timaeus and Critias. According to Plato, Atlanteans used gemstones in order to transmit thoughts and read other people’s minds.

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Crystal Healing In Ancient Egypt

The closer-to-home civilization which used healing stones is Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptians mined for crystals mainly to make jewelry, however some of them were used in ceremonies, as they believed that stones possess metaphysical properties. Crystals were used as ways to ensure someone’s well-being, for protection and better health. They were often included in amulets. The power of the amulet was dictated by its shape, decorations, inscriptions, material, color, performed ritual, and the stone, being the main part of it.    

Amulets were also used in burial practices. They were placed between mummy’s bandages to increase the chances of a happy afterlife. The most unique and interesting variation of funeral amulets was the headrest amulet which had the power to revive the dead. It symbolized the sun rising between two hills, which in Ancient Egypt was associated with resurrection and rebirth.

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Crystal Healing in Ancient Greece

Plethora of various properties assigned to crystals was common in Ancient Greece. The word ‘crystal’ has roots in the Greek word ‘krýstallos’ which means ‘ice’. One of the stones which was worn as an amulet was amethyst. Amethyst in the Ancient Greek language means ‘not intoxicate’. It was believed to ease hangovers and prevent getting intoxicated.

Crystals In Other Cultures

Other cultures of old which practiced crystal healing included Hopi, the Native Americans of Arizona. They were known to use quartz to help in diagnosing different ailments. Hopi believed healing stones emit energy and used them during meditation practices.

Another interesting historical source is the Ratnapariksha of Buddhabhatta, the ancient treatise which, according to the historical research, is either Hindu or Buddhist. It comes from the 6th century and describes the metaphysical value of gemstones. The most revered gemstone was diamond which was associated with thunderbolts and considered king of gemstones. The second most revered stone was ruby which was represented by the flame which cannot be extinguished. According to the treatise, ruby possesses the power to aid mental and physical health of its owner. There are many more stones listed in the treatise. Each one possesses its unique healing powers and capabilities.

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What Crystal Do I Need? Healing Stones Quiz Online

Are you ready to find out which crystal is the best for your current needs? Answer 20 questions honestly and the right gemstone will be picked for you! We encourage you to share this quiz with your friends who are also crystal lovers. We hope you will have a great time!

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What Is The Most Popular Healing Stone?

The crystal which is sought after most often is amethyst. This comes as no surprise, caused by an amethyst’s remarkable aesthetic.  The white color combined with purple hues and mesmerizing shapes are what makes this gemstone one of the most popular healing stones.

Which Crystals I Can Get As The Result?

You can get one of the four healing stones: Quartz, Citrine, Amethyst, or Bloodstone.

How Many Questions Does This Quiz Have?

The quiz consists of 20 questions.

Who Can Solve This Quiz?

This quiz is best enjoyed by those who believe in crystals’ special properties. However, if you disagree with the proponents of healing stones, you can still find this test entertaining. Maybe you will get inspired to get one of the crystals as a gorgeous decoration?

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