Spirit Animal Quiz | Discover Your Spirit Animal In 2022 | Completely Free 

Spirit Animal Quiz | Discover Your Spirit Animal In 2022 | Completely Free 

Welcome back! Today we prepared something special for you. But before we start, we would like to ask you a little question: ‘Have you heard of the concept of spirit animal?’ If you are unfamiliar with this subject, we assure you, you will have a lot of fun solving this test! It can be said that the concept of spirit animals combines entertainment with mysticism and ancient traditions. With today’s Spirit Animal Quiz, we wish to provide you a unique experience which draws from all of those worlds.

So which spirit animal are you? Only one way to discover the truth! Answer all 20 questions we prepared for you in today’s quiz and find out if your spirit animal is a dog, cat, crocodile, or an eagle! 

Make sure to invite your friends and compare your results! Would you have the same spirit animal?

This question probably has never crossed your mind. We are going to help you out and ask ‘What kind of donut am I?’. The answer to this crucial question can only be discovered by solving this hilarious test!

What Is A Spirit Animal?

In some cultures and traditions of old, spirit animals are defined as spectral guides which not only help finding a right way, but also protect its master from dangers they may encounter during the journey. It is said that the spirit animal shares personality traits with its owner. Whether your guide is, for instance, an eagle or a dog, depends on which characteristics you possess.

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Today, the concept of spirit animals is treated as a metaphor. When we admit that a certain species is our spirit animal, we often say it as a joke, or as a not-so-serious observation. We can admire the resourcefulness and patience of a crocodile, and happen to possess such skills ourselves. On the other hand, negative perks such as irritability, laziness, or impatience can be shared with a moody kitty cat. 

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Origins Of Spirit Animals

Today, we treat this subject as nothing more than a little entertainment and a way to express ourselves. However, it was an entirely different matter in the past. It’s not easy to tell when the idea of spirit animals was born or what exact cultures or tribes are behind it, but usually it is associated with the traditions of Native Americans.

Native American Origin

According to Renee Gokey, a coordinator of teacher’s services at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C, kinship systems and clan traditions vary among 577 Native American tribes. Many traditions were lost due to colonization, but there are still some ceremonies and traditional practices which are carried on to this very day. Among such traditions are spirit animals, which are not treated lightly by some tribes.

Redee Gokey points out that her Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma is one of the tribes where the concept of spirit animals is present in its full glory. The clans of this tribe are characterized by their ancestral relations to certain animals, which were established a long time ago. The name of an animal is given by an elder when a baby is born, or, on some occasions, later in life. Redee’s own name means ‘when the turtle brings her head out of water and goes to land, there is strength’ which makes her part of the turtle clan. 

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Depending on the tribe, the tradition of spirit animals is approached differently.  The Heiltsuk Nation and the tribes which surround British Columbia, for example, also create bonds with certain animals. The species they identify with, are usually depicted on a crest. Tribes in Bella Bella have five different crests depicting such animals as orca or eagle. This tradition goes a long way back in time, when it was transmitted orally.

Conservation manager for the Heiltsuk Integrated Resource Management Department, William Housty, says that his grandmother is a wolf, while his grandfather is an eagle. It is said that in the past bearers of the crest were able to shapeshift into their chosen animals. The ability was lost after humans and animals grew more different from each other. Housty also points out that the animals weren’t established based on their abilities or raw power, but on family’s history.    

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Spirit Animals In The 90s and 2000s

In the 90s, the idea of spirit animals was adopted in Wiccan and Pagan spiritual practices. Spirit animals were defined either as totems which can change into animals or spiritual guides. 

The first spirit animal tests were introduced in the mid-2000s. As today, the earliest versions of these quizzes helped to discover our spirit animals. Since then, the concept continued to gain popularity and exposure, especially thanks to the rise of social media. It was around 2006, when the phrase ‘my spirit animal’ found its way to the common language as a funny metaphor. Today, we can say that ‘Cara Delevigne is my spirit animal’, or even experiment with inanimate objects and point out that ‘This burned toast is my spirit animal’, and everyone will get what we mean.  

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Spirit Animal Quiz 2022 Online

Are you prepared to discover your spiritual animal companion? Solve our Spirit Animal Quiz and get your answer! We hope you will have a good time!

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Which Spirit Animals I Can Get On The Test?

You can get one of the four results: a dog, cat, crocodile, or an eagle.

How Many Questions Does This Quiz Have?

The test consists of 20 questions.

Who Can Solve This Test?

We welcome everyone to try our Spirit Animal Quiz. It’s a fun little quiz which doesn’t need to be treated too seriously. 

Where Have the Idea Of Spirit Animals Came From?

Usually, the concept of spiritual guides is traced back to the indigenous religions and cultures, especially related to Native America.

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