Was My Ex Toxic? | 100% Honest Answer

Was My Ex Toxic? | 100% Honest Answer

We have another quiz for you! Today’s topic is toxic relationships. Do you have good memories of your previous relationship? Or do you wonder what went wrong there? Do you suspect your ex was toxic? You’ll get the answer to that with our quiz. You can also see if your current boyfriend or girlfriend is toxic. Are you ready to find out? Take our Was My Ex Toxic Quiz.

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Toxic Relationship

Love is not always like in the movies – beautiful and sincere. People are complex, emotional beings, so sometimes their relationships become difficult. It must be admitted that no one can really prepare us for this. Parents are not always the best example of an ideal relationship, in school you don’t talk about it, and at some point in life you are expected to be in a relationship.

So how do you create a healthy and good relationship? What should you pay attention to? How to deal with problems? And above all, how to recognize toxic behavior? This skill is very useful, because lasting in an unhappy relationship with a person who treats us badly can end badly. It can traumatize us, take away our sense of security and frustration for ourselves and others. Not to mention the worse cases when violence occurs.


That’s why today’s topic of toxicity is so important. By being more aware of whether your ex was toxic you will know what to watch out for in the future. So how do you recognize toxicity? Read on and take our quiz to help you unravel it. So… Was My Ex Toxic?

Toxic Signs

Toxic behavior is usually dangerous because it is well hidden under the guise of other motives. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize toxicity, especially when it’s done by the person we love and care about most.

It’s hard to believe that someone with whom we have so many pleasant memories can treat us so unfairly. Our mind itself sometimes defends against this and tries to justify toxic behavior. Sometimes we pretend that everything is fine in order not to have to face the problems.

It’s best to learn the typical toxic traits so you can recognize them as soon as possible. This is the first step to protect yourself from getting hurt. It’s also worth noticing these traits in yourself so you can change. If you’re toxic yourself, you won’t be able to form a healthy relationship either. Therefore, let’s take a look at the list of toxic traits.

10 Signs of toxic ex boyfriend or toxic ex girlfriend:

  • Your Ex ignored your emotions and needs
  • Your Ex often said things that hurt you
  • Your Ex blamed you for all your problems
  • Your Ex punished you with silence
  • Your Ex threatened to leave you for someone else
  • Your Ex often lied to you
  • Your Ex did not know how to show respect
  • Your Ex often burst out in anger
  • Your Ex apologized, but did not change
  • Your Ex said you were exaggerating

Sometimes even these 10 traits are not enough to describe all examples of toxic behavior, so take our Was My Ex Toxic test to see if your ex was really toxic. But do any of these signs seem familiar to you?

Toxic people are mainly characterized by not taking responsibility for their actions and not caring about the other person’s feelings. And a relationship should be based on empathy and trust, people should care about mutual happiness.

When a person continually hurts the other and has no remorse, it is suspicious. Analyze the intentions of your ex, some of them hide it well by pretending that everything they do is out of concern. How else can you recognize toxic behavior? Take a look at how you feel.

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How does a person in a toxic relationship feel?

It’s also worth looking at your own emotions. Toxic people make us start to doubt what we really feel so it is worth looking into. This also happens because we are gaslighted. This is a typical manipulation that toxic people use.

They make you not know what’s really going on until that person explains it to you themselves. And when you say what you really feel, what you think, you are attacked that you are stupid, immature, or that you are exaggerating. Is this familiar to you?


Be especially wary of gaslighting, because it’s a very toxic and harmful method. People who are stuck in a toxic relationship are not happy. They think that this condition will pass, that they will eventually get over their problems and things will be good again as they were at the beginning of their relationship. They often feel a sense of guilt and feel that all the problems are mainly their fault. They stop trusting themselves and feel lost.

Self-esteem is greatly diminished, these people begin to feel worthless. Anxiety may also appear. If you notice similar symptoms in yourself, you’d better take a look at your relationship and go to therapy. Remember that your happiness is always the most important thing, there is no point in sacrificing yourself for someone who treats us badly.

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Red Flags in Relationships

There are also such traits and behaviors that do not always indicate toxicity, but when they appear it is better to be careful. These are so-called red flags, or warning signs that someone may or may not be toxic. What else should you watch out for?

First and foremost, jealousy and possessiveness. This often shows up in toxic people. They like control and want you all to themselves, treating you like property. They don’t allow you to meet with friends and constantly suspect you of cheating. Is this the case? Then it is definitely toxic jealousy.


On the other hand, jealousy to a lesser degree is normal. Everyone is a little jealous sometimes, but if you trust your girlfriend or boyfriend then everything is fine. Next, another red flag can be premature confession of feelings. If you haven’t known each other for more than a month, professing love to each other probably isn’t sincere.

Romantic movies have taught us that there is such a thing as love at first sight. But that’s not true, love is something more complicated than mere feelings of attraction. If someone does not distinguish between true love and mere infatuation, this can cause all sorts of problems later on.

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Was My Ex Toxic?

Now you are ready to take our quiz. Don’t be afraid to find out the result, it could be important. If it’s your ex, luckily you’re no longer with them. On the other hand, if you notice toxic behavior in your current relationship then try to pick it out as soon as possible.

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Talk to your partner and bring your concerns to their attention. If your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t change his or her behavior, it may be better to end the relationship. Do you still have any doubts? Below you will find questions and answers about the topic of toxic people and our quiz.

What are some examples of things toxic partners say?

They may say things like: I’ve had enough of you. You’re overreacting. No one will want you. It’s not my fault you felt that way, etc.

What is particularly characteristic of toxic people?

That they do not take responsibility for their actions and do not care about the feelings of others.

How many questions does this Toxic Test have?

Our test has 20 special questions that examine toxic traits.

Can I take this test considering my current partner and not my ex?

Yes, just analyze what is happening in your current relationship when you answer the questions.

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