Am I Insecure? | This Test Analyzes 20 Factors To Answer | Completely Free

Am I Insecure? | This Test Analyzes 20 Factors To Answer | Completely Free

Stress, anxiety, fears, pessimism and a vast plethora of other mental problems are part of our lives. While we pursue dreams and attempt to achieve something in life, our mental state faces many challenges that have to be overcome. When we fail or have a hard time getting what we want, our happiness levels can decrease. As a result, we may develop insecurities, lose our self-worth and feel miserable. 

In Am I Insecure? Quiz, we would like to help you expand your understanding of your personality, self-esteem, and confidence. If you have any insecurities, our reliable test will tell you that. Answer 20 questions we prepared for you and learn if your mindset is set on a happy life despite failures or if it’s difficult to please you. We hope you will learn something new!

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Understanding Insecurity

So what exactly is insecurity? Why do we develop something that would lower our self-esteem? Let’s try to answer these questions. Insecurity is commonly considered a feeling of uncertainty and inadequacy (being not good enough). Insecurities are usually produced when we set unrealistic goals or as a result of comparing ourselves to others. People who are insecure tend to think that they are less successful, or capable of success, than others.

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Insecurities are not an uncommon thing to happen. Nearly everyone, at one point in their lives, feels insecure because of  something. It can involve every aspect of life and can have many reasons behind it.

Causes Of Insecurity

Causes of insecurity are limitless. Everyone is different and depending on one’s values and things they deem important, causes of insecurity can vary greatly from person to person. There are, however, some types of insecurity which are more common than the rest. Thanks to the research conducted in this area of psychology, we know which aspects of life are more likely to cause insecurity. Let’s shed more light on them.

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Unhappy Events

According to the research on happiness, about 40% of euphoric states are related to recent events in our lives. What is fresh in our memory impacts our mental well-being the most. Being fired from a job, ending a relationship, death of someone close to us, or injury, are a few recent life events which cause unhappiness. Happiness directly influences our self-worth and confidence. When we are short of it, insecurities are more likely to develop in our lives. 

We may think that we are more unlucky than other people and we will never be happy. This state of sadness and inadequacy is usually short-term due to the recent events. However, it may develop into a severe low self-esteem which requires more effort to combat. Preserving despite challenges life throws at us can lead to a happier life.


When we set our standards too high, we may never get satisfied, no matter how great our achievements are. Whether it’s the highest score on the test or landing a better job than our peers, goals we set may block the path to happiness. Even though our friends and family are proud of us, we may think otherwise and feel completely useless, disappointed, and gritty. As you have probably already realized, a mindset like this is prone to develop many insecurities.

In order to combat perfectionism, one must learn to enjoy the process. Being happy after achieving small things can also help to feel more satisfied with life. Working hard and still feeling down can lead to mental health problems such as anxiety and even depression. 

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Social Anxiety

Last but not least, lack of self-esteem can be related to the fear of people and social interactions – social anxiety. Dates, family gatherings, job interviews, or speeches can really stress us out if we suffer from social anxiety. Being quiet and shy when others are outspoken and charismatic can make us feel inferior, powerless to have fun among other people. It gets even worse when someone notices our behavior and asks if we are feeling good. The more it happens, the more we are scared of being evaluated. 

Because of bad experiences with social gatherings, some people may choose to avoid contact with other people and lead a lonely life. As a result, they can feel they do not belong anywhere, and that they are uninteresting, and unimportant. 

The only way to stop being insecure among people is to keep trying. If you have social anxiety, spend more time with people you feel more comfortable with. You can also set small challenges, like doing small talks with shopkeepers and neighbors or meeting with friends of your friends.

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Get Ready To Solve The Test

Do you lack confidence and constantly doubt yourself despite your successes? It’s time you find out if you are insecure. Solve our test and learn more about your personality.

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How Can I Stop Being Insecure?

One way to gain more confidence in yourself is to challenge your feelings rather than avoid them. Focus on your emotions and try to find the reason behind them. Accept that everybody faces problems regarding their self-worth.

Is Insecurity A Mental Condition?

Insecurity can be considered a mental problem, however, it’s not an illness or disorder. Whether your confidence and self-esteem are low or high, depends on your mindset, how happy you feel and how you view the world around you.

Are Anxiety And Insecurity The Same?

Although we can experience anxiety due to our insecurities, these two are not the same thing. Insecurity is caused by feelings related to self-worth while anxiety is a feeling of fear, unease, or worry which can be a product of insecurity.

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