Twin Flame Quiz | Test With 99% Accuracy

Twin Flame Quiz | Test With 99% Accuracy

Are you familiar with the idea of twin flames? Does your relationship seem one of a kind? Has your life changed drastically since you’ve met your significant other? Or maybe you’re fee like a lot of different emotions around this one particular person? Now it’s time to find out if you’re made for each other. Take this test for instant results.

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The Two Halves

The origins of the concept can be traced down to Greek Mythology. It states that in the beginning of times humans have actually had heads with two faces. They had two pairs of arms and two pairs of legs. Zeus, the most important Greek god, was afraid of the power that humans possessed. His idea was to separate them into two parts so that they will never achieve their true potential. Human life shall be spent looking for another half of the body and soul.

Humans were so powerful when they were made of two different halves. That’s why it seems crucial for us to try to find this other flame. Some people believe it’s only by joining the two parts together, that humans can finally be at peace.

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Purpose of a Twin Flame

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of finding our twin flame, is this crazy love and happiness. Sometimes it couldn’t be further from the truth. The definition of a twin flame signifies that this person should challenge our deepest fears. As deep as it sounds, it’s shouldn’t scare us.

The true purpose of finding your twin flame is to grow as a person. In the end, it’s all about loving yourself more and discovering your true potential. The true twin flame will act as your mirror and show you all of your insecurities and mistakes. At first it may be challenging, but later on you will feel very good in their presence. Your growth will finally begin at the speed you’ve never expected before.

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Twin Flame connections

It’s no doubt that you will feel a certain connection to your partner. But it really just comes down to the details. It’s similar to the concept of soul mates. We usually think of them as romantic partners but in reality you might end up being just friends.

Stages of Twin Flame

It’s very desirable to form real twin flame relationships. The world needs people who understand and force each other to grow. Such power is obtainable only by bonding with your real soulmate twin flame. In the beginning you’ll feel some instant connection and attraction. This will change in the future as your relationship is likely to be quite turbulent.

After meeting each other you will experience the honeymoon period. Your life will seem like a fairytale. You’ll discover new interests and finally feel good about yourself. Some of the things that might have been missing before, won’t matter anymore.

Gradually, your paths will separate. One of you will feel a little bit trapped in the relationship. The mirroring effect might become a little too much causing of of you to run. The other person’s role here is to become the chaser. They need to make sure that the runner stays with them and the risk of separation is as low as possible.

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Twin Flame Lovers

It is true that twin flames make on of the best sexual partners. Not only do you understand each other completely, you are each other… You can physically feel the emotions of your partner which helps you connect on a level you have never reached with anyone else. This connection is once in a life time. You perfectly fit into each others’ ideas of a perfect lover. Such devotion can never be faked. Being completely honest and comfortable with each other is the true meaning of twin flame.

Twin Flame Friendship

It may seem a little surprising but sometimes twin flames become just friends… It sounds disappointing but there are situations where it’s really for the best. You will feel that it’s exactly what you need to do in order to stay close to your partner. It would be ideal for the twin flames to meet when they are both ready for a committed relationship. It doesn’t always happen though. It that case it’s always better to accept it and try to build a flourishing friendship. Do not run away from your destiny. The twin flame separation is known to be very painful…


Twin Flame Reunion Signs

To define twin flame connection, you need to look out for the signs. It’s easy to misinterpret some early behaviours and later hold on to the vision we have created in our head. Of course, one can never be 100% sure if their significant other is indeed their soulmate. However, there are some signs of a twin flame reunion that you can easily spot during the first days of your relationship.

What To Look For?

People tend to put their significant other on a pedestal. The more you read about twin flames, the more certain you’ll be that this kind of relationship is very challenging. It’s never only about the good things, sometimes it’s the dark moments that make the connection stronger. If you sometimes feel uneasy with your partner, it’s not always a bad sign. On the contrary, you may find yourself empowered to be finally letting go.

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Here are some of the most common signs of twin flame reunion:

  • The presence of the instant attraction
  • A sense of synchronicity
  • The enormous sexual tension
  • The turbulence
  • The feeling that you’ve known them forever.

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Twin Flame Journey

Finding each other is only the beginning of the story here. The most important part is to actually benefit from this situation and growing together. It’s definitely easier said than done. Do you ever feel like your partner is already so much more experienced than you and they’re not willing to help you discover yourself? Maybe you should rethink this relationship. It’s not only not healthy not to support your significant other in achieving their dreams, it’s also very toxic. You don’t want to waste your time on someone, who might be your false twin flame.

There will be people in your life, who will seem very familiar. It doesn’t automatically make them your twin flames though. You should really just look out for the signs here, and most importantly try our quiz. There are people who will justify their codependent behaviour by this concept. You should be aware of this and try to stop the abuse as soon as possible.

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Is there a Twin Flame for everyone?

According to Greek Mythology, yes. However, it’s very rare to find such meaning ful connection.

Are Twin Flames toxic?

The relationship with your partner should never feel toxic. It doesn’t matter if you consider them your soulmate or not.

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