Should We Stay Together? | 100% Honest Answer

Should We Stay Together? | 100% Honest Answer

We have another couples quiz for you! If you have doubts about your relationship, today’s topic is perfect for you. We will make your situation much clearer and certain for you. As usual, we will analyze the topic thoroughly and you can take the quiz. You might be thinking – should we stay together? Or should we stay together for the kids? You will find the answer here!

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Do you want to break up?

Romantic relationships are difficult and complicated. When we are struggling with some new conflict we may not know how to deal with it and think about breaking up. Is this always the best option? It always depends on the situation. Many conflicts and problems can be fixed.

But there are some reasons why we should not stay in a relationship. For example, when the relationship is toxic and there is no indication of change. What are the red flags of relationships? Of course, we will present everything to you.


Signs that you should break up

  • You are unhappy in your relationship
  • You or your partner do not care
  • Your relationship is causing suffering
  • There is violence in the relationship
  • Your relationship is damaging your well-being

If these things occur in a relationship, it is probably best to end it. Especially if any form of violence and abuse – financial, sexual, mental or physical – occurs. Then get out of your relationship as soon as possible! Other sub-points concern your satisfaction with the relationship.

Sometimes our satisfaction can wane when problems arise, but if your unhappiness lingers and affects your mental health, then your relationship is not good for you. Sometimes you need to think of yourself first and foremost. If you continue to doubt whether you should stay in a relationship then read on and take our quiz.

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Relationship problems that can be fixed

However, not every problem in a relationship must immediately mean the risk of a breakup. It is normal for various problems and conflicts to arise in relationships, and it is impossible to create a deep and lasting relationship without it. Some problems are very universal and almost all couples go through them. We will present them to you, perhaps this is what your situation is like. Find out how to solve it!


Miscommunications – what is a common problem in relationships is primarily a lack of understanding. Good communication leads to a complete understanding of someone’s point of view. If we get lost in our intentions and motives, various misunderstandings can result. The reason for this is often also a reluctance to learn the real perspective of our partner.

Some people simply can’t admit they are wrong, or in arguments they focus too much on what they themselves want to convey. When a couple approaches every conversation with the right attitude – that is, understanding the other person – it can help solve problems.

Unresolved conflicts – what causes more conflict is ignored conflicts from the past. Many people don’t like arguments, some resentments and hurts they prefer to ignore and try to move on with their lives.

However, in a relationship, unresolved problems can increase in intensity over time and lead to passive and covert aggression. If you’re angry at your partner for something they once did, and your partner hasn’t made amends for it, you’d better get back to it and resolve the issue eventually.

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Cheating – when it comes to unresolved problems, cheating is often such a problem. When cheating occurs in a relationship and partners decide to stay in the relationship, they just try to forget about it and pretend that nothing happened. And this is not the right approach, because in the case of cheating many changes occur.

The relationship then needs to be worked on more, it is impossible to restore the situation before cheating. You need to build trust from scratch, and the responsibility of this falls on the person who cheated. On the other hand, the person who was cheated on also has to be involved in repairing the relationship. Self-esteem then drops, so it’s worth being aware of this.

Sexual Dissatisfaction – In sexual relationships, intimate concerns are very important. If there are any dissatisfactions in this sphere, it can cause additional conflicts in other aspects of life. The reason for this can be a sexual mismatch – when partners have different needs and expectations. Or it is again related to communication. The problem is most often a lack of communication.

Some may feel insecure and embarrassed when they have to talk about sex concerns. Some don’t know their own sexual needs or simply don’t want to hurt their partner. However, the best solution is always simply to talk honestly. You need to overcome your fear and approach this maturely if you want to have a good sex life.

Do any of these problems apply to your relationship? It’s likely, because these are the most common problems that all relationships face. They are also problems that can be fixed if both partners make an effort. Need more advice on how to deal with conflicts? We have some more!

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How to solve conflicts in a relationship?

Many of us do not know how to create a healthy and happy relationship. This is not surprising, because we are not taught this in schools, and also from our parents we do not have adequate support. Some parents, on the contrary, give us very bad examples of relationships. So how do we deal with this?

First of all, it is worth educating ourselves. Since you are here, this is a good sign, because it means that you are looking for answers. That’s why we have prepared for you some more useful tips that psychologists recommend. As we mentioned, the most important thing is healthy communication. It should be based on mutual respect and a desire to understand the other person.

When emotions become too intense during an argument, it’s a good idea to take a break and return to the problem when the emotions have subsided. It is also important not to ignore problems, but to confront them as soon as possible. And in order to solve the problem you need the attention of each partner. You and your partner must care.

Without this, any problem will be hard and risky for you. And let’s not forget to nurture the good things in the relationship. Couples should spend time with each other and get to know each other every day. And in all of this there should be a display of affection. A relationship that can make you happy will survive even a very difficult relationship.


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Should We Stay Together?

With the knowledge you have now, you can take our Should We Stay Together quiz. If the result tells you that you should stay together, then you know how to deal with any problem. On the other hand, if the result tells you that a breakup would be better, then take it. Sometimes this is the best way out so that you can lead a happy life.

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