Poetic Pop Quiz

Poetic Pop Quiz

Hey everyone! Do you like AFK Arena? We hope so! Today we have prepared a quiz on this topic for you! Can you pass the Poetic Pop Quiz? Check it out for yourself. Answer twenty questions and find out now!

AFK Arena is a casual action card game. Players can build up a personalized team and level up with the unique AFK Awards auto farming system. Join players all over the world in this journey of fantasy and prevent an ancient evil from destroying the realm of Esperia.

The Land of Esperia is a vast realm divided into four main islands, which serve as the primary setting for AFK Arena. It is home to the many creatures of life, including the common people and mythical beings such as the dwarves, co-existing with the iconic six factions: The Lightbearers, Maulers, Graveborns, Wilders, Celestials, and Hypogeans. Although Dimensionals also inhabit the land, they are not native to Esperia and have been brought there through tears and rifts in time and space.

As of Patch 1.85, Esperia currently has 49 regions that serve as individual “chapter” placeholders for the game campaign, and frequently expands as more lands are continuously discovered. The realm is home to various towns and kingdoms each situated in their respective regions/chapters, notably the bustling capital of Ranhorn City. Presently, it is under the threat of the evil Hypogean forces led by Annih, the God of Death, after breaking out of the sealed Barred Gate.

Esperia comprises four main islands, which are divided by large bodies of water between the landmasses. The first island (mainland) extends through the north and bounds Chapters 1-20, whereas the second island spreads throughout the south and is home to Chapters 21-34. The third and fourth islands are both situated to the northeast, with the former hosting Chapters 35-42; and the latter currently hosting chapters 43-49. Being surrounded by large bodies of water along with the smaller islands within the country, it is classified as a peninsula.

The topography of the country is very vast in nature, some of which have been formed naturally or manipulated by the Hypogean forces. Lush forests, scorching deserts, mountains, cold fronts, volcanic features, and many other landforms scatter throughout Esperia, each of which is commonly associated with their respective chapters.

Origins of the Land of Esperia revolve around a handful of legends that have been passed down by generations, all of which are commonly derived from respective regions. With 46 different and unique chapters, Esperia is home to several landmarks which contain valuable legends of the realm’s history.

In Chapter 12, The Ancient Ruins, it has been believed that Honas, the God of Creation, was the first to don the land before his departure “gave birth to earth, bone to rock, blood to lava and his coarse hair, the trees”. This sacred land is also said to be the birthplace of Dura, the Goddess of Life, and Annih, the God of Death, which led to the construction of a praying temple in the region until its demise when the jealous God rebelled against his life-creating sister.

With the onslaught of Annih’s creation of the Hypogeans, another notable location is The Barred Gate in Chapter 20, believed to be “the source of greed, jealousy, and loathing in the world”. Being another important location, The Barred Gate got its name after it was sealed by Dura many millennia ago after the great invasion. Presently after centuries of being locked away, the Hypogeans broke out of the seal, and have returned to wreak havoc on Esperia.

In the present day, Ranhorn City, the ancestral home of the Lightbearers, serves as the evident in-game capital of Esperia, home to the players’ assets and their respective guilds. The first chapter is where the main buildings for player development and ascension are located. Notable landmarks include The Noble Tavern, Guildhall, Temple of Ascension, Library, Field of Stars, The Elder Tree, The Oak Inn, Trading Hub, Store, Rickety Cart, Wall of Legends, and the Resonating Crystal.

Kuilin City is recognized as Esperia’s capital of arts. Opera, painting, and music blend together harmoniously to create the city’s atmosphere, giving rise to countless art forms and great fame, becoming a resplendent jewel in the field of the arts.

Poetic Pop Quiz is a Limited Event available from February 16, 2022 – March 1, 2022. Answer questions correctly in the Poetic Pop Quiz event to receive some awesome rewards, including summoning scrolls, diamonds, and a Reward Choice Chest!

The event will last for a total of 14 days. New questions will become available every day for the first 12 days of the event. Each round will be comprised of 5 questions. For each question answered correctly, 1 Resource Reward will be awarded. Rewards shall be sent out when all questions have been answered. Aside from the rewards mentioned above, players can acquire additional rewards by correctly answering a specific number of questions during the event. Players can find these additional rewards in the top right corner of the event page.

Do you like AFK Arena? Did you take part in the Poetic Pop Quiz? How many points can you score in our quiz? Answer twenty questions and see for yourself now!

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There are 20 questions.

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