Moon Soulmates Test | Quiz Based On TikTok Trend

Moon Soulmates Test | Quiz Based On TikTok Trend

Have you heard about the latest Moon Soulmates test? This simple and quick test has recently become very popular on the TikTok app. With just a few clicks, you could see if you and your partner are meant for each other. Have you already taken this test? Or was it not satisfactory for you? Either way, try taking our test, which is more refined o based on more factors!

Tiktoks Moon Phase Soulmate Test

If you are not up to date with the latest trends on TikTok, don’t worry, we will explain everything to you. Moon Phase Test is nothing complicated. It involves entering your date of birth and your partner’s date of birth. Based on this, your moon phases are shown and how they match or overlap with each other. This is because the monthly cycle of the moon works in such a way that some part of the moon is visible from Earth.

The shadow sometimes obscures the entire moon, making it invisible to us, and sometimes we can experience a full moon. There are generally eight phases of the moon, which scientists have categorized. The test checks how accurately the moon was visible from Earth on the day you were born and the day your soulmate was born.


People interpret the test differently, but generally the most desirable thing is to create a whole moon from two halves. This is supposed to indicate a perfect pair, a perfect match. The better matched the phases, the better the soulmates match. As you can see, the test is simple and can be taken very quickly.

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Our quiz will also not take you long, and will predict your match in a much more accurate way. Are you ready for another test of your relationship?

If you have a soulmate, be sure to compare your birth dates and moon phases. However, remember that relationships are much more complicated and such a simple test will not give you much information. It can only be a small hint or a guess. Relationship experts would advise not to put too much faith in this test.

Therefore, if you are looking for a true and more accurate answer to the question of how well matched you are, you have come to the right place. We have prepared for you a slightly more complicated test consisting of twenty questions. We decided to analyze the topic of matching in a relationship seriously, taking into account all the most important factors.

So keep reading, you will learn something new today thanks to our introductory articles!

Perfect Match

In the Moon Soulmate Calculator, the most desirable result was to match two opposite phases of the moon to create a whole moon. Many people believe that this is the best type of relationship – opposites that complement each other. And of course, to some extent in couples they complement each other. But what affects the quality and stability of a relationship more are the similarities.

According to psychological knowledge about love and relationships, people should enjoy themselves more if they discovered that they are the same moon phases as their soulmate. If there are too many opposites in a relationship, it can be risky and cause conflicts. On the other hand, similarities bond even more when there are more of them. In many ways, partners can be similar to each other.


The main and most important factors are to have someone with whom we have similar interests, lifestyle and values. In these aspects, it is best to be similar. The joy of spending time together, having common interests is a great thing, it makes the bond deepen a lot.

Lifestyle is also best when similar. When two people have a similar financial situation and are in a similar environment, they have more topics to talk about and avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Values, on the other hand, can be significant, as important life choices depend on it. If our partner wants something completely different from life, then compromises may not do much.

In addition to these similarities, the smaller ones also count. Even the appearance. When two people perceive themselves as people of similar attractiveness, they will feel the best and most comfortable with each other. Significant differences in attractiveness can make one person feel inferior, create insecurity and fear of being left behind.

Of course, it doesn’t work that way in every case, there is only that risk. On the other hand, if a person works on himself and has a high sense of self-esteem, a similar appearance will not matter so much. Did it surprise you that similarities are a better match than opposites? But that’s not the only thing that affects the quality of a relationship.

In fact, every relationship has completely different individual dynamics, and there can be couples who are their opposites and at the same time form a healthy relationship. So what else matters? Let’s take a look at this.

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Healthy Relationship

Many relationships are unable to stand the test of time and eventually couples break up. So how do relationships exist that last for the rest of their lives? Is such a thing possible? Of course it is! You just need to meet your soulmate and know how to create a healthy relationship with this special person.

Not everyone knows that a relationship requires a lot of work and commitment. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like in the movies, that all you need is love and that’s it. It takes a lot of psychological skills to get through crises and problems. Fortunately, we have advice for you and have highlighted the most important things.

  • Thinking about your partner in a positive way
  • Expressing affection and love
  • Commitment and dedication

Thinking about your partner in a positive way – This may seem trivial and sometimes dangerous, but it’s a great way to make a relationship last. First and foremost, partners need to think well of each other. Remember that time when your soulmate seemed perfect to you?

You couldn’t see a single flaw. There was that idealization that occurs at the beginning of a relationship. Of course, it is also good to be aware of your partner’s weaknesses. But over time, let’s not forget why we fell in love with this person. Let’s try to accept our partner and notice the efforts. Let’s experience the good experiences first and foremost and not lose our minds over the little things.

Expressing affection and love – this also seems to be the basis, but out of habit people forget about it. Everyone has his or her own language of love and should cultivate it. Constantly reminding your partner how important this person is to you should be a daily occurrence.

Couples need to appreciate each other and update their feelings and declarations of love every day. It doesn’t seem like much, but it pays huge dividends. People in such relationships feel loved and appreciated. Their bond and intimacy deepens, which is a very important aspect of a relationship.

Commitment and dedication – These things are also very important. You will not create a successful relationship without commitment. If you want your relationship to last for years, you need to prepare for different situations. Learning about your partner’s past and their problems, getting to know your partner’s family and friends, planning for the future and fulfilling your responsibilities conscientiously.


Devotion is also worth mentioning, as loyalty and trust are needed in a relationship. When two people form a relationship they take on a certain responsibility. Then sometimes we must put our partner’s welfare first, but at the same time we must not forget our own needs. Therefore, this can be the most difficult aspect of a relationship, but when you are properly motivated, you should manage.

Moon Soulmates Test

Do you already know everything about relationships and love? Don’t wait and take our Moon Soulmate Quiz. We will tell you what phase your entire relationship is in, taking the full moon as the perfect version of a relationship. See how well matched you are, and how many parts of the moon you are still missing! Besides, you can also find a lot of other love quizzes on our site. If you are interested in it, don’t miss any of them!

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How many questions does this Moon Soulmate Quiz have?

Our Moon Soulmate Quiz has 20 questions.

What exactly does this Moon Soulmate Quiz measure?

This quiz tests the compatibility of your personalities and represents it through the phases of the moon.

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