Smile Dating Test | 2023 Updated

Smile Dating Test | 2023 Updated

Hi everyone! If you like both love quizzes and personality tests, then today’s quiz will be perfect for you! We have prepared for you an accurate Smile Test, which will tell you what kind of personality you have in a relationship. If you want to learn more about this test, keep reading, we will explain everything to you!

What is Smile Dating Test?

Have you heard of the Smile Test? You may already be familiar with it, as this test was a popular trend on TikTok, where people shared their Smile Dating Test results. But if you don’t know, we’ll describe everything in detail. Smile Test is a simple and quick test in the online version.

It’s free, so anyone can take it. It is a Korean test, but different language versions are possible, including English. If you haven’t taken it yet, you can take the original Smile Test, which we’ve polinked below. But then come back to us!

You can find the original Korean Smile Dating Test here!


Smile Test determines your dating personality type. Everyone during dating has their own ways of behaving. Also in a relationship, we take on individual roles that suit us. The Smile Test shows what type you are based on your colorful smile.

Each color reflects a different personality type. The test is very interesting and inspired us. The real Smile Test contains 12 questions, and there are only two possible answers. So we decided to make our version of this quiz to expand it a bit. If you want to learn even more about yourself, take both the original Smile Test and our personality test. This will help you learn even more about your habits in dating situations!

Dating and Relationships

Each of us is individual and unique in our own way. Personality tests usually tell us how we behave in general in life. However, this sometimes does not coincide with our understanding of love. We can be generally timid, but when it comes to love, we suddenly become extremely courageous and brash.

Each of us may react differently and have a different approach to dating. It all depends on our personalities and life experiences with dating and relationships. What kind of dating type are you? With the Smile Test, you can find out. We will pay attention to different aspects of dating and how people react in these situations. This will help you understand the subject more. And don’t forget to take our personality quiz!

Smile Dating Test Factors:

  • Approach to dating and love
  • Dominant type of love language
  • Values and priorities in life

Dream Date

Each of us has his or her own vision of a dream date, which would be simply a perfect and wonderful experience. What would your ideal date look like? It says a lot about your dating personality. People who are energetic and very positive like it when dating is adventurous. Physical activity is a great way for them to spend time together.

There are various outdoor activities available, such as riding a bike or going to an aqua park. But not everyone likes such intense activities. Calmer people have other ideas for the perfect date. They will certainly appreciate an organized picnic somewhere where you will be just the two of you.

The level of romance can also be a different requirement. Some people care a lot about it, while others are not romantics. Also, how you imagine the perfect date says a lot about you. It can indicate your extroverted or introverted qualities, and will show what is important to you in dating.

Love Language

The way you express love has a lot to do with your dating personality type. After all, dating is used to meet true love. So we are looking for someone to whom we can show love in our own way. During dating, we show our feelings and commitment.

What is your way of showing interest? There are several main love languages. One of them is the verbal way. People in whom this type predominates believe in the power of words. They will tell you what they are thinking about and will often describe their feelings. For them, this is the best way to understand themselves and others. Such people enjoy long conversations while dating and getting to know each other just like that. Deep conversations are the best entertainment for them.

Another type of love language is physical touch. People in whom this type predominates will value all rapprochement. For them, the first time you held hands and the first kiss will be very important. Over time, they will need a lot of hugs to say hello and goodbye.

There is also the type that shows interest through action. They prefer quality time. Such people also really like to help, do favors and buy gifts. What your way of showing affection and interest is has a lot to do with your dating personality type.


Perception Of Love

Another thing that matters when it comes to your dating personality type is your approach to love. What are you actually looking for when you date? What’s most important to you then? What are your expectations and needs? Each of us may have a different approach to dating and relationships, so finding our soulmate can take a really long time.

Some of us don’t believe in true love at the first sight. That’s why they may seem uninterested during first dates. They need to feel some kind of emotional connection to be able to commit. For others, love is the most important value in life. Therefore, they may fall in love too quickly or have too high expectations, which will scare off those looking for casual acquaintances.

There are also those for whom dating is simply about having fun. They don’t take it so seriously, focusing on the experience of meeting new people. Everyone has a different approach and is looking for something different. Our values overlap with our love lives. So what kind of dating type are you? Take our quiz and find out.

We took these three appeals mentioned above into account when preparing our Smile Test. Love and dating is a very broad topic, so it requires careful analysis. If the original Smile Test didn’t satisfy you, be sure to try ours. You might get a better score, or you might just be so unique that no test can figure you out!


Smile Dating Test

Now, if you have already familiarized yourself with the Smile Test, you can take our special version of this test. Inspired by the Korean Smile Test, we have created a new version of our own. You are now ready to find out what kind of dating type you are. This will help you understand yourself better and dating will no longer be a problem for you.

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How many questions does this Smile Dating Quiz have?

Our quiz has 20 uncalled questions.

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Yes, this test has more questions and answers.

What exactly does this test measure?

The test will select your personality type in terms of dating and relationships.

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