How Garfield Are You? | Personality Quiz For Garfield Fans 

How Garfield Are You? | Personality Quiz For Garfield Fans 

Are you a fan of Garfield and his owner Jon Arbuckle? Do you enjoy comics about Garfield and Odie’s mischiefs? If that is the case, you are going to have a lot of fun solving the quiz we have for you this time! Our quiz ‘How Garfield Are You?’ will tell you how much in common you have with one of the most famous fictional feline characters. 

Jim Davis’ comics are enjoyed by many throughout the whole world. A lot of people associate Garfield with their childhood, when they read comics for the whole day. The Garfield franchise is popular even today, with new comic books being released each year. Whether you want to relive childhood memories or are new to the Garfield universe, our quiz will reveal how many personality traits you share with Garfield. 

So How Garfield are you? It’s time to settle this once and for all. Answer 20 questions included in the quiz and find out! 

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Garfield – Legendary Cat

Saying that Garfield is a legendary fictional character is not an exaggeration. This orange and overweight cat is as iconic as Donald Duck, Pink Panther, Mickey Mouse, or Bugs Bunny. There is no doubt that Jim Davis’ Garfield is among the most famous fictional characters of all time.

It’s not easy to find anyone who has never heard of Garfield, Jon Arbuckle, Odie, and Nermal. The comics have been released since the 70s and new stories are to be published in 2023. Because of this, Garfield induces nostalgic feelings to many people who associate him with their childhood memories. And even young generations who have never held a Jim Davis’ comic book in their hands usually recognize Garfield because of his popularity on the Internet. 

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Garfield Comics 

Garfield is a comic strip created by Jim Davis which was first published in 1976 as Jon. It changed name to Garfield in 1978. It features the daily life of Jon Arbuckle and his two pets cat Garfield and dog Odie. In 2013 it received the Guinness World Record for the most widely distributed comic strip. Comic strips were then present in 2580 journals and newspapers. 

Garfield comic strips are short stories, usually consisting of three panels, featuring everyday life of Garfield. Common themes of the story include Garfield’s laziness, love for food, mischief, Jon’s ridiculous ideas and his failures to find a girlfriend. It also consists of many rolling jokes like Garfield’s hate for Mondays, restaurant with low-quality service, provoking neighbors’ dogs, or fear of getting older.

Garfield is portrayed as a mean cat who manipulates others to get what he desires. If his sleep schedule is disrupted or there is no meal ready for him, things can get violent. Garfield is known to get revenge on those who get under his skin. On the other hand, Garfield is also capable of love and can appreciate others’ hard work. He shares many similarities with real cats which inspire Jim Davis’s comics.

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Origins Of Garfield

Before Jim Davis came up with an idea to draw comics about an overweight cat, he worked as an assistant for T.K. Ryan’s Tumbleweeds. At that time he was also working on his own comic strip about bugs but didn’t manage to have it published. One of the editors argued that this animal species is not relatable, despite gags and art being good. Jim Davis wondered what kind of animals should be featured in his next comic strips. He felt that dogs could be a good choice but ultimately came to the conclusion that it wouldn’t be too original. Since he grew up on the farm with a lot of cats, he decided a cat character should be the star of his comics. And that’s how Garfield came to existence.

Garfield’s name and personality is based on a real person. It’s Jim Davis’ grandfather, James A. Garfield Davis, who was the ultimate inspiration for Garfield. As for Jon Arbuckle, Garfield’s owner, he was inspired by a 1950s coffee commercial. And then there is Odie, the third main character of comic strips, which was originally named Spot. However, because there was a dog character also named Spot in comic strip Boner’s Ark, Jim renamed it to Odie to avoid confusion. 

YouTube video

At first, these characters were featured in the comic strip named Jon (from 1976 to 1978). Not many knew about the existence of the pre-Garfield comic strip. It would probably still be fairly unknown if not for the youtuber Quinton Hoover who made a video about it. 

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How Garfield Are You? Funny Personality Quiz

How much in common do you have with Garfield? Do you love food as much as Jon’s beloved cat? Take our personality quiz and find out!

Garfield is often up to mischief and malicious pranks. Are you sometimes as mean as Garfield? Take this personality quiz to learn your real side.

Which Garfield Comics Should I Read First?

There are many comics you can read without worrying too much about the chronology. Most of the time, Garfield comics consist of short strips of stories which don’t require any knowledge about the story. You can start with Garfield comics books: Garfield at Large: His First Book, Garfield Gains Weight: His Second Book, and Garfield Bigger Than Life: His Third Book.

What Cat Breed Is Garfield?

Not many people know what kind of breed Garfield is. Despite being one of the most famous fictional felines, only a minority of fans can tell that it’s Persian Tabby.

Where Can I See Garfield Besides Comics?

Apart from comics, Garfield makes appearances in video games, movies, and animated tv series. You can check out Garfield And Friends, tv series, or Garfield: The Movie, live-action adaptation of Jim Davis’ works.

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