Am I a Bad Person | Free & Honest Quiz

Am I a Bad Person | Free & Honest Quiz

Today we have another quiz and an interesting topic for you. If you are here, you are probably feeling remorseful. Did you make some mistake? Or maybe someone rebuked you recently? No matter what happened to you, you can take our Am I a Bad Person quiz that will measure your level of empathy and kindness. If you’re curious about whether you’re a bad or good person, don’t be afraid to take our challenge! But first, let’s analyze it and take a closer look at the concept of morality.

Bad Person Meaning

Are you afraid that someone will take you for an evil, cruel person? If you have such a guilty conscience, it’s not so bad with you yet. But what does it really mean if a person is bad? It can mean a lot and depends on the context of the situation and the person’s moral spine. People perceive others through a good-bad prism, but the world is not so simple to define and not everything is only good or only bad. Some things can be morally neutral, or have both good and bad consequences.


Therefore, it is hard to say what is bad. But I think it is possible to consider harming people and other beings as a bad thing. If you hurt someone, intentionally or not, you have to take responsibility for it. How you treat other people shows what kind of person you are. And that is what we will focus on in today’s Am I a Bad Person test.

Bad Person Traits

But what exactly are the characteristics of a bad person? Have you ever wondered about that? Each of us has some vision of a bad person, because each of us was once hurt by someone. So you surely remember what kind of person treated you unfairly. But anyway, read our list of traits to watch out for such people in the future. Also try not to be such a person yourself!

  • Ignorance.
  • Lack of sensitivity.
  • Lack of respect for other people.
  • Failure to understand complex problems.
  • Hurting people with entertainment.
  • Doing bad things for one’s own benefit.
  • Aggressive behavior.
  • Considering oneself better than others.
  • Egoism.
  • Fanaticism.

These are the main characteristics of a person who can be considered not good. First of all, it is ignorance, which means that bad people do not care about other people’s feelings, nor are they interested in matters that do not concern them. It is also combined with selfishness, which drives them. Such people are also naturally less sensitive and less empathetic, unable to put themselves in the place of another person.

Often, because of this, they don’t understand complex problems and don’t want to change for the better and educate themselves in a particular area. But sometimes they also have knowledge of a particular problem, only it is not important to them and they act intentionally badly.


 For some people, hurting others becomes a pastime, something that improves their mood or serves to achieve their desired goals. Overly aggressive behavior is also considered bad because it takes away the sense of security of others. Also, bad people can often go to extremes of opinion, leading to fanaticism.

So you better measure your level of badness with our Am I a Bad Person test!

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Good Person Traits

Now that we know what the characteristics of a bad person are, let’s also distinguish the characteristics of a good person in contrast. After all, people are usually a combination of good and bad traits, so it will be clearer if you are definitely a bad person. Everyone makes mistakes and may exhibit traits from the list above. However, if there is a desire in you to improve and you are working to be a better person, then rather everything is fine with you. So, what are the characteristics of a good person?

  • Empathy.
  • Sensitivity.
  • Willingness to understand other people.
  • Knowledge of social problems.
  • Respect and tolerance.
  • A sense of justice.
  • Willingness to spread goodness.
  • Self-awareness.
  • Work on oneself.
  • Gentle behavior.

This is precisely the opposite of a bad person. If you manifest most of these traits, it means you are making an effort. Good people are not ideals or superheroes. They are ordinary people who also make mistakes. But good people above all have this motivation to spread goodness and make the world a better place.


 They want good things for people, they can understand the problems of others. They have a strong sense of justice, which they want to follow. They try to behave with kindness and respect. Toward others, they are always gentle, and try to control their emotions properly. Good people are usually characterized precisely by intelligence and emotional maturity.

If you have ever asked yourself “Am I a bad person for breaking up with someone?” then the answer is no, as you can see whether you are a bad or good person is made up of other complex aspects, your motives and intentions. So you better measure your level of badness with the Am I a Bad Person quiz free!

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Why do people need empathy?

Some people may feel overwhelmed by all this and ask themselves, “But why should I actually be a good person?” If you don’t understand this, we already explain. Altruism is a behavior that leads to the development of society. Already animals, some species of monkeys have noticed the need for altruism. Thanks to the fact that groups of monkeys began to care not only for themselves, but acted as a team, they managed to survive even in difficult conditions.


 Humans are more developed than monkeys, so empathy can benefit us even more. We are social creatures and need each other’s support. After all, admit it, if it weren’t for the help of doctors, you wouldn’t be able to cope with a broken leg, or an illness that requires specialized treatment. Each of us wants to be treated well, and each of us deserves it. That’s why it’s best to start with yourself and make the world move forward, not backward.

Why am I a bad person?

People are also often not evil without reason, there is always something that drives them. First of all, it is fear. People who behave badly, ignorantly and selfishly, are simply afraid that they will lose something. That they will be seen as weak, worthless, or that they won’t be able to cope. Very often, people with low self-esteem can tend to behave badly.

Bad people are simply people who can’t deal with problems in other ways, who were treated unfairly in the past and now act that way too. Also, if someone is a bad person, he or she is not at all as fascinating as some villain from a movie. It’s just a hurt person who feels the fear of losing control.


Being a bad person gives them opportunities they could not achieve by acting justly. This, of course, does not excuse their evil actions. Everyone must bear responsibility for what they do. However, it is worth paying attention to such people and offering appropriate assistance. Bad people may have problems understanding the meaning of life. They are often unhappy and don’t know how to get this happiness. Bad people may also suffer from various mental illnesses that make them unable to feel empathy in the same way as other people. Such people then need appropriate therapy in the first place.

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Now you know everything and are ready to take our Am I a Bad Person quiz! But what if I am a bad person – you asked? If you turn out to be the bad person, don’t worry! We hope you have the right motivation to change!

Is this Am I a Bad Person quiz for adults only?

This Am I a Bad Person quiz is for people of all age ranges.

How many questions does this Am I a Bad Person test have?

This Am I a Bad Person test has 20 special and unique questions.

Can I take this test if I have anxiety about being a bad person?

Perhaps this test will tame your fears a bit. Don’t worry if you feel remorse, this is a trait of good people.

Can bad people change their behavior?

Yes, a bad person can become a good person if he or she wants to and will work to change.

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