Can You Recognize These World’s Strangest Fruits?

Can You Recognize These World’s Strangest Fruits?

Welcome to another fun quiz! Today’s topic is the fruits of the world. Did you even know that such fruits exist? We will test your knowledge by our Guess The Fruit Quiz. We have selected twenty of the strangest fruits, I wonder if you will recognize them all!

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Can you recognize these fruits?

Nowadays we can buy in stores products from other countries. Exotic fruits such as bananas, kiwi or pineapples are no longer so special for us. You have to do more to surprise us. Here are some interesting examples of fruits that you may not have known. In our quiz you will find more!

We have specially selected the easier examples here, and left the most difficult ones for our Guess The Fruit Quiz. Learn more about fruits from different parts of the world first, and then take the challenge. Or maybe you didn’t even know these fruits listed below? It all depends on what part of the world you’re from. In Europe, it’s probably hard to find this type of fruit.


The carambola takes on a star shape when you cut it in half. It is a yellow and unusual fruit that is mainly found in South East Asia. Carambola is sweet and has a slightly sour aftertaste. It is a low-calorie fruit, rich in fiber and vitamin C.


Unripe carambola is green in color, while ripe carambola is strong yellow with brown edges of the fruit.  This plant can be eaten with the peel. Carambola is a great addition to various dishes, both sweet and salty. It can be used to make jam or juice. Because this fruit has a fancy shape, it is also suitable as a garnish for dishes and drinks. Have you ever eaten this fruit, or know its name?


Durian is mostly known in Asia, especially in Japan, where we can find various Durian-flavored sweets. It is known for having a rather intense odor, which can scare off lovers of exotic fruits. That’s because it contains more than 40 different aromatic compounds. You can even get a fine for carrying durian in various public places, like hotels or cabs. Durians are round fruits with spiky skin that grow on really tall trees. They are big and heavy.


For that they have a really unique taste, many people think they are the tastiest fruits in the world. Those who have dared to try them despite the smell have discovered that the center of the fruit tastes like a combination of strawberry ice cream and bananas. Durian can be eaten raw, only the flesh is edible. Would you be brave enough to try this unusual fruit?

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Persimmon is a fruit that looks like an orange tomato. However, it is certainly sweeter than a tomato. In Chinese medicine, this fruit was used to treat areas on the body after snakebite. This fruit has a lot of health properties, it has a lot of fiber, various vitamins, lowers blood pressure and has anti-cancer properties, among others.


 Persimmon fruit should be peeled before eating. They are quite hard and not very juicy fruits. They can be eaten directly, or added to desserts, salads, and are also suitable for jams and jellies. Have you ever eaten persimmon and did you like it?

Did you know all three fruits mentioned above? If not, you are in for a really tough challenge. In our Guess The Fruit Quiz you will have to recognize as many as twenty varieties of exotic fruits, which will not be as easy as these!

Interesting facts about fruits

In addition to our special quiz and the types of exotic fruits described, we also have a lot of interesting information for you that you might not have known. As always, we describe our topic decently and in detail! And since today’s topic is fruit, we can’t leave out these surprising facts.

  • The seeds of apples, apricots and peaches may contain cyanide, a deadly poison. Fortunately, the seeds are hard, so no brave person is likely to eat the fruit along with the seed.
  • A glass of dried figs has more calcium than a glass of milk. If you don’t like milk or are lactose intolerant, just eat dried figs. Just remember that these are very caloric and have a lot of sugar!
  • The strawberry was not created until 1712, it was created by humans. Two varieties of strawberries were crossed to produce one of today’s most popular fruits.
  • Kiwis do not need to be peeled, the skin is edible. Many people usually ate kiwifruit by peeling it first, but nowadays it is known that the peel will not harm us, it is only a little rough to the touch.

Did you already know all these facts, or maybe you learned something new thanks to us? Either way, take our test and try to get the highest score. Will you be in the few people who managed to get a 20/20 score?


Why should you eat fruit?

We should eat a lot of fruits and vegetables in our diet, as they are the healthiest foods. Among other things, they support the body’s immunity, due to the fact that they have a lot of valuable ingredients. The most vitamins are usually found in the skins of fruits, for example, in apples. It is better not to peel apples from the skin, because then we deprive them of vitamins!

Fruits are recommended to be eaten especially by children, especially those who do not like vegetables. Fruits are usually more readily eaten by children because of their sweet taste. They also promote the proper development of the child, fruits are good for growth, strengthen bones. Besides, fruits also add a lot of energy and have a positive effect on brain function. We improve our ability to concentrate and remember thanks to them.

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They can also promote the improvement of eyesight. You see, this is why it is worth eating fruits. Maybe our quiz will make you feel like eating some fruit, not necessarily exotic. Remember to get your children to eat fruit, and you too should try to eat fruit at least once a day.

Fresh or dried fruit?

Which is better, the fresh fruit or the dried ones? Perhaps the dried versions of the fruit taste better to you. Dried fruits are heat-treated, so they will be fit to eat for a longer time than the fresh ones. However, it is generally more recommended to eat fresh fruits.

Heat treatment strips fruit of vitamins and other important nutrients. Dried fruits are also more caloric and have more sugars. However, if you have a craving for sweet, dried fruits will also be a better choice than candy.

Dried fruits are still rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals that candy or chocolate do not have. How about chocolate-covered fruits? That’s just the combination! But if you plan to lose weight, it’s better to limit dried fruits and eat more vegetables.

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Now you know all about fruit, so you can take our special Guess The Fruit Quiz. Will you be able to identify all the fruits and get the highest score? Take the Fruit Name Quiz Riddle!

How many types of fruit are included in this Guess The Fruit Quiz?

This quiz includes twenty types of exotic, unusual fruits.

Is there a picture attached to each question in this Guess What Fruit Quiz?

Yes, each question includes a picture of a fruit whose name you have to guess.

Is it hard to get the highest score on this quiz?

Yes, only a few will get the highest score in our Guess The Fruit Quiz.

Can I use an Internet search engine to help me solve this Guess The Fruit Name Quiz?

No, because that would be cheating. Try to solve the quiz without any help prompts.

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