Idiot Test | Are You An Idiot? | Funny Quiz Online

Idiot Test | Are You An Idiot? | Funny Quiz Online

‘Idiot, fool, halfwit, imbecile, absolute moron’. Have you ever called yourself names because of your stupidity? Maybe you caught yourself not knowing basic knowledge? Or was it your friends or family who called you that? Whether you are aware of your foolishness or you consider yourself a genius, all doubts will be dispelled in our Idiot Test. Are you ready to take on this challenge?

If you are confident in your intelligence, then this quiz will be a breeze for you. In fact, this test is easier than you think! We made it so you could have some fun in your free time. Unless you are really a big dum, then it may be quite a struggle…

Afraid that you may be too dumb? Invite your other friends to solve this test and maybe you won’t look that bad. Answer all 20 questions with other people and remember to have fun!

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Idiot – Meaning And Definition

In modern use, an idiot is someone who is foolish or does stupid things. Someone who is an idiot may not know basic knowledge or just simply be a proponent of false statements, inconsistent with reality. We also call someone an ‘idiot’ if they have a hard time learning new things, understanding ideas, and memorizing things. The term ‘idiot’ is used in a number of scenarios and has a lot of meanings. 

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In the past ‘idiot’ and ‘idiocy’ were psychological terms which referred to an individual’s intellectual disability. Usually it meant that someone had a mental age of two years or less. ‘Idiot’ meant someone so profoundly disabled, they couldn’t protect themselves from physical dangers and needed other people to help. It was later replaced with ‘profound mental retardation’ which is also no longer in use.

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Nowadays, calling someone with a mental disability a moron, idiot, imbecile, or cretin is considered archaic and offensive. 

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Idiot – Etymology

So where did the term ‘idiot’ come from? As many words which are in use today, its origins can be found in the Greek language. Its original meaning is quite surprising. It comes from the Greek noun ἰδιώτης idiōtēs which means an individual, private person, private citizen, common man, layman, or a person lacking professional skills. Later it referred to someone who is unskilled or ignorant (ἴδιος idios).

In Latin, idiota refers to someone who is uneducated, common, and ignorant. In late Latin, the term was commonly used to describe crude, ignorant, and illiterate individuals. The French language kept the ‘ignorance’ part in the meaning of this term, but added ‘stupid’ in the 13th century. In English, on the other hand, it added ‘mentally deficient’ in the 14th century.

Idiot As A Classification Of Disability

The 19th- and 20th century medicine and psychology used the term ‘idiot’ as someone with severe mental disability. It was then possible to be formally diagnosed with ‘idiocy’. The previously mentioned mental age model was proposed in1900s by Dr. Henry H. Goddard and based on a classification system developed by Binet-Simon. According to this model, ‘idiots’ were individuals with the lowest possible mental age which was less than two years. Those with a mental age between three and seven years were considered ‘imbeciles’, while ‘morons’ had a mental age between seven and ten years.

Less commonly used classification consisted of terms ‘profound mental retardation’ and ‘profound mental subnormality’. It referred to people with an IQ score less than 20.

The word ‘idiot’ was also used to describe someone with an IQ below 30. Nowadays, the concept of mental age is not commonly in use. IQ tests, however, are still widely accepted as a measure of intelligence. However, it is also not without flaws. 

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Idiots In USA Law

The term ‘idiot’ can be found in American law. The California Penal Code Section 26 described idiots as people who cannot commit crimes. The Section 26 was in use before 2007 and took into account other 5 instances of people who are not capable of crime. After 2007 idiots were replaced with ‘persons who are mentally incapacitated’. In 2008, thanks to Iowa voters, ‘idiot or insane person’ was changed to ‘person adjudged mentally incompetent’ in the State’s constitution.

There are several other states which mention idiots in their law. According to the below articles ‘idiots’ have no permission to vote:

  • Kentucky Section 145
  • Mississippi Article 12, Section 241
  • Ohio Article V, Section 6

What is more, before 2008 the Arkansas State’s constitution consisted of a law (Article 3, Section 5) which prohibited ‘idiots or insane persons’ from voting. It was amended in 2008 in thegeneral election.

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Are You An Idiot? Questions And Answers

Am I an idiot? It’s time you stop asking yourself this question and close this case once and for all. All you need to do is solve our Idiot Test.

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What Results I Can Get On This Quiz?

Based on your score you can get Big Dum, Moderate Imbecile, Mildly Retarded, or Smart Guy.

What Is This Quiz For?

We made this quiz just for entertainment. You shouldn’t treat this quiz as a psychological or IQ test. Whatever your score is, take it with a grain of salt. If you are interested in more professional tests, check out our other quizzes.

I Am Dumb. What Can I Do?

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