Am I Crazy Quiz | 100% Honest Quiz

Am I Crazy Quiz | 100% Honest Quiz

Today another quiz that you can do for fun or take seriously. How do you think, your behavior is normal or rather deviates from the norm? Let’s check it out today! First we’ll talk about what crazy really means. Is it a positive or negative term? What makes us perceived as crazy? Keep reading, you’ll find out, and don’t forget to take the Am I Crazy Quiz at the end!

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What does being crazy mean?

The adjective crazy can mean different things depending on the situation and context. Its positive meaning usually means impulsive and spontaneous behavior that does not threaten anyone. Crazy could be partying heavily with friends, or making some exciting choice – like skydiving.

 However, today we will focus more on such behaviors, which can be harmful when we feel crazy. Being crazy can then mean destructive behavior. Crazy people are emotionally unstable, have relationship problems and often get into trouble. Has your life become more difficult lately, such that you feel like you are starting to go crazy? Today you can check whether the matter has gone too far with our Am I Crazy Quiz.

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How to know if I am crazy?


Let’s take a close look at the symptoms you’re experiencing and what they might indicate, although the list is really long, because as crazy can be described all the mental disorders that exist. If we don’t have psychological knowledge, we judge our behavior on such a basis, whether it fits into the norm or not. So here are some examples that may indicate some mental health problems. Don’t worry, you are not alone – it is not possible to be 100 percent mentally healthy. If you’re feeling unwell and can’t cope with your problems, it’s a good idea to go to therapy.

Emotional instability

As mentioned earlier, sudden mood swings can be symptoms of various mental disorders. When we are not in control of our emotions, it will make life difficult for us, especially when it comes to close relationships. Frequent bad moods, lack of desire to do anything and inability to feel pleasure can indicate depressive states.

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 On the other hand, excessive energy expenditure, impulsive and dangerous behavior indicates mania. Also, issues with showing emotions can be problematic. Frequent feelings of anger may indicate unfulfilled self-needs. Each person has an individual situation with emotions, and some states may indicate mental health problems.

Derealization and depersonalization

Feeling these states can seem crazy, and are even out-of-this-world experiences. Derealization refers to a strange sense of strangeness about the world around you, as if you were in a game, movie or dream. The sense of unreality is difficult to describe. We usually act then automatically, as if someone is controlling us. Existential thoughts, lack of sense of time and disconnection from emotions also appear.

 Depersonalization, on the other hand, is when we perceive ourselves as unreal. We then feel a strange state of existence outside our body and mind, as if we were standing somewhere beside it. We observe ourselves as if we were strangers to ourselves. These states can be associated with various psycho-emotional disorders.

Psychosis and hallucinations

If you start seeing things that others don’t see or hearing voices that others don’t hear, you may feel like you’re going crazy. But don’t worry, with the right help you can handle anything. If you notice that you might be having problems with your perception of reality, it’s worth going to a psychologist.

 Early symptoms of psychosis include memory problems, lack of sleep or sudden mood changes. Some people with schizophrenia, once the disorder takes effect, become completely different people, as if their personality has completely changed in a short period of time.

Addictions and destructive behavior

All addictions can be dangerous and lead to various crazy behaviors. Addiction to alcohol or drugs negatively affects your health and relationships with other people. But also addictions such as shopaholism or workaholism can make our lives significantly more difficult.

When you notice that you start acting impulsively, disregarding things that used to be important to you, it can be a red flag for you. When we start neglecting relationships with people we love, when we start damaging our health, or when we are not in control of our financial situation – it is better then to realize and react as soon as possible. Now if you know the signs, you can take the Am I Crazy Quiz.

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Can a person randomly go crazy?

People can experience sudden outbursts or mood changes, especially if they have experienced trauma in the past. If something has suddenly reminded us of a terrible situation from the past, we may react suddenly and intensely. Triggers cause sudden surges of stress and strong emotions. We may feel as if we are reliving the traumatic situation all over again. Such behavior by uneducated people may be seen as crazy, but it is a reaction to trauma and should be understood and accepted.

How do I stop being crazy?


If you feel like you are starting to act and feel crazy, there are ways to deal with it quickly and what to do next. And how can you tell if you’re crazy? The best way is to talk to your loved ones, they will be the first to notice if something is wrong. Recent frequent conflicts with family and friends may indicate this. If there are also sleep problems, significant stress, or memory problems, these could also be hints for you. Even with little suspicion, you can take the following steps:

  • Journal of emotions – this is the best way to detect any fluctuations and intense emotions. Write down every day the emotions you experienced in given situations and analyze them.
  • Support from loved ones – turn to your friends and family, talk to them about your problems, and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.
  • Take care of yourself – take care of your health, eating habits and sleep significantly affect overall functioning. Take care of your body, pamper yourself with your favorite foods. Exercise is also great for mental health.
  • Find time to relax – think of relaxation exercises that would suit you and put them into practice. Meditation, yoga or simply relaxing with your favorite TV show – all of these make a difference and help us deal with stress and fatigue.
  • Therapy – if you have the opportunity, it is always worth going to a psychologist. A specialist will know exactly what is happening to you and how to help you. Everyone should have psychological care, life would then be much easier.

Now you know more and you can take Am I Crazy Quiz.

Am I Crazy Quiz

Once you have familiarized yourself with all aspects of the problem, you can take our Am I Crazy Quiz, maybe it will give you a hint too. Our psychological Am I Crazy Quiz test can detect some symptoms, such as mood swings, excessive aggression, psychotic states, derealization, depersonalization and others. We focused on various aspects of mental disorders that can cause problems and the perception that we are crazy.

But regardless of the result of the test – you are not crazy. There is no such thing, our perception of being crazy is nothing more than symptoms of mental disorders that can happen to anyone. People have different experiences, life sometimes doesn’t go our way. Nowadays there is better access to psychological help, so we are also more aware.

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Don’t forget to use our tips listed above! Remember that you deserve a good life, take care of yourself as if you were your best friend. If you still have any doubts, read the test questions and answers below. And Am I Going Crazy Quiz will tell you a lot about yourself.

How many questions does the Am I Crazy Quiz contain?

Our test has 20 special questions that explore symptoms.

Is the Am I Crazy quiz for adults, children or teens?

This test is suitable for adults and teenagers.

Can this quiz also be called Am I Mentally Insane quiz?

Yes, because crazy and insane are synonyms and mean the same thing.

What will I learn by taking this test?

You will find out if you have symptoms of disorders that may be problematic and harmful to you.

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