Astrology Test | Personality Tests

Astrology Test | Personality Tests

Many people like to check their daily, weekly, or monthly horoscopes to find out what the future has in store for them. Even if you don’t study your natal chart religiously, it’s fun to see what the stars say about you. A hopeful horoscope can inspire a positive attitude for the upcoming days.

There are many types of horoscopes for you to explore. Check your daily horoscope for an everyday scope, or a love horoscope to learn more about your relationships. Discover the steps you should take to better your health with a wellness horoscope. And if you want to know which horoscope type is the best for you, take our astrology test!

What is horoscope

Horoscope is an astrological model that indicates the positions of the Sun, the Moon, and the planets at a certain time. Astrologists use horoscopes to predict future events.

Astrological horoscopes are based on studying stars and planets, their orbits, and their effects on human behavior. The horoscope cannot give an exact prediction of what will happen and when. However, it can tell you how you’ll respond to different situations

When you think about a horoscope, what comes to mind are probably names like Aries, Virgo, or Gemini. It is just one type of horoscope – the Western Zodiac, but there are many more. Even in the range of the Zodiac, there are different categories like daily horoscope, love horoscope, career horoscope, and others.

Chinese horoscope

Just like the Western horoscope, the Chinese system has twelve signs. The difference is that in the Western Zodiac, the signs correspond to specific months, while in the Chinese horoscope, they represent yearly cycles. You likely heard about the Year of the Pig or the Year of the Tiger. Your personality traits and destiny depend on what year you were born.

Druid horoscope

Would you like to know your sign on the druid tree? The Druid horoscope consists of thirteen signs associated with lunar phases. Druids placed great value on nature, forests, and trees, which is why the signs have tree names. Druids believed trees to be living creatures with souls and personalities. They also believed that each person’s birthday connects with a specific Celtic tree sign, which affects certain personal attributes and influences fate.

Celtic horoscope

For the ancient Celts, trees were also an element of power. They built a divination system based on the rhythm of nature and the moon phases. Celtic religion was animist, meaning it was based on the belief that all objects and elements in nature have souls. For Celts, forests had a magical dimension, and the gods’ powers took up residence in the trees.

The signs in the Celtic horoscope are as follows: Poplar, Birch, Fir, Maple, Hazel, Chestnut, Elm, Apple Tree, Cherry, Beech, Hornbeam, Lime, Rowan, Cedar, Cypress, Walnut, Olive, Pine, Oak, Weeping Willow, and Fig Tree. For example, people born between the 21st and 22nd of March are represented by the oak tree and characterized as robust, dynamic, and natural winners.

Egyptian horoscope

The Egyptian horoscope includes twelve signs, with each of them, except for the Nile, associated with a different Egyptian deity. It’s one of the oldest divination systems. It remains essentially unchanged since the ancient Egyptians meticulously watched over its preservation and dared not to alter anything. Each sign represents a series of time intervals separated by the months of the year.

Do you want to discover what your Moon sign is?

Greek horoscope

The Greek zodiac has twelve signs that correspond to ancient Greek mythological beings. It’s thought that your nature will be determined by the God or Goddess who governs your sign. You are therefore represented by the Greek God associated with your zodiac sign.

Why believe in a horoscope?

You don’t have to follow your astrological chart blindly, but there may be some advantages to doing so. A horoscope can help you with soul searching and being more aware of things you do throughout the day. You have a better likelihood of avoiding unpleasant events on a specific day if you consult your horoscope.

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The stars can point your attention to activities that will benefit you in the long run. You can plan your future with the help of the astrology chart. For example, if your horoscope predicts coming into financial luck, you will have more motivation to better your career and achieve your goals, which equals more money. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy!

Which type of horoscope fits you? Take our astrology test free for all and discover the horoscope that matches your personality.

What are the options you can get on this quiz?

Daily horoscope, planetary horoscope, health horoscope, love horoscope, numerology horoscope.

What are the Big Three signs in astrology?

Sun, moon, and rising sign.

What is the Big Six astrology?

Sun, moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury, and rising sign.

What is my Big Three zodiac?

To learn your Big Three signs, you need to know when and where were you born.

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