Am I a Strong Woman? | 100% Honest Answer

Am I a Strong Woman? | 100% Honest Answer

Welcome to another quiz that will help you get to know yourself better. Today we have a topic for women and girls only. Some harmful stereotypes still persist in our social life. That’s why you’ve probably wondered more than once whether you can be strong as a woman. Of course you can! Women are extremely strong and persistent, and they are often underestimated. But do you have the qualities of a strong woman? Today we will find out!

Strong Woman Meaning

What exactly does it mean that you are a strong woman? A lot of people see being strong as a feature of our physical abilities. But strength is not just about the power of our muscles and the ability to lift heavy things. Strong-willed woman meaning something more than that. What really comes in handy these days is mental strength, which consists of many different aspects.


Above all, it is resilience to various inconveniences, something that women excel at, because for centuries we have had to deal with many problems that men do not. Mental strength can also be wrongly perceived as being tough and not showing emotions. However, this is downright weakness, and true strength is emotional maturity, which is better mastered by women. Humans are emotional creatures, it is natural for us to express emotions. If we can control them, we have a truly great power. 

Signs of a strong woman

As we mentioned, true strength is not about physical skills only it is about different mental skills. If you want to know what specific qualities make you a strong horsewoman, you can check out our list. We have listed the most important personality traits and skills that define a strong woman. There are even more than 5 signs of a strong woman. Do you possess these traits? Take our Am I a Strong Woman test and find out how strong a woman you are!

  • Maturity and emotional intelligence.
  • Ability to mitigate and resolve disputes.
  • High self-awareness.
  • Ability to set boundaries.
  • Empathy.
  • Assertiveness.
  • Constant work on oneself.
  • Quick adaptation to change.
  • High self-esteem.

How to be a strong woman

Now let’s look at these qualities and skills, and analyze what exactly they mean. There are more than 6 characteristics of a strong woman, we picked out as many as 9 examples. We already mentioned emotional maturity earlier, but emotional intelligence is also important. Emotionally intelligent people are those who can recognize emotions and their meaning, and know what other people are feeling at any given moment.

 Similar to this is also empathy, which helps us understand other people and sympathize with them. Then we have the ability to resolve disputes and arguments, which comes in handy in relationships. Women can be great mediators. They also often have greater self-awareness, and can more easily recognize the mental processes going on in their mind.

They learn from their mistakes and work to be a better person. Strong women also know what they want and can get it, which means they have high self-esteem, know when to say no and how to set boundaries. So, are you a strong woman? Take our Am I a Strong Woman test and let’s find out!

Girl Power

Feminist groups have long pointed to the power that women have. For hundreds of years, women have bravely fought for their rights and continue to do so, because there are still many problems in this world that we should work on. Over a period of time, slogans such as Girl Power or Girl Boss have developed. However, some feminists argue whether this is the right approach.


Various movies and TV series are now portraying strong female characters more often, but are they doing it in the right way? People continue to have problems with the stereotypes and prejudices they have learned. Therefore, often these strong women are simply women with typical male character traits. They are ruthless, physically strong, aggressive, sometimes even rude and cruel. Are these traits really a reflection of strength, or perhaps a stereotypical male attitude?

The point is that a woman doesn’t have to behave like a guy to be strong. There are typically feminine traits that are underestimated, and they are what define true strength. This is, for example, sensitivity and willingness to help others, empathy and kindness. Such qualities change this world for the better.

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Strong female characters

Movies and TV series have always lacked well-crafted female characters. This was shown, among other things, by the Bechdel Test, which pointed out the difference between the portrayal of male characters in films and the portrayal of female characters.

The Bechdel Test checked whether a given film featured at least two female characters who had names. These women also had to have a certain amount of dialogue and were expected to talk about something other than men and their problems. It doesn’t seem like much, but a lot of films failed the Bechdel Test.

Can you guess which movies have passed the Bechdel Test? Click here and learn more about it!

And while this test isn’t perfect because it doesn’t take into account the context and moral of the film, it did make us realize that we’re not rearranging female characters realistically and correctly. So, which strong female characters are worth considering? Take a peek at our list and see if we got it right.

  • Freda, The Handmaid’s Tale – this series shows how the extreme conservative approach is far from justice and the good life. Freda is the main character and brilliantly portrays female power. In her situation, she won’t achieve much with direct combat, she has to show cunning and attentiveness.
  • Phoebe Buffay, Friends – Phoebe was always considered an odd hippie, but she was also a strong woman who was not afraid to be herself. She didn’t care what other people thought of her. She enjoyed life in her own way, and that showed her true strength.
  • Elle Woods, Legally Blonde – this character is a perfect example of the fact that the stereotypical female character dressed in a pink dress and stilettos is not how other people see her. She is a strong, courageous and smart woman who is not afraid to pursue her goals.
  • Jo March, Little Woman – Although this novel may already have outdated morals, so Jo’s character will always be timeless. Funny and energetic Jo seeks her role in a world where women don’t have much choice. However, she works against all odds and does not give up, and in the process becomes a famous writer.

What do you think of these female characters? Do you think they are strong, or do you know better examples of strong female characters? See if you would be such a character in your movie and take our Am I a Strong Woman test!

Am I a Strong Woman Quiz

Now you know all about the subject and are ready to take our special Am I a Strong Woman quiz. Remember to think about each question and answer according to your intuition. On the other hand, if it turns out that you are not a strong woman, don’t worry! There are many ways to become stronger. Thanks to our test you will know what you can work on, you will become more aware.


Consider this test as a chance to start a new path in your life. Grow, learn from your mistakes, and you will become stronger every day! Also remember that other people’s opinions don’t matter, whether you are strong or not, you are a valuable person who deserves everything good. If you still have any doubts, here are some more questions and answers about our test.

How many questions does this Am I a Strong Woman quiz have?

The quiz contains twenty special questions exploring your feminine strength.

Is this Am I a Strong Woman test exclusively for women?

Yes, this Am I a Strong Woman test is intended for women.

What are the questions in this Am I a Strong Woman test about?

The questions are about your personality traits and various skills.

Am I a strong woman? – Will the test give me a concrete answer to this question?

Yes, the test will measure your strength and give you a clear answer.

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