Am I Spoiled? | 100% Honest Test | For Kids, Teens, And Adults

Am I Spoiled? | 100% Honest Test | For Kids, Teens, And Adults

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Before we start, we must warn you that this test is for brave people only. We are going to discuss the subject of insecurities, narcissism, and nasty behavior which stem from care-free and irresponsible upbringing. But since you are here, this means you are ready to answer the moot question: ‘Am I spoiled?’.

The test may seem intimidating at first but don’t worry. As in our other psychological quizzes, we will go easy on you and try to raise your awareness of inappropriate human behavior. Chances are, it’s not entirely your fault for the way you are. 

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10 Signs That You Are Spoiled

We have good news. Discovering that someone is spoiled is not as difficult as it seems. Because the state of ‘being spoiled’ refers to the set of learned behaviors, we just need to notice that someone is manifesting them. We don’t need to worry about genetic factors or take into account mental disorders. Individuals described as ‘spoiled’ say things and act in a way which indicates narcissistic mindset, a result of one’s upbringing. 

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If our parents or guardians indulge us too much, eager to satisfy all our whims, we may keep our demanding attitude in adolescence and even adulthood. Take a look at the 10 most common signs of ‘spoiled child’ behavior below and see if this applies to you.

1. You Are Not A Giving Person

How often do you give others a helping hand? Are you willing to spend your time and energy to aid those who ask you? If you expect others to assist you but you don’t offer help yourself, this means that you are spoiled. People who want others to care for their needs but don’t give anything in return are narcissistic and self-absorbed. This characteristic can be a result of parents spoiling their offspring too much.

2. You Lack Independence And Assertiveness

Those who manifest ‘spoiled behavior’ don’t like taking action themselves. They prefer if others satisfy their needs and solve their problems. If taking initiative is difficult for you this means your comfort zone is very limited, yet another consequence of living like a king as a child.  

3. You Overreact To Little Inconveniences

Spoiled people hate when things don’t go according to their plans, even if it involves the littlest of detours. While others wouldn’t bother too much, pampered individuals perceive minor inconveniences as a big deal. It is also not uncommon for them to blame others for what they are struggling with. Solution must be provided ASAP.

4. You Don’t Like To Spend Money

If you are used to getting gifts your whole life, spending money yourself can be a challenge. Complaining about bills and flinching when it comes to paying for a doctor visit is a sign of being spoiled.

5. You Often Start Sentences With ‘I Want’ Or ‘I Need’

Another common trait of spoiled individuals is that they put emphasis on their needs and desires. They constantly talk about what they want to do and rarely speak about others. They may interrupt conversation or change a subject to something centered around their desires.

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6. You Easily Give Up

If you are spoiled, your patience is probably very low. Some tasks can be hard and require a lot of time and effort. Spoiled people are more likely to procrastinate or completely give up on something time-consuming. It is more likely they ask someone else to do their duties, or find a short-cut (like cheating on the exam, or lying during a job interview).

7. You Complain All The Time

Inability to cherish little things is also a trait of people displaying spoiled behavior. If someone complains about everything all the time, they probably have unrealistic expectations of how a normal happy day should play out. Irresponsible upbringing can set the boundaries very high which can make some people difficult to please later in life.   

8. You Take Everything For Granted

Demanding attitude is also an important factor to consider. It is characterized by a lack of appreciation in many daily situations. Whether it’s a gift from a friend, high quality service, or a compliment, spoiled individuals are not going to be impressed. It’s just a bare minimum for them, acts that meet their expectations – something they experienced throughout the entire childhood. No thanks are needed, because it’s something other people are supposed to do. 

9. You Are Allergic To Criticism

Mental tenacity and open-mindedness are not a strong suit of pampered people. They think they are always right and don’t commit mistakes. That’s why criticism and any kind of feedback are not welcome by them. Their narrow-mindedness keeps them from improving and trying to do things differently. Even if it would really benefit them, they will stubbornly stick to what is familiar to them. Except when the task is to be done by someone else, then they will eagerly accept the proposition and save time and energy.

10. You Lack Empathy

Last but not least, spoiled individuals are too focused on their own feelings to care about other people’s needs. Just like kids, they have very limited understanding of problems which aren’t theirs. As a result, they don’t make good empaths. 

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Get Ready For The Test

Are you self-absorbed and can’t take ‘no’ for an answer? Solve Am I Spoiled? Quiz and find out if you throw tantrums like a spoiled child. 

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Who Can Solve This Test?

This personality test can be solved by anyone. It is especially helpful for people who want to improve the quality of their relationships, but don’t know where to start. Confirming or ruling out ‘spoiled child’ behavior may benefit your understanding of your attitude.

How Long Does It Take To Solve This Test?

Answering all 20 questions included in Am I Spoiled? Quiz should take you up to 5 minutes.

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