Difficult Person Test

Difficult Person Test

Hello dear friends! This time I am here to help you evaluate if you act like a “difficult person.” Do you hear it often from your friends? Or do you think such a thing about one of them? This quiz has been prepared to solve the doubts. With the 20 questions, you will answer- I will evaluate if the quiz-taker is a difficult one or not.

Before starting the quiz, please read the short introduction I have prepared. It is based on some advice that I give to myself, and my younger sister when we deal with something we cannot handle.

I know that life can be difficult sometimes. Especially when you have a more challenging time at school/ at work/ or at home. That is not easy to wear a smile all day and all night. That is ok to be sad or to be angry. What is not ok is putting your anger on others. The main reason for not doing this is that we do not know what is the person feeling at the time. Maybe, they are also dealing with challenging moments or situations and still try to help us. We cannot be selfish while having problems. That may result in having no one to help us when we finally decide to be kind and appreciate the given help. When you want to overreact toward a person who wants to help you- at first, imagine that they go through exactly the same thing as you do. Imagine how you would feel if someone reacted to your words in the way you wanted to. Would you feel good? Let other people help you. Not only for their satisfaction but also for yourself and your mental health.

What characterizes difficult people is a lack of empathy. As I said above, let’s try to imagine how you would feel in certain situations. That can save many relationships that you have been building for years.

Another piece of advice I could give you is: to open up to new connections. Do not be closed. People seeing that you always sit alone and never talk to others can think that- you do not like them. Even if you are shy, try to at least smile at your colleagues. That might help you find solutions to your problems in the future.

People find the “difficult person” as the one that complains the most. What I do to this is try to find a positive aspect in every situation. Even the smallest bright light can remove all the dark clouds that came to your project/ life/ relationship. Just never give up, and wait, because the good things are bout to come. After every storm, there is a rainbow. Keep that in mind. You can find your way to positive thinking. For some of us, it can be listening to favorite music or reading a book. Just do not show others that you see everything in the dark colors. Did you just start thinking “Why should I act as if everything is ok as it is not? It is their problem if it affects them somehow. ?” That may show that you behave as a difficult person. Difficult people do not care about other people’s feelings. Does not matter if it is motivation to work, opinion about life, or some unimportant details. Just do good, and good will come.

Then, in the end, the thing which I am “difficult” to obey. Having the only right opinion is my biggest problem. I am quite stubborn when it comes to believing other people that they can have good ideas as well. When I imagine things, I want them to go in my way. Anyway, sometimes it is better to give up your ideas for the overall fortune of the team and your mental health. For the people with strong personalities, it is not an easy thing- I know. Unfortunately, or fortunately- life is about compromises. We have just one life just like everyone else. We should not make it more difficult for anyone. We should do our best to not be “difficult” in a world full of “difficult people.” Every time that you are called “difficult,” or you feel like this, come back to this quiz and the introduction. Then, stop for a while, take a deep breath and try to look at things from a different perspective. I guarantee it will work. Do not worry if the quiz says you are a “difficult person.” You still have a chance to do better and to start it all again. I believe in you. We are all difficult sometimes, but it does not matter that we will be like this forever. The quiz is just done to help you, not to make you sad. Solve the quiz and keep fighting for a better future together.

How many questions are there in the quiz?

There are 20 questions in the quiz.

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The quiz is going to tell you if you are a diffcult person.

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