What is your superpower?

What is your superpower?

Hello, my magic friends! Why are you all here today? You must be wondering what is your superpower, right? This quiz has been made to help you understand your superpower. The following questions will let you know if your superpower is reading in mind, hypnosis, invisibility, or killing with kindness. All of us have a superpower. If you still wonder which one is yours- this quiz is for you. You will not find a better way to find the answer. It is never too late to start using your superpower. But remember to use it wisely. They were given to you for some reason.
Why do superpowers exist? If you have seen any Marvel or DC movie- you already know the answer. Every superhero has a superpower. That is because due to the fact, they can help others and save the world from enemies. The same corresponds to you. The superpower that you have is not as impressive as the superpower of Spiderman or Batman. It is better. The first reason for that is that your superpower is real. You wonder how you can use it then. Here I am to help you figure it out.
The first superpower we are talking about is invisibility. Have you ever felt that no one could see you? I am sure you have. You might have felt bad and not important enough to be seen. But, hey- that is nothing sad about it. That is a perfect situation to observe. When you are not in the center of attention, you can see things that were not possible to notice by others. You would be surprised how valuable thing that is. We do not have to take part in every discussion and every drama to be able to help solve the problem. If that is your superpower, you must be a person that is very calm and intelligent. You rather listen than speak. You focus on observations. Try to think about the role of the mediator. You would fit this one.
Another one is killing with kindness. Killing does not sound good. And is a weird combination with “kindness.” But I am sure that you know what I mean by this. Killing with kindness is my dream superpower. The person that has this one has a huge heart- that is for sure. They are the ones that are always ready to help, no matter what. They are open-minded and want to make everyone’s life better. They think about others first. They are best friends. They always take care of their family and friends to make them happy.
Now, hands up, whose of you have never wanted to read someone’s mind. That is what I thought. We always wanted it for some period of our lives. I can say even more. Some of us can read in mind. It is not as straightforward as you can imagine. Let me better explain. If you are not one of these people, I am sure you know someone like this. People reading in mind always know what to say. They are very intelligent in their ability to act in every situation. They can make you feel better because they can imagine how you can feel in a certain situation. I would love to be in a position where I always know what other people want me to say. That would help in many life problems. Do you agree with me?
And now, let’s think about hypnosis. How easy would life be if we were able to hypnotize people? Another dream on our list. But that is possible as well. That can be called “being charismatic.” It corresponds to these, who always convince people of their ideas. These lead people and are ready to take responsibility for the result of their moves. They respect others, but they always know the right thing to do. Then they can make you change your mind with reasonable arguments. People that can hypnotize are very confident and keep their heads up.
These are the possible superpowers you can have. I am sure- one of them is more visible in your personality than the others. As I said, in the beginning- the superpowers are given to us for a reason. The reason is to make our world a better place. Always think about making other people smile. They may need your superpower today. You may need their superpower tomorrow. Otherwise, I will use my superpower to detect this disrespect to power, so I would need to remove it from your skills. Better be careful.
Now, after reading the description of superpowers that you can find out in our quiz. Also, after a kind warning, you are ready to answer the 20 questions we have prepared for you. I hope that you will be happy with the results. Remember that we need them all to exist on Earth.

How many questions are there in the quiz?

There are 20 questions in the quiz.

What can be the result of the quiz?

Killing with kindness, Hypnosis, Invisibility, Reading in mind

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