What should I major in?

What should I major in?

What should I major in? This question arouses anxiety in the heart of every student. After all, it is an important decision to make. However, you do not need to worry – with the quiz we prepared and this little guide below you will find the right path for you in no time. Are you ready to take the future into your own hands?
There are so many majors to choose from, and each university or college program will offer something different. You need to pick a major that your future self will be pleased with. It is not as hard to do as you think. With our guide, you will find yourself on the path to success very quickly. And if you still are going to feel unsure at the end, there will be a quiz waiting for you.
The first step in choosing your major will be understanding what areas you have skills in. For example, if you are a “computer wizard”, perhaps you should consider picking computer science as your major; and if you have a natural talent for debating and proving your point, political science might be right for you.
Do not give up on fields that interest you, but you are not well versed in yet. After all, college is a place to gain knowledge and learn new skills, so you will be able to build up your abilities over time.
Think about the core values in your life. Choosing a major based on something you truly believe in could lead to work that is much more rewarding. If you care about the environment, think about a major that relates to that issue. Remember that college is a time for growth and experimentation, and people’s values mutate and solidify during those years. Your values could change over time.
Considering your interests is also a good option while choosing your major. What could be better than doing something you like and getting paid for it? However, just like your values, your interests can also change as time goes on. Keep that in mind while choosing your field of studies.
Some people do have a passion for something – that special kind of interest that is more than just a fleeting hobby. Perhaps you want to help others. You want to help improve your community. You are interested in finding solutions to problems that plague people. In such a case, considering a major such as social sciences or social work would not be a bad choice.
Picking a major based on your passion is a great option. Of course, as with your interests, passions may be defined later on, even after university is over.
Think about you in 10 or 20 years. Will you be satisfied with the major you picked and the career it lead you to? Will you still enjoy that field? If it seems hard to answer this question, consider something more general. For example, instead of majoring in languages of Eastern Europe, consider the more broad linguistics major.
Picking a major because of your values or passions is great, but you should also think of the practical side. Will it be easy for you to find employment in your chosen field? What will the labor market relating to this area look like after you graduate? Avoid the possible discouragement from employment rejection later on by considering a broader field of study rather than something super niche.
Will this major be around later in your life? We live in an era of unrelenting technological advancement and innovation. Artificial intelligence and automation are already changing the game, and they will continue to do so in the future. You may have responded that it is employable, but will it remain so for decades? It is an important aspect to consider.
Perhaps your future income is not the most important thing to you when choosing your major. But we have to be honest – it does matter, and some fields are simply better paying than others. Nobody wants to struggle financially later in life. If you plan to start a family one day, it is particularly important to keep compensation in mind. You will have to provide for your loved ones in some way, after all.
Picking the right school for you is crucial. While some colleges are held in more high esteem than others, most of them are great in particular areas. The more elite school usually means more leniency offered to students as far as experimenting with majors and fields of study.
Unfortunately, because there isn’t such a strong alumni network or as many professional contacts in each field, there are many more students pursuing career-based majors at less selective schools. Students from elite schools are also more likely to pursue graduate studies, giving them more time to narrow down the major that is right for them.
There is a good thing about more inclusive schools – they usually offer a huge variety of courses and certificates. This way you can try out different fields until you decide to choose the one.
The most important step of all? Give yourself time. It is not the end of the world if you still don’t know what major to choose. Consider taking a gap year to find yourself, traveling the world, or working full time. This can help you put things in perspective.
Do you want some help in finding the right major for you? Take the quiz we prepared for you and discover what major you should take! Good luck in your endeavors!

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