What is your soul color?

What is your soul color?

Hi there and welcome back to the quiz world. Have you ever thought about the color of your soul? You might scoff, but it is true – every soul in the universe has its specific color. Are you ready to find out which one is yours? If the answer is yes, go on and take the quiz below to get your result.
First, though, let me explain: what is the soul color? Soul color is defined as a color that strongly resonates with your soul. Each soul in this world has a color associated with it. Just as humans develop a taste for certain activities, food, and other things, our souls are drawn to certain colors.
As you know, different colors can affect our mood and how we feel. Some colors will soothe and comfort our soul, while others will aggravate it. Different colors have different vibrations and through meditation, we can also sense the vibration of cosmic energy flowing through the body. This energy that flows is linked to the soul’s energy. Hence, if a soul shows a preference for a particular color, that means that it matches itself to this color’s vibration.
Your soul color surrounds you and gives you protection. Its meaning holds the divine purpose that you are meant to fulfill in your life.
Now, how do you determine your soul color? First, close your eyes and think of a color you love. Next, imagine your soul surrounded by light in this color. You should start feeling peace and happiness at this moment. Your body will relax in the light of that color and you will feel one with Universe. You will sense clarity that will remove all worries and doubts. At that moment, you will know your true soul color. Below you will find the meanings of the different soul colors, so read on! See if any of these descriptions remind you of yourself.
Red is the color of blood, love, and passion. It is also associated with raw power, fearlessness, lust, and the burning desire to go out there and do something. People with red soul color are the ones who get things done. They tend to be physically active, agile, and skilled in sports. They love being part of a community and thrive off social interaction. Boredom is their biggest enemy; they are constantly on the go, either on the way to some activity or planning one. They are extraverted, outgoing, and easily excited.
Orange is the color of warmth, joy, and laughter. People with orange soul color are full of life, energy, and vigor, and they enjoy their lives to the fullest. They are friendly, generous, and caring. Oranges have a good sense of humor, love to laugh and joke around, and see the humor in every situation. These people are all about positive vibes. They have kind, gentle hearts and are always willing to help a person in need.
Yellow is the color of the Sun, optimism, happiness, hope, and creativity. People who have the yellow soul color radiate self-confidence and serenity. Their purpose is to bring others clarity, acceptance, and a sense of belonging. The yellows are non-judgmental types who enjoy learning different perspectives and viewpoints. They are brimming with creative ideas and are highly intellectual.
Green is the color linked with Earth, nature, money, abundance, and growth. People with this soul color are compassionate and nurturing. They make great caretakers, mediators, and healers. They are the down-to-earth type, always perfectly balanced, well-adjusted, and at peace. Others keenly go to them for advice, comfort, and to confide in them. The greens are dynamic personalities who get things moving forward.
Blue is the color of the sky and sea. It is associated with depth, stability, trust, and dependability. The people whose soul is blue are loyal, trustworthy, confident, and steady. They love to investigate and are very curious. They enjoy learning new things and gathering precious knowledge. The blues have a way with words, which is why they can make good diplomats. They have logical minds and tend to solve problems analytically.
Purple is the color associated with wisdom, spirituality, imagination, wealth, and sophistication. It was also a color traditionally linked to royalty. People with this soul color are highly spiritual and intuitive. They have great imaginations and are often creative, artistic types. They are very sensitive, compassionate, and loving to all. Purples can read between the lines and see things for what they are, and they read other people well.
Now, are you ready to discover what is the true color of your soul? Do not wait any longer – get down to the question and find out your soul’s color. Pass the quiz link to your friends and let them discover their soul color too!

How many questions are in the quiz?

20 questions

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red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple

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