What hair color should I have?

What hair color should I have?

Hello there! Let me guess: have you been thinking about dyeing your hair recently, but you don’t know what color to choose? These decisions can be hard. You don’t want to end up like Anne Shirley with green hair, after all. Or maybe you do? Consider this little guide we have for you here and the quiz we prepared to help you make this important choice!
Before dyeing your hair, you should think about how committed you are. Do you feel like making a permanent hair color change? Or do you want to leave yourself the option to easily reverse back to the original color? You have a choice between permanent, semi-permanent, and demi-permanent dyes. The semi-permanent dye lasts about eight washes, while demi-permanent dye lasts around twelve to twenty washes. The permanent dye will last from six to eight washes, or until your natural roots start to appear.
Do you plan to dye your hair at home, or visit a hairstylist? A determined individual can do a good job coloring their hair at home, but there are some things you should leave in the hands of a professional.
You will need different kinds of maintenance depending on what are planning to do with your hair – for example, cover your grey hairs or achieve a more rich color. Lightening your hair will require more upkeep and trips to the salon while going darker will be easier.
The golden rule of choosing the right dye is to stay within two shades of your natural color for your first dye. A too light or too dark shade will look harsh on you. You should probably stick to that rule even if you want a really dramatic hair change – it’s best to start with baby steps!
Generally, your hair color should complement your skin undertones. If you have pink, red, yellow, or olive undertones, you will look great in sandy or beach blond, golden blond, amber, scarlet, or auburn brown. Neutral undertones will go with any color, while cool undertones with a hint of blue or violet can rock more edgy shades. These include blue-based ash blond hair color, purple-tinged red hair, baby blond, champagne blond, chocolate brown, or muted copper. Olive skin will look great in beige blond, golden brown, rose gold, copper, mahogany, or chestnut brown.
While modern dyes aren’t quite as damaging for hair anymore, the color can still weaken the strands as it opens up the hair cuticle to pigment. If your hair is already dry and prone to breakage, a drastic color change will worsen its condition. Additionally, someone with a frizzy texture or damaged hair might consider warmer tones so the hair reflects more light and looks healthier since ashy shades aren’t as vibrant.
The porosity and thickness of your hair can also influence how well it absorbs color. Thicker hair takes longer to dye in general. The porosity of your hair, on the contrary, refers to how well it absorbs and retains moisture. For instance, high porosity hair absorbs moisture quickly but does not retain it well. This means that if hair color is not properly applied, it will fade quickly and look uneven.
Think about the hair color you had as a child. It can serve you as an inspiration, as it will show you what color looks the more natural on you. Fun fact: children have the most vibrant hair colors because their hair and skin are full of collagen and other essential proteins which eventually deplete with time and exposure to environmental aggressors. As we get older, our natural hair color turns mostly “flat” in tone.
If you’re having trouble deciding between shades, consider your eye color as well. The right hair color can draw attention to your eyes or make them appear harsh. Blue eyes, for example, look great with ash or silver-blonde hair but can appear muted when paired with deep golden blonde hair.
To simply enhance your natural color, consider using hair glaze or hair gloss. A glaze is a semi-permanent color that coats the hair shaft with shine and lasts for a few washes. It doesn’t change the color at all and is just supposed to add some luster to otherwise dull hair. Hair gloss, on the other hand, penetrates the cuticle of the hair and lasts up to four weeks. It’s mostly used to slightly tweak or enhance your hair color, color-correct hair undertones (like from warm to cool or vice versa), or blend grays.
If you’re not sure what color to dye your hair, these suggestions can help you decide what will look the most natural. Of course, if you want, you can always opt for a fantasy or bold look, like blue or pink or whatever your imagination desires. Remember though, that your undertones still matter while choosing the right shade. Bring plenty of inspiration photos or pictures to your hair stylist, too.
Ready to find the right hair color for you? Take the quiz we have for you and discover your fit! Perhaps you can show your score to the hair stylist?

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