Which Prince are you?

Which Prince are you?

Hello everyone! I think it has been a while since you tried one of my quizzes. But it is high time to get back to the routine of solving quizzes! I have prepared something very special for today. I am taking you to the magic world of Disney. In my opinion, we can divide people into two groups. One of them is “people dreaming of a prince charming,” and the second one- is “being one of the princes charming.” Today we focus on the second one. If you want to make sure which prince you are- this quiz is for you. I have prepared a short introduction that will help you understand better the characters we are talking about. Are you ready for this challenge?

The first prince we need to consider is Eric, from The Little Mermaid. Can I see any 90’s girls here? He was our kindergarten dream, right? I remember acting Ariel at every party to hope that he could hear my voice and falls in love as he did in the fairy tale. But what attracted us that much? Is it the kingdom? Is it his money? I do not think so. These correspond to every prince. What was special about Prince Eric was that he was intelligent but still followed his dreams. He never gave up on real love. He wanted to help Ariel, even not knowing that she was the one he loved. He wanted to travel the world. What he followed was his heart, not stiff rules. Eric is a brave character. He did not hesitate to fight for Ariel and her Family when Ursula wanted to kill them. He is my prince number one to date, but am I acting like him? Am I Prince Eric?

Not really. According to my quiz results, I am more like a Beast from Beauty and the Beast. At first, the result may scare some people. But, while looking deeper, it is one of the best descriptions you can read about yourself. Beast is a strong personality. He tries to convince everyone that his opinion makes sense. He may seem modest, but deep inside, he has got a huge heart. Beast cares about everyone important to him. He would rather die than let others down. He is an individualist. But group work is also well known to him.

Probably all of you want to be this character now, but it is limited to only some of us. We are all different.

Who knows the next Prince I will introduce? Can I hear a name starting with C? Yes- It is Cinderella’s Prince. The person that gets the result knows one thing for sure- he is the best dancer in town. Everyone wants to see your moves, but it is not the most valuable skill that you have got. The most important, in my opinion- is the motivation to keep going. You fight for what you believe. You put a lot of effort to achieve your goals. But the most important you are true to yourself. You get into a relationship only when you think it is possible to bring it to a higher level in the future. That is what romantic souls do. I have much respect for such people.

The last one for our quiz, but not the least one is Prince Alladin. I am sure you all know this character. He is different than all other Princes. What can be seen is a character that is the most animal-friendly person in the galaxy. He acts in a way that people feel magic when he is around. He seems to be a rude boy, but it is only the first thought you have. When people have time to know him better, he is a kind and good person. It is not something we can say about everyone.

Now, you know the descriptions of all prince characters that can be the results of the quiz. As you can see, being a prince is not only ruling the kingdom. It is much more. The real prince needs to think about other people first and make wise decisions. He should give a great example of behavior to other people. I hope that you will like the result that you will receive. You can share it with your friends to see if you are all from the same story. Do not worry if the results do not match. We are all different. The world needs all the princes that we are. What you should remember is: that there is a prince in all of us. Some of them are just a bit more hidden. Maybe you can help someone with finding it today? Enjoy your quiz time and come back for more soon. Have a great time and good luck!

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There are 20 questions in the quiz.

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Eric, Prince Charming, Beast, Alladin

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