Creepypasta Quiz | Free & Honest Quiz

Creepypasta Quiz | Free & Honest Quiz

There’s nothing more fun than browsing through some spooky creepypastas! Are you a fan of scary stories? Can you recall all of the best creepypastas from the heart? Take our creepypasta quiz and find out which creepypasta are you.

What is a creepypasta?

Creepypasta is a short, horror-related story that circulates on the Internet. The name is a mix of two words: “creepy” and “copypasta” – a block of text passed around on the web.

Creepypastas are purely fictional stories. However, they are written to unsettle and scare the readers, and if you suspend disbelief enough, you could believe these stories actually happened. They’re similar in that regard to urban legends. The only difference is that creepypastas are created primarily for entertainment, whereas urban legends frequently have a moral or a warning.

What is the oldest creepypasta?

Ted the Caver is most likely the oldest creepypasta. It’s a blog post series written by a man named Ted to document his and his friends’ adventures while exploring a local cave. While moving through the cave, they encounter strange hieroglyphics, odd wind, and terrifying screams.

In the final blog post, Ted writes about the group’s hallucinations and nightmares during their last visit to the cave. He also claims they intend to return to the cave one last time, armed with a gun and a knife. After that post, the reports abruptly end. There were no more updates to the website.

An independent filmmaker adapted Ted the Caver’s creepypasta into a film in 2013. It was titled “Living Dark: Ted the Caver’s Story.”

The most famous creepypastas


The Slenderman is a tall, lanky humanoid with no face. He also wears a suit. The majority of his stories involve him stalking and killing young people who go out into the forest to look for him.

The Slenderman first appeared as a creation in the Something Awful Photoshop competition. Later he appeared in many games, films, and short stories. To this day, the Slenderman is one of the most recognizable creepypastas.

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Jeff the Killer

Jeff the Killer is thought by many to be the scariest copypasta ever. Jeff is a dangerous serial killer who slips into people’s houses at night and whispers “go to sleep” to them before he kills them.

There are several different stories suggesting his origin story and motives. The most notable one claims that Jeff was disfigured after being set on fire by his bullies, which led him to lose his sanity and murder his parents.

Jeff the Killer creepypasta is usually accompanied by an infamous picture of a white face with a sinister, Joker-like smile.

Ben Drowned

Ben Drowned is a famous creepypasta series about a student who stumbles upon a suspicious copy of the game “Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.” He discovers the previous owner’s save file named “Ben.”

While playing, the new owner discovered that the game was haunted by Ben, the old owner, who died by drowning. Ben stalked the player through the game to eventually make his escape to the Internet.

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Russian Sleep Experiment

The Russian Sleep Experiment creepypasta deeply unsettled many web users. It’s a story about a scientific experiment from the Soviet times. A group of five prisoners was locked in a sealed-off room filled with gas that prevented sleep. During World War II, these prisoners were labeled as enemies of the state.

Horrifyingly, the gas caused the prisoners to become violent, rip out and eat their own flesh, with some of them somehow staying alive throughout the ordeal. In the end, one of the researchers shoots the last prisoner still living, who chokes out “So nearly free” before dying.

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Siren Head

Siren Head is a hostile monster with sirens in place of the head, created by the artist Trevor Henderson. He’s able to emit various noises like sirens or human voices. The sounds he makes are so loud that they can damage hearing. Siren Head can imitate the voices of his previous victims to entice his prey. He’s made his appearance in multiple video games.

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Can creepypastas be harmful?

Creepypastas are simply fictional stories on the Internet. Can they be harmful? Some people can go beyond a little spook and take things too far. Grown-ups are less likely to believe a creepypasta, but kids are different. For a young, impressionable mind, a scary story can be too much to handle. Children who indulge in creepypastas can develop anxiety and paranoia.

Sometimes a made-up scary story might cause real-life hurt. In 2014, two girls stabbed their friend, claiming they wanted to appease Slenderman. The young girl, thankfully, survived her ordeal, but this story could’ve ended way worse.

Young minds need to remember that all these stories aren’t real and should only be used for a harmless bit of fun.

Are you spooked? Let’s discover which creepypasta you are. Take our creepypasta quiz and get your creeps on!

What kind of creepypasta can you be on this creepypasta quiz?

Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, Russian Sleep Experiment, Ben Drowned, Siren Head.

What was the first creepypasta ever?

Most people believe the first creepypasta was Ted the Caver story.

Who created Jeff the Killer creepypasta?

The original creator of the pasta is DeviantArt user Sessuer.

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