Are You A Player Or A Hopeless Romantic? | Free & Honest Quiz

Are You A Player Or A Hopeless Romantic? | Free & Honest Quiz

What is your approach to love and relationships? Are you a romantic who believes in true love? Or for you, is love just fun? W have a self test if you If you haven’t discovered it yet. We will try to match you the best result. You have to know your needs. Especially when it comes to love! So….Are You A Player Or A Hopeless Romantic?

Player Meaning

Let’s start with terms. Who is a player? What does it mean? A player is a person who  sees no need to be in a relationship. For such people, love is not a fairy tale. They sometimes believe in true love. But it is not their main value. Relationships with people are fun for them, an experience that life gives them. Many people may not understand their attitude. In books and movies, love is always portrayed as an unusual and deep feeling, and the couple is together for the rest of their lives.

The narrative is that everyone wants this kind of love. But it not actually the true. Some people have different values in life. Players feel best as singles. That’s why this narrative doesn’t fit them. Players may enjoy relationships with people, but these relationships work on completely individual rules. Each player may have a completely different approach to it. But many of them are aromantic people. Have you ever heard about aromanticism?

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Aromanticism is a type of romantic orientation, whose very name indicates a lack of interest in forming romantic relationships. Aromantic people feel no (or little) romantic attraction to other people. Aromanticism is usually spoken of in the context of asexual orientation, but yes, romantic orientation applies to people of all sexual identities. Most people think wrongly that aromantic people do not have sex. Or that they are unable to have relationships with others.

Many issues regarding aromanticism need to be clarified and understood. Aromantic people are interested in other people in a sexual context. But love for them is not a deep feeling. They do not feel the need to experience love, emotional bonding and deep connection. They may feel aversion to romantic gestures. Love may be indifferent to them.

Such people are more focused on themselves in life and their goals. In contrast, relationships are based on attraction and sexual needs. Aromanticism is a new term. We need more studies on this topic. Many people do not understand and accept aromantic people. They are considered shallow and selfish. But aromantic people simply have different needs.

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However, there are also some players who are not aromantic. They accept romantic gestures, like to flirt and have fun. But they do not want to get involved in relationships, marriages and other serious concerns. They want to live as singles. Life in a relationship is not for them.

So it is worth knowing your needs in this regard. The pressure to find a partner and be in a relationship is high. Society tells us that everyone should strive to start a family. But not everyone wants that in life. And not everyone is suited to it. People are so various and individual that you can’t expect the same from every person.

Hopeless Romantic Meaning

We also have people who are very romantic. The love is the most important thing in their life. They don’t like shallow relationships that cause nothing. What matters to them is emotional connection, attachment, romantic gestures, deep bonding, romantic relationships. They can sacrifice a lot for the very idea of love. It is the dreamers and idealists who are driven by higher values.

Many of them dream of meeting that true love, getting married and living together for life. It is to them that all romantic films are directed. They see the meaning in them. Such people have specific rules when it comes to relationships. They want something permanent and qualitative. Short-term relationships or one-night adventures are not for them. They want to devote time to someone with whom they feel an emotional connection.

And the relationship has to have a goal for them and be fueled by love. Players value most the excitement and experience itself. The first stage of a relationship, which consists of passion. For hopeless romantics, the most important thing is intimacy. It is the later stage of a relationship.  That’s why romantic people put more effort into their relationships.

They are also more often monogamous. On the other hand players more often are polyamorous. Are you the player or a hopeless romantic? Perhaps you don’t succumb to social norms and prefer to live like a player? Or perhaps a traditional romantic of you? Take our Are You A Hopeless Romantic Quiz!

Are you a relationship material? If you have doubts better check out these signs that you are not want to be in a relationship. Maybe being in a relationship is just not for you.


Movies about relationships

Most films are it this romantic and beautiful love. But there are also some films that deal with more complicated relationships. In order to give you more reasons to think about it, we have prepared some film items that you must watch. It will definitely be valuable and useful for you.

•              500 Days of Summer – This film is not a film about love and the filmmakers point it out right at the beginning of the film. It is the story of an unusual relationship between Tom and Summer. Tom is definitely a hopeless romantic. He believes in true love and he falls in love easily. Summer is completely different. Her parents divorced, so she stopped believing in love. Because of these different attitudes, their relationship becomes very complicated. Remember that the film is viewed from Tom’s perspective. Try to think about the Summers perspective too.

•              Blue Valentine – this film also shows us the fate of a couple – Dean and Cindy – in an unusual way. Dean is a romantic who wants to meet a woman someday and start a family. Cindy has no plans yet. She has had many partners in her life. She doesn’t think about change until she meets Dean. However, a certain situation causes these two to get married, which has its later consequences. Small spoiler – Cindy is a player.

•              Vicky Cristina Barcelona – this film shows relationships in a bold way. Two American women go on vacation to Spain. There they meet a handsome Spaniard, with whom they both fall in love. Vicky has a traditional approach to relationships. Cristina quite the opposite. However, Juan made them both break their rules of love.


Have you seen these movies?  Love is not always perfect. The happy ending is not the only ending in real life. It is a very complicated feeling, which can mean something completely different for each person. And what is love for you? We will find out when you take our self test. So…Are you a player or a hopeless romantic? Take our Are You A Romantic Or A Realist Quiz!

Are You A Player Or A Hopeless Romantic?

You can take our special test now. Our test will give you a concrete answer – are you a player or a hopeless romantic? There is a different relationship style for each of these types. Players prefer more casual relationships. For them, a relationship may not be the main part of their life. Hopeless romantics, on the other hand, think only about relationships and love. Which side do you stand on?

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