Gender Identity Test | 100% Honest Results | 20 Factors To Consider

Gender Identity Test | 100% Honest Results | 20 Factors To Consider

Hello everyone! It’s nice that you dropped by! We have just prepared something for you that will make your day brighter. No matter what gender you are identifying with, we welcome everybody to solve our quiz. The website you just visited is LGBTQ+ friendly place where we treat each and every person equally.

The topic we are going to discuss today is gender identity. If you are looking for some answers related to your gender, stay tuned! 

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Gender Identity Test – Introduction

Our Gender Identity Test is a great start to delve into the complex subject of genders. If you are puzzled and the concept of gender identity makes your head spin, this is where you can find some useful information about these topics. 

The main aim of the quiz we prepared for you, is to tell you which gender you identify with the most. We take into account 20 different factors which allow us to narrow it down to one gender, that suits you the most. Unfortunately, we are not able to cover all genders that people identify with today. There are many less common genders that some people find the most suitable. It’s a daunting task to create a quiz that will take into account all of them. We hope you understand and appreciate our efforts to help those who want to expand their knowledge of gender identity.

Here is a quiz for females too! If you have feelings toward other women our Lesbian Test will confirm it. 

The genders we are discussing in the Gender Identity Test include male, female, transgender, and non-binary. If you would like to learn more about the rest of genders, stay frosty! There are more quizzes to come, sooner or later we will also cover other less common genders! 

If you wish to better understand the concept of gender and its history, keep on reading! There is a lot of exciting things we are discussing in the next part of the article. If you have LGBTQ+ friends that also explore this subject, make sure to send them the link!

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What Is Gender?

There are many various interpretations of the term ‘gender’ and ‘gender identity’. The subject is vast in scope and is expanding even as we speak. The most popular definition that is widely accepted tells us that gender identity is a sense of one’s own gender. The way someone experiences their gender is their identity. This means that it can be different from what their physical features indicate. Gender identity is not limited to one’s biological anatomy; the most crucial part of it is one ‘s sense, feeling, and awareness. 

Gender Vs Anatomy

Various studies have already proven that lack of gender identity is bad for mental health. Those who found gender identity that suits them, improved their mood and overall quality of life. Not knowing who someone is can put a great strain on one’s mind.  

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You may be a biological male but don’t associate with this gender. You may feel that the gender you were associated with at birth is just not it. Something is not right, it just doesn’t work for you. You are not feeling comfortable and start looking for answers. And this is where the gender studies come in handy, offering you answers you need.

Trying to forcefully identify with a gender that your appearance suggests, may just never work. Even worse, if you are pressured to do that by your family or peers. We understand how difficult it may be, to develop a mindset that is flawed and contradicts your inner feelings and hunches.


The subject of gender identity remains an open-book case. Where it will lead us we are certainly going to see rather sooner sooner or later. It is a quickly evolving and expanding realm of psychology which aims to bring solace to those who seek their true gender identity.

Gender studies wouldn’t develop so fast, if not for our human desire to be at peace with oneself. Identity is an important part of our lives and this is what fuels and inspires us to expand this subject.

We hope that you enjoyed our article and will also have fun solving the quiz! There is much to learn but we hope that it sheds some light on these complex and sometimes confusing problems.

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Gender Identity Test – 4 Possible Results 

Are you trying to learn which gender you identify with the most? You came to the right place! Our reliable Gender Identity Test will reveal this to you!

Do you consider yourself a mature person? Maybe you are more immature than you would like to admit? This reliable test will reveal this to you!

What Results I Can Get On Gender Identity Test?

Depending on how you respond to the questions, you can get one of the four results: Female, Male, Transgender, or Non-binary.

Is This Test Reliable?

We do what we can to help you understand what gender suits you the most. Our quiz is short but concise, we don’t want to use a lot of your free time. It may give you pointers and clues about your true gender identity and inspire you to expand your knowledge even further. We hope that one way or another it will prove useful to you!

What Are Other Genders People Identify With?

There are quite a number of different terms people use as their gender. They include cisgender, cishet, intersex, gender-fluid, genderqueer, gender non-nonforming, agender, gendervoid, bigender, omnigender, pangender, and more. As you can see, the subject of gender identity is vast in scope.

What LGBTQ+ Stands For?

It is short for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer. The ‘+’ stands for other genders that are not included in the initialism. The term has been used since the 1990s and is widely accepted in today’s language.

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