Are You a Pick Me Girl | This 100% Accurate Quiz Reveals It

Are You a Pick Me Girl | This 100% Accurate Quiz Reveals It

Welcome back! Today we have another interesting quiz. And again exclusively for girls. Have you ever encountered the expression pick me girl? This trend on Tiktok and other social media has been around for a long time.

But you may not have encountered the phrase yet, or you may not fully understand its meaning. Either way, here you will learn all about being a pick me girl and you can take the test and see if you are one yourself. It’s definitely worth it to have this awareness, because being a pick me girl is detrimental to both you and a whole group of girls. But let’s start from the beginning.

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Pick Me Girl Meaning Examples

So what does it actually mean if a girl is a pick me? The name itself indicates that she is a person who wants to be picked and noticed. But by whom and why? So pick me girls are girls who crave the attention of boys very much. They want to draw attention to themselves, to show off in front of the opposite sex and to please them. Any girl who is attracted to boys would like to be liked by them.

But pick me girls go so far as to behave badly and perpetuate harmful stereotypes for that attention from boys. They often demean other girls, pretend to be someone they are not and approve of guys’ inappropriate behavior. That’s why it’s not worth being a pick me girl and it’s good to recognize such motives in yourself.


If you turn out to be a pick me, don’t worry. Practically every girl goes through this phase, but it’s really a good idea to end it as soon as possible. It will be better for you and for others, keep reading and you will find out why.

Signs you are a Pick Me Girl

What is the easiest way to recognize pick me behavior? Sometimes this can cause some problems. It all depends on the situation and the context. The best evidence is the motives of the girl in question, but often she herself does not know what she is driven by, she does not have such a developed self-awareness. But certain behaviors and traits are worth analyzing. See our list and consider if you manifest any signs of being a pick me girl. Then take our test to confirm it.

10 Signs of a Pick Me Girl examples:

  • She prefers to deal with guys because they are not as dramatic as girls.
  • She thinks she is better than other girls.
  • She thinks most girls are stupid and hollow.
  • She thinks a girl who exposes her body disrespects herself.
  • She doesn’t wear makeup and flaunts it.
  • She doesn’t like to dress up and flaunts it.
  • She thinks typically girly things are inferior to typically boyish things.
  • She often humiliates and embarrasses other girls to gain attention.
  • She often acts infantile when boys are around.
  • She forgives, ignores or approves of guys’ misbehavior.

These are the main behaviors and motives of the pick me girl. Above all, she cares about the approval of guys, and treats other girls as rivals. She is also fixated on harmful prejudices and stereotypes that would also hurt her as a girl, but she sees herself as different.


Pick me girl really wants to be the typical cool girl that guys want to hang out with. She often tries to act like them to show that she is one of them. However, being a pick me girl doesn’t work at all, which is what every pick me girl later has to face. Why do girls become pick me girls and why does it ultimately not work out anyway? Read on to find out more and take our test at the end!

Causes of Pick Me Girl

What is behind the pick me girl behavior is primarily internalized misogyny. Our society is not perfect, and from childhood it teaches us various harmful patterns that we only realize when we grow up a bit. Among other things, a very common problem is how women are treated and perceived.

Even as children we may hear various phrases like “Boys will be boys,” which justifies inappropriate behavior by boys, or that you do something “Like a girl,” meaning worse, which on reflection means that boys do everything better.

Growing up in such an environment later we may adopt attitudes like pick me girl. Girls, hearing from childhood that girls are weaker, inferior and dumber, want to show that they do not belong to this group of girls. They want to feel accepted and valuable, like any human being.


 In addition, girls are also instilled with the idea that male attention is important. We tell girls that they should be polite, nice, modest, otherwise they won’t find a husband. Male perception is imposed in various ways. And that’s why such a phenomenon as pick me girl was created.

Low self-esteem and fear of rejection are also a predisposition. Girls are simply trying to fit into the standards of a society that is not favorable to them from the start. That’s why it’s also worthwhile to be understanding, because it’s not entirely the fault of these girls, but the fault of the harmful system we live in.

Consequences of being a Pick Me Girl

You already know what being a pick me means and why some girls become that way. Now we will focus on what the consequences of such behavior are. Girls primarily crave the attentions of boys, who also exhibit misogyny. This kind of guys, despite all these pick me behaviors that serve to please them, continue to treat pick me girls unfairly.

Such guys see all girls as inferior, weaker, and have harmful beliefs about women. With such views, it is impossible to realistically like any girl, so pick me girls experience disrespect in various ways anyway. Boys are often insincere to pick me girls and take advantage of their attraction just to have some benefit from it. They don’t treat girls as equals, so even if a girl is different from all girls, she still ultimately loses out to the male gender.


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 In addition, pick me girls themselves uphold the harmful beliefs of these boys and show them that even if they behave inappropriately, they deserve the approval of girls. This is therefore doubly harmful. It is better to realize if we behave in a pick me way and only seek attention in a healthy way and from people who deserve it.

Not everything is a sign of a Pick Me Girl

Keep in mind that not all similar behavior immediately means being a pick me girl. Very often this phrase is thrown around hastily and accusatorially, so it often loses its meaning. You need to be able to sense the context of the situation and the person’s intentions. For example, pick me girls often dress in a non-girly way, wear oversized hoodies, pants, don’t wear makeup, don’t bother with hairstyles.

However, not every girl who does not have this approach to appearance is immediately a pick me girl. Some girls just sometimes prefer to dress comfortably. When they use their appearance as a reason to shame girls who prefer to dress more girly, then that indicates pick me behavior.

A girl who accepts and respects other girls’ choices is not a pick me. Likewise when it comes to other things too, such as interests in typically boyish hobbies, If a girl doesn’t hurt or insult anyone’s individual choices, then there’s nothing pick me about it.

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Now you know everything and can take our quiz. If it is not enough for you, take also other quizzes like Are You A Pick Me Girl quiz buzzfeed that you can find online. And what is a pick me boy? Maybe we should make a quiz about it too?

How many questions does this Pick-Me Girl Quiz have?

Our quiz has twenty special and unique questions.

Is this Pick-Me Girl Quiz accurate?

Yes, the quiz accurately measures your behaviors, opinions and character traits.

What if I turn out to be a Pick Me Girl?

Don’t worry, just being aware of this problem helps change our behavior quickly.

What causes girls to behave in a Pick-Me way?

First of all, it is internalized misogyny. You can find out more in the article above.

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