Am I Addicted to My Phone? | Instant Results

Am I Addicted to My Phone? | Instant Results

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? We have prepared especially for you another useful quiz. Today you can find out if you spend too much time on your phone. Nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone, which replaces many other devices. So how can we tell if we are addicted to it? We have gathered all the important information and phone addiction facts for you! And remember to take our Am I Addicted to My Phone quiz!

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Phone addiction

As we mentioned, it’s hard to do without a phone these days. During work and even school we need it a lot, we can call someone at any time, or check some information. On the other hand, in our free time we use it for all kinds of entertainment, playing games, watching TV series, writing with friends. Smartphones have so many options that we like to use.


But when is smartphone use too much? The problem occurs when we sacrifice other activities we used to enjoy and replace them with the phone. If we start impulsively pulling out our phone even when we’re having fun, it could indicate an addiction.

Try to notice how often you are on your phone. Is it the first and last thing you do during the day? Could you survive one day without your phone? If you already notice a problem here, you’d better take our Am I Addicted to My Phone test and find out if you are addicted to your phone.

Phone addiction signs

We already know that phone addiction can be when we neglect some activity in favor of being on the phone and spend too much time on it. But let’s approach it in even more detail. What exactly does phone addiction look like? We’ll give you the main signs of addiction to think about. Also remember to take our special Am I Addicted to My Phone test that detects phone addiction with accuracy.

  • You use your phone most hours of the day.
  • You choose your phone over previously favorite activities and hobbies.
  • You neglect your responsibilities because you are on your phone.
  • People start paying attention to you that you are constantly on your phone.
  • You sit on your phone even when you are in good company.
  • When you don’t have your phone nearby, you feel anxious.
  • You impulsively reach for your phone even when you don’t want to check anything in particular.
  • When you start having problems in some part of your life because of it, and you can’t stop yourself from doing it anyway.

Phone addiction symptoms

We broke the phone addiction into parts and got this result. So too much time on the phone means when most of the hours of the day are spent on it, which is about more than 8 hours (because we assume that 8 hours at night are devoted to sleep). But even above 5 hours is definitely a lot. Anyway, the problem is especially when you don’t control how many hours you spend on it and can’t devote less time to it.

 Then we have the problem that sitting on the phone makes you neglect a lot of activities, relationships and responsibilities. This is when you stop doing important things that you used to do to the best of your ability, for example, you don’t do homework anymore, you don’t have any clean clothes to put on because you didn’t do the laundry, etc.

It also applies to hobbies and interests that you have abandoned because the phone is an easier distraction. This problem is also when the phone affects your relationships with other people, you no longer have time for them, you don’t listen to them because you’re on your phone, and you generally spoil your relationships because of it.

 And the most important aspect of this disorder – anxiety and lack of comfort. When every time you take a break from your phone you feel a strange anxiety, then we are definitely dealing with an addiction. So are you addicted to your smartphone? Check this out with our Am I Addicted to My Phone Test.

How to stop phone addiction?

If you suspect a phone addiction in yourself, take our Am I Addicted to My Phone test. Don’t be afraid if the result comes out that you are addicted. It’s worth becoming aware of the problem as soon as possible, because then you can start fighting it. We have a lot of useful advice for you. So how to overcome phone addiction? First of all, limit its use, but in the right way.

 Do not give up the phone completely, because then it will be very difficult for you and you may give up. The best thing to do is to start organizing each day and designate a time when you use your phone. Plan your day so that you have time for everything – responsibilities, hobbies, friends and your phone.

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 At first, you can lower the number of hours on the phone a little and constantly reduce it over time – this is the best way. If you don’t trust yourself, ask someone you trust to help you and hold your phone during hours not meant for it. By doing so, you will definitely succeed in reducing your phone usage.

Things to do instead of being on your phone

On the other hand, to reduce the feeling of anxiety in you when you are not using the phone, it is worth focusing on activities that will reduce this anxiety. We have some examples for you, you can choose what suits you. Relaxation exercises such as yoga or meditation are highly recommended.

But if you don’t like it, you can just listen to music (but on the radio or on your laptop, not on your phone!), and preferably turn on music to play in the background and do something extra, such as painting, drawing, cleaning, solving sudoku, crossword puzzles. There are plenty of things you can do on your own, choose something that makes your time pass nicely.


Sports are also advisable, as exercise makes your body secrete happy hormones. Also spend more time with loved ones, family, friends, girlfriend or boyfriend. Focus only on them, try to just talk to each other and spend time without phones. They should support you when they find out about your resolution.

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On the other hand, if all this overwhelms you and you can’t cope with it, get help from a specialist. Therapists can solve many of our problems!

Am I Addicted to My Phone Quiz

Now you’re ready to take our Am I Addicted to My Phone quiz. As you can see, you have nothing to fear if it turns out you might be an addict. You already know how to deal with it. On the other hand, even if you’re not addicted, but you’re also not happy with how much time you spend on your phone, you can also try to limit that time according to our ways.


There are some psychological effects of cell phone addiction. So restricting the phone, after all, has many advantages. We then focus more on living in the here and now, so we are able to experience and appreciate our lives more. And our well-being and mental health should be our top priority! Therefore, take care of it today! Enjoy life as much as you can!

How many questions does this Am I Addicted to My Phone quiz have?

This Am I Addicted to My Phone quiz has twenty special, addiction-testing questions.

Is this Am I Addicted to My Phone quiz for adults only?

No, this quiz is suitable for people of all age groups.

Will this Am I Addicted to My Phone quiz give me a straight answer?

Yes, the quiz will tell you straightforwardly whether you are addicted to your phone.

Will this Am I Addicted to My Phone quiz tell me how to stop my addiction?

For advice on this, see the article above.

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