What Season Am I? | Finding your Type

What Season Am I? | Finding your Type

Each season comes with different blessings. Winter brings you the serenity, purity, and coziness of snowfall. Spring gives us the first hopeful ray of sunshine that will warm us to the bone on hot, lazy, shameless summer days. Autumn is the season of gloom and falling leaves and the symbol of the yearly cycle ending and starting anew.

Many people also associate seasons with particular personality traits. Spring people are optimistic, lively, and eager for new experiences. If you’re a summer, you’re sophisticated, laid-back, and expressive. Autumn’s traits include being intelligent, passionate, and nature-oriented. Winter people are self-assured, compelling, and assertive.


Are you asking yourself: “what season am I?” Our quiz analyzes 20 factors to find the season that resembles your personality the most. What season am I? All you have to do to find out is to take our test.

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What season am I?

If the seasons were people, what season am I? Your favorite season might be the key to this riddle. One study discovered the season you prefer could reveal a lot about your personality. For example, spring in some parts of the world manifests as longer days and warmer temperatures. It’s the beginning of something new. People who like spring the most might be full of fresh ideas and crave new experiences.

What season am I? Discover which of the seasonal personalities you are.

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Spring is the time of rebirth and everything coming back to life after long, dark winter days. Spring people are full of energy, optimism, and curiosity. They are excited by everything new and can find pleasure in seemingly insignificant things.

Their charisma, cheerfulness, and light-hearted attitude make it easy to make friends (which they probably have a lot of). They are bubbly, expressive, and approachable. Spring’s lively and upbeat nature fills every room they’re in with light.

If you are like spring, you dislike stagnation. The goal is always to grow, move forward, and learn new things. Having multiple projects going on at once is typical for spring people. They inspire others and make the hard work look effortless.



Summer people have a lot of energy, but it’s less bubbly and vigorous than spring personalities. They are laid-back, relaxed, and mindful. Summers don’t see the reason to hurry through life. They know that good decisions take time and a rational approach. Their confidence, composure, and wittiness still allow them to achieve their goals.

Do you know which season fits your personality?

Among other people, summers ooze sophistication and elegance. Their friends appreciate their dry sense of humor and clever mind. They are usually sincere and honest, but they are careful not to offend other people’s feelings. Summer-minded individuals face every situation with grace and class.



Autumn is a time of the year conducive to pondering and reflection. Autumn folks tend to be thoughtful with a rich inner world. If you are autumn-minded, you might often find yourself hidden deep inside your thoughts. You like to create a place where you can feel comfortable and where it’s nice to be alone.

Autumn people like to look for reasoning and meaning. They wish to challenge themselves in order to find their true destiny. Autumn personalities approach things that interest them with scrupulousness, wanting to get to the bottom of the matter.

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Don’t mistake autumn people for dull and subdued due to their earthy associations. They are vibrant and passionate, sometimes with a penchant for theatrics. They tend to be drawn to nature and are often environmentally conscious.



Everything comes to a halt, shuts down, and hibernates during the winter. Winter landscapes are often striking and dramatic, as are winter personalities. They are bold, self-assured, and don’t care much about other people’s opinions. Hardships do not phase winter folks – they know how to come out on top.

Is it possible you have seasonal affective disorder?

Winter nature tends to be single-minded. These people pursue their goals with determination and build their lives around them. Not much can deter them from their path or change their mind. They are usually very efficient and accurate in everything they do.

Winter people are often restrained and pragmatic in their feelings. They pick their soulmates carefully and open their hearts slowly. If they decide to commit to a relationship, the fire burning in their souls will warm their partner.

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How to discover your season?

What season am I, you wonder. Perhaps our write-up made you identify with one season over the others. If you’re hesitant to decide, we have a quiz for you. We will calculate your answers to find the season of your personality.

What season am I? You will get a 100% honest answer with our quiz. Take the test and discover your match!

What season am I?

Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn.

What is the Spring personality?

Spring personalities tend to be energetic, optimistic, and bubbly.

What is the Summer personality?

Summer personalities are laid-back, relaxed, and mindful.

What is the Winter personality?

Winter people are dramatic, bold, and assertive.

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