What Is HPV? | Everything You Need to Know | HPV Knowledge Test

What Is HPV? | Everything You Need to Know | HPV Knowledge Test

What is HPV? What are the symptoms of HPV in men and women? Is HPV dangerous? What is the risk of contracting HPV? You will find all the information you need in today’s article. Finally, you can take a knowledge What Is HPV Test to make sure you know how to protect yourself against HPV. Be safe and learn more about HPV today!

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What is HPV?

The name HPV stands for human papillomavirus. To date, more than a hundred types of this virus have been recognised. Usually, the virus manifests itself through skin problems in the genital area. HPV is the most common sexually transmitted disease. Up to 80 per cent of sexually active people are infected with this virus at least once in their lifetime. How do you recognise an HPV infection? Here are the symptoms that are better not to ignore:

  • warts on the body in the genital area
  • genital bleeding
  • chronic inflammation of the reproductive organs

However, it is important to remember that HPV can take an asymptomatic form. In such cases, we do not see any changes on the skin or other worrying symptoms. Such an asymptomatic state can persist even for years, so when you are sexually active, it is a good idea to regularly test for HPV. We have What Is HPV Knowledge Test but it is not the same.


HPV – men and women

HPV can take on slightly different symptoms and cause different effects depending on gender. The differences depend on the fact that men and women have different reproductive organs, so a different way HPV can affect their bodies. Especially if we have a weak immune system, the virus may not be overcome by the body on its own and then causes a high risk of other dangerous diseases.

HPV women

What are the symptoms of hpv in females? What causes hpv in females? HPV for women can be extremely dangerous, as its chronic occurrence can lead to cervical cancer, as well as vulvar and vaginal cancer. Symptoms that can signal cervical cancer are mainly abnormal reproductive tract bleeding, lower abdominal pain during urination and during sexual intercourse, bleeding after intercourse, abnormal discharge and pelvic pain. If you have noticed any worrying symptoms in yourself, it is essential to seek medical advice.

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HPV men

HPV for men is equally dangerous, as chronic infection leads to penile cancer as well as anal cancer. Symptoms of penile cancer that should not be ignored are induration on the penis, or erythema, bleeding or inappropriate discharge from the penis, burning in the urethra, difficulty urinating. If you have noticed worrying symptoms in yourself, see your doctor as soon as possible. For serious illnesses such as cancer, the time to start treatment is significant.


HPV can also cause throat cancer in both sexes. Throat cancer can manifest itself like a common throat infection or cold – cough, sore throat, discharge. However, there may also be a feeling of a foreign body in the throat, a change in tone of voice, bad breath, pale skin, a feeling of fatigue. Remember not to ignore worrying symptoms! Take our What Is HPV Knowledge Test.

How can you get infected with HPV?

How is hpv transmitted? HPV can be contracted primarily through sexual intercourse of any kind. Vaginal, anal and oral sex with an infected person is the most common cause. Sexually active people who frequently change sexual partners and do not use adequate condom protection may be at risk of HPV infection.

However, this virus can also be contracted through non-sexual means. The virus is transmitted through contact with the saliva or blood of an infected person. It is also possible to contract the virus during childbirth, or even during an ordinary visit to the hairdresser’s, swimming pool, sauna or tattoo studio. So be careful! Take our What Is HPV Knowledge Test.

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Does HPV always cause cancer?


HPV significantly increases the risk of cancer of various types, but this does not always occur. There are more than a hundred types of HPV and some types are less dangerous. Also, early diagnosis of HPV can save us from cancer, as only chronic HPV infection states lead to serious consequences.

However, we can be infected with HPV for years and not have any symptoms, which is why frequent HPV testing is so important, especially if we are in a risk group. People who have an active and unsafe sex life and have low immunity are more at risk.

HPV treatment

Unfortunately, no single, effective drug has been invented to combat HPV. Treatment usually consists of combating the sequelae that HPV causes and protecting against cancer. The best way to fight HPV is prevention, which is why it is so important to know about it. It is advisable to lead a healthy lifestyle, maintain hygiene and have a safe sex life.


The HPV vaccine is also an effective way, and both men and women can be vaccinated. It is best to get this vaccination before you start having sex, but it is never too late to start protecting yourself against HPV. There are currently three vaccines available that protect against different types of HPV. Now you can take our What Is HPV Knowledge Test.

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Is it possible to live normally with HPV?

Most sexually active people become infected with HPV at some stage in their lives. Remember that not every infection automatically leads to cancer. Also, there is a very long time between being infected with HPV and developing cancer, usually years. This is why regular examinations should not be neglected.

 If you are a carrier of HPV, you can continue to have sex, but you should be more careful. You should limit the number of sexual partners and, above all, take care to protect yourself. The condom protects, but does not guarantee complete protection. It is also necessary to watch out for unsafe sexual behaviour, which can increase the risk.

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Let’s also remember to take care of our immune system, even if we are not infected with HPV. This protects us from many different diseases. We should take care of proper nutrition and sleep quality, limit stimulants such as alcohol and cigarettes. We should also take care of physical health, playing sports is very good for boosting immunity. Adequate vitamin supplementation can also help, especially if we have trouble incorporating healthy eating into our lives. People with strong immune systems usually fight HPV on their own in about 1-2 years. That’s why prevention is so important. Take our What Is HPV Knowledge Test to learn more.

Why is this important?

It is important to remember the responsibility we have when we are sexually active. We can be infected without even knowing it and unknowingly infect others, putting them at risk of a deadly disease. During sexual intercourse, it is best to use a condom, which significantly reduces the risk of infection.

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The best and most responsible decision is to frequently test ourselves for various sexually transmitted diseases, especially if we have multiple sexual partners. It is also important for women to have regular cytological examinations to detect cervical cancer as soon as possible. Let us remember the danger of HPV and educate others about it. Perhaps by doing so, we can save our lives and the lives of others.

Now you can take our special What Is HPV test and see if you are adequately prepared. Knowing about HPV is very useful, so see if you have memorized all the most important information.

Will What Is HPV Test tell me if I have HPV?

No, our What is HPV test measures your knowledge of the disease.

Is it necessary to take this What Is HPV Test?

This What Is HPV knowledge test will check if you know all the most necessary information.

Why is education about what is HPV is important?

Because prevention can protect you from dangerous diseases.

How many questions does this What Is HPV Test have?

The What Is HPV Test have 20 most important question.

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