What Ethnicity Am I? | Find Out Your True Ethnic Roots | Instant Results

What Ethnicity Am I? | Find Out Your True Ethnic Roots | Instant Results

Hello everyone! Are you ready to solve some didactic quizzes? The test we prepared for you this time – What Ethnicity Am I? – will not only provide entertainment but also expand your knowledge of ethnicity and race.

Many people ask themselves the following questions: ‘What ethnicity do I belong to?’, ‘What are my ethnic roots?’. Because ethnicity doesn’t take into consideration physical characteristics, it can be difficult to know which ethnic group we are really part of. If you also scratch your head when it comes to your ethnicity, we welcome you to solve our ‘What Ethnicity Am I?’ Quiz. 

Due to the complexity of the subject of ethnicity and a large number of large and small ethnic groups, we may not be able to accurately guess your ethnicity. That’s why we would like to ask you to take this quiz with a grain of salt. 

After you solve the quiz, you are going to find out which of the most prominent ethnic groups you are most part of. If you want to learn the exact match, you may consider taking a special DNA Test. Either way, we hope you will have a good time solving the quiz!

What race do you belong to? Are you Asian, White, American Indian, or Black? Solve this test and expand your knowledge on the subject of race. 

Ethnicity – Overview

So where does the concept of etymology come from? What are its origins and why do we use it today? Let’s try to find the answers to these moot questions.

Greek Origins

Like many words in use today, etymology originated from the Greek language. It is derived from  ἔθνος (ethnos) which was later incorporated into Latin as ethnicus. The term was used in early antiquity and referred to large groups of people, bands of comrades, host of man and even a flock of animals. It wasn’t until the times of Classical Greek, the term ethnos gained a new set of meanings, comparable to the one we use today. It translated as ‘nation people’ and was narrowed down even further in Hellenistic Greek to ‘foreign’ and ‘barbarous’.

Early Modern English And 19th Century

In the times of Early Modern English, ethic referred to pagan or heathen as a way to describe nations which are not part of Christian oikumene. In the 19th century, on the other hand, it returned to its Greek origins and meant ‘peculiar to a race, people, or nation’.

Ethnicity In The 20th Century

In the 1930s and 1940s, ethnicity was used as a replacement for the term ‘race’. It encompassed different cultural groups as well as minorities of different nations, races, and cultures. ‘Ethnic group’ was first recognized in 1935 and its first appearance in a dictionary was in 1972 (Oxford English Dictionary). Since then, the term was not only used to describe a group of people, but also a place like a restaurant. ‘Ethnic restaurant’ or ‘ethnic cuisine’ indicated something exotic, related to foreign cultures and traditions.

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Modern Definition

Nowadays, ethnicity or ethnic group refers to the method of classification of people to separate groups based on shared attributes such as traditions, society, or history. It can be described as a construct of society which sets various requirements which decide whether a given individual is a member of ethnic group.

Ethnicity Vs Race

Ethnicity and race can sometimes be confusing. Some people still use these two terms interchangeably, even in the media or press. It’s not uncommon to be a witness of a wrong assumption of someone’s ethnicity based on their appearance. It is time we settle this once and for all.

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Unlike race, ethnicity doesn’t take into account physical features like color of skin, shape of eyes, skiing texture, or hair color. People who belong to the same ethnic group share cultural traditions, ancestry, language, and customs. It is also connected to a given geographical region while race doesn’t have such limitations.

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Race can be understood as a method to assign people to taxonomic groups based on their physical similarities. Because of that, it is also a much more controversial subject than ethnic classification. According to anthropologist Eric Wolf, racial differentiation was constructed during European mercantile expansion, while ethnic classification emerged in the times of capitalist expansion.

As you can see, racial and ethnic identity cannot be used interchangeably. Those two methods of classification have different methodology which makes them entirely different concepts.

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What Ethnicity Am I? Questions And Answers

What ethnicity do you truly belong to? Solve our What Ethnicity Am I? Quiz and unveil this mystery. All you need to do is answer 20 questions.

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Is Ethnicity A Different Word For Race?

Race and ethnicity are not the same. Race refers to the diversification of people based on their physical features while ethnicity takes into consideration culture, language, religion, and customs. Another difference is that one’s ethnicity is linked to a given geographical region.

What Ethnicities I Can Get As A Result?

You can get one of the four possible ethnicities: White People, Asian People, Black or African American, Hispanic or Latino. Don’t worry if your ethnicity is not among the results. The aim of this test is to find out which of the most known ethnicities is the best match for you.

What Is The Largest Ethnic Group In The USA?

According to the data from 2020, the most numerous ethnic group in the United States are White Americans representing 57,8% of the whole population.

What Is The Least Numerous Ethnic Group In The USA?

Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders are the smallest minority. In 2019, there were 656,400 members of this group, merely 0.2% of the population.

How Many Questions Do I Need To Answer?

The test analyzes 20 different factors which allows us to assign to you a right ethnicity.

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