What Color Is Your Love? | This Quiz Will Tell You 100% Honestly

What Color Is Your Love? | This Quiz Will Tell You 100% Honestly

You must agree, dear reader, that love is a complicated thing, and it doesn’t look and feel the same to all of us. What colors make you think about your darling? Perhaps your heart flutters when you see a pink cloud of cotton candy at the fair because it conveys the sweet memories of affection. Maybe the azure sea feels like the day you said “I love you” for the first time, or the golden sunlight reminds you of your dearest friend’s bright smile.

Is your love merry like a sparkling blue stream? Sweet and delicate like pink candy? Answer these questions earnestly, and you might be amazed by the results.

What Color Is Your Love? | This Quiz Will Tell You 100% Honestly

What is the color wheel of love?

When it comes to relationships, romantic or otherwise, we all expect different things. How I deal with my feelings might not be the same as your way of doing things. The color wheel theory suggests that there are distinct types of love (just as there are primary colors).

Psychologist John Lee proposed three primary love types: Eros (passionate), Ludus (playful), and Storge (familial). Eros comes the closest to the modern imagining of romantic love. It’s often sexual or physical, but a lot of times, it’s also about the emotional forces that drive us. In contrast to Logos (Reason), Eros can represent eternal longing and desire for something. After all, we don’t always listen to logical arguments when in love.

Ludus means love with no strings attached. The focus is on having fun, flirting, playing games, or the art of seduction. Ludus can be immature, but it isn’t always so. Sometimes, Ludus is just casual and uncomplicated, but the commitment of some kind is still there.

Storge is the affection a person has toward their parents, offspring, or siblings. It might also mean the love you feel toward a friend. It doesn’t rely on personal qualities and is more unconditional. You don’t love your child because they’re so smart or polite, but because they’re your blood, right? It is what Storge is about.

What are the colors of your love?

I’m curious about what color of the rainbow your love corresponds with. Do you have a desire to know? If so, read on.

Pink Love
Your love is pink like a strawberry cupcake. You are affectionate and sweet. Cuddles, kisses, and kind words are your love language. You have a nurturing personality and enjoy making others feel at ease. Taking care of your loved ones gives you joy and completes your life.

Purple Love
Your love is purple like a lavender field. It is unorthodox and yearning for freedom, like yourself. You do not follow a traditional path in anything, including your emotions. When you feel something, you express it without shame. You don’t care about superficial gestures – just raw honesty.

Red Love
Your love is red like a heart on fire. When you love someone, your feelings engulf you whole. Your devotion and desire are so powerful they even scare you sometimes. You fall in love quickly and desperately and cling to your darlings. When they’re hurting, you rush to their side with no hesitation. Love is about sacrifice, after all.

Is it truly meant to be?

Green Love
Your love is green like succulent grass. Your soul is cautious yet unwavering. You’re careful not to declare your feelings too quickly, as for you, love is similar to a sycamore tree – it needs time to grow. You’re loyal, sometimes to a fault. Flimsy bursts of passion are not for you; you need maturity and someone reliable to lean on.

Blue Love
Your love is blue like an ocean. You’re playful and eager for excitement. Love is somewhat like a game to you. It’s not that you don’t treat it seriously; you like to have fun! It’s tricky to keep your attention for long. Your partner should keep up with your shenanigans and respect your boundaries.

Yellow Love
Your love is yellow like sunlight. You prefer your relationships to develop naturally, without forcing anything. Your beau might have started as your good friend. You’re mellow, easygoing, and dislike drama. To you, love is all about having someone who “gets” you.

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Do you wish to know the color of your love? Color me surprised at the results of this quiz. Is your affection yellow like a sweet lemonade? Or blue like an ocean?

What are the answers?

Your love is: pink, purple, red, green, blue, or yellow.

What are the 7 colors of love?

The 7 colors = different chakras. Some folk find a spiritual meaning in them.

Is love blue or red?

Take the test to find the answer you seek.

How do you react when your partner disappoints you?

The answer might reveal your love’s color.

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