Soldier Poet King Quiz | Based on 2023 Trends

Soldier Poet King Quiz | Based on 2023 Trends

Welcome to our fantastic quiz! Today we have a fairy tale theme that will interest everyone. If you lived in a fantasy world, how do you think you would be a poet, a soldier or a king? Most of you would probably like to be kings, but only the result of the quiz can predict your role in the fantasy world. Are you ready to know what your destiny is? Take our Soldier Poet King Quiz Test!

Who would you be in a fantasy world?

With our special personality test, you will find out which ancient profession is perfect for you. We take into account three different characteristics that usually play an important role in movies and books such as The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit or The Witcher.


Each of these roles is significant, so don’t underestimate the importance if it’s a role that falls to you. What exactly does it mean if you are a soldier, a poet or a king? We present character descriptions and the significant qualities each of them possesses. Familiarize yourself with these descriptions and consider which one suits you best, and then check it out through our test!


If you fall into the role of a soldier, the most important value for you is honor and defense of the homeland. Soldiers are very organized people who always follow the set rules. They have high moral values and would rather die than defy them. They are brave idealists who are not afraid of sacrifice for the sake of something greater.

 However, they must have a guide, which are kings. A king is the authority of a soldier. Soldiers are also very protective and can work in teams. They are very hardworking and useful individuals who make a real difference in this world. A true soldier always defends the weak and is willing to help other people. His goal is to act for the sake of good. Soldiers are practical and do not waste time on unnecessary things. Are you such an ambitious and courageous soldier?



Poets are great dreamers and artists. Their role is to exhort soldiers to fight and give them encouragement through their works. Some people think that poets are not important figures, but this is not true. In difficult times, supporting, comforting and finding joy in poetry and music is extremely useful. No one would survive in this cruel world without our poets.

They are the ones who make soldiers and kings have the strength to work. Poets are exceptional individuals who try to see the beauty in everything they see. They create all sorts of art that inspires and gives life meaning. Poets are people who can support and comfort. They are sociable and eager to please, always eager to make you feel better.

They also enjoy the company of animals, who often join them. They are seekers of truth and justice, and do not blindly follow people in power. Does this description resonate with you? See if you are sure by getting Soldier Poet King quiz poet result!


Or maybe you are a king? Kings are the few people who have a specific character. They are excellent leaders who are able to rule people and attract their attention. Power is important to them, through power they feel that they are doing something useful and are needed. Sometimes, however, they can impose their views on other people.


They are very stubborn people who will do anything to achieve their goals. Those with good hearts, however, are able to listen to the voice of the people and are focused on helping and creating a better world. Kings are strategic activists who can plan and organize. They are also able to inspire others by drawing attention to what is really important. They are very responsible, they are the ones who rule and this burden although desirable is not at all easy. Kings are strong individuals who achieve success in their lives.

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Do you already know which role is written for you? Take our Soldier Poet King quiz king and find out for sure if you are a soldier, a poet or a king!

Characters from movies and books

We have ideal representatives of soldiers, kings and poets in movies, TV series and books. There are characters that not only entertain us, but make it easy for us to identify with them, understand them and cheer them on to achieve their goals.

Each of us has some favorite character that particularly catches our attention. How do you think your favorite characters are most often soldiers, poets or kings? This can say a lot about yourselves, so take a look at our character examples and see which ones you like best and what role they play.

  • Dandelion – character from the world of The Witcher, a perfect example of a poet. Dandelion is an entertaining bard who makes us laugh and soothes the atmosphere. Especially in the company of the extremely serious Geralt, Dandelion seems to be very optimistic about the world. He gives us hope and faith that our characters will somehow manage even in the greatest of troubles.
  • Gimli – A character from J. R. R. Tolkien’s world who participated in an expedition in The Lord of the Rings. This kind-hearted dwarf was always raring to fight in the name of higher values and defense of his people. Thus, he is a perfect example of a soldier, brave and fearless. He proudly carried his axe with him, and treated fighting opponents as a sport.
  • Daenerys Targaryen – This female character from the Game of Thrones series is a perfect example of a true king. Daenerys is a strong woman who has persistently pursued her goal throughout her life. She was able to win over the people with ease and led them on their way to a better life. This woman is a true queen, no matter how the series creators decided to end the Game of Thrones series.

With these examples, did you get a better understanding of the characteristics of the poet, the soldier and the king? These roles can be performed regardless of gender, as other characters besides Daenerys have shown us. For example, the brave Éowin, who was a valiant soldier. And what other great examples of poets, soldiers and kings do you know?

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TikTok Viral Soldier Poet King

This trend gained its popularity on Tik Tok with a catchy folk song. People compared their favorite characters to these archetypes, just as we did in the paragraph above. The trend is very original and has caught the attention of many people, both fantasy fans and those who like personality tests. A lot of people also make creative art and drawings based on these archetypes. The trend has really inspired people to create and explore, which is a really beautiful phenomenon.


We too created a test, inspired by this unusual trend. So, turn on the folk chant about the Soldier, the Poet and the King and also take our test to see which role fits you best! Discover your destiny in the fantasy world and join the others.

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Now that you know all about the characteristics of a poet, a soldier and a king, you can confidently take our personality Soldier Poet King test tiktok. Find more answers to the questions below. So fare thee well; I must away!

Was this quiz based on the viral trend of tiktok?

Yes, the quiz is inspired by the Soldier, Poet, King trend.

How many questions are in this Soldier Poet King quiz?

There are 20 unique questions in this quiz.

What exactly are the questions in this quiz about?

The quiz includes questions about your character traits, goals and approach to life.

What does it mean to be a Soldier, a Poet or a King?

You can find detailed descriptions of these archetypes in the article above.

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