Reincarnation Test | What Stage Of Reincarnation Are You? | Free Quiz

Reincarnation Test | What Stage Of Reincarnation Are You? | Free Quiz

Hello everyone in 2023! Happy New Year! Do you feel as if the coming of the new year makes you feel different? Maybe you feel born anew? With the coming of a new age, this is a perfect opportunity to solve our newest quiz – Reincarnation Test. 

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, this quiz may tell you something about yourself you didn’t know. Each time a soul is reborn in a new body, it gains experience and wisdom. The data it gained during the previous lives gets imprinted on its spiritual fabric and then is moved to the next organic being. That means that each stage of rebirth is characterized by its degree of experience. 

If you are a wise and intelligent individual, that means your soul embarked on its journey quite some lives ago. On the other hand, your soul can still be considerably young and inexperienced. In that case, you are going to struggle in life more than others. You may need to put up more work to gain life experience and learn how to spread peace and love.

So which stage of reincarnation are you? What does your soul tell you about yourself? Find the answers to these questions in the Reincarnation Test. All you need to do is provide an answer to 20 questions we prepared for you and the maturity of your soul shall be revealed!

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Stages Of Reincarnation

The stage of reincarnation is directly correlated with the soul age. It affects how one thinks, acts and perceives the world. The more mature the soul is, the better it is at displaying compassion, understanding the needs of others, and solving problems.

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Infant Soul – Stage I

Infant souls are the youngest souls. They are at the beginning of their spiritual journey which means they are the simplest and have the most basic needs. Infant souls focus on survival and their own immediate needs. 

Because they don’t have well-developed social skills, they tend to have a criminal record and get in trouble with the law more often than more mature souls. They also are impulsive and act before they think.

Baby Soul – Stage II

Baby souls share some of the problems of infant souls, but to a lesser extent, as they started to grasp the basics. They also put an emphasis on safety and their own well-being in their actions. 

Baby souls feel comfortable in civilized environments and are able to follow societal rules. However, older souls perceive them as conformists and conservatives. They lack creativity and mental flexibility. Baby souls prefer to be a part of an already established order than to improve it or apply changes to it. They rarely break rules but when they do, they feel guilty and anxious. 

Young Soul – Stage III

Young souls are the opposite of baby souls. They are open-minded, energetic, and very dynamic in their actions. They are also bold and confident, open to changes and eager to take on new challenges. 

Young souls tend to focus on their careers more than other things. They value glory, fame, ambition and success. Because of that, they are also more fearful of death than more mature souls. They cling to their material belongings and pleasures of life.

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Mature Soul – Stage IV

Mature souls are those souls that made significant progress in the spiritual journey. Their experience and knowledge about life can be impressive. Mature souls are almost experts, they need a little bit extra time to become masters and teachers to other souls. 

As opposed to young souls, mature souls are not ego-centric and self-absorbed. They start to find balance between their own self and the needs of others. They can see the perspective of others and are eager to find the middle ground with their opponents.

Mature souls have a tendency to ask difficult questions and undermine the established order. They want to have answers for everything, and thus they engage in philosophy, ethics, science, and spirituality.

Old Soul – Stage V

Old souls are the most open-minded and creative souls. They are able to operate within rules and still have an impact on the established order. They are stable, calm, and don’t lose their temper easily. 

Old souls also tend to be nostalgic and overly emotional. Seeing the many flaws of the world can deeply saddened old souls. But on the other hand, it is also one of their biggest drivers to make a change in the world. It is often done in the process of education. Old souls are the most common souls to become teachers, masters, and authorities on various topics.

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Reincarnation Test Free Quiz Online

What stage of reincarnation are you currently experiencing? Is your soul young or old? Answer all questions included in the Reincarnation Test and learn more about your spiritual side. Have fun!

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What Are The Five Stages Of Reincarnation?

The five stages of soul rebirth consist of The Infant Soul, The Baby Soul, The Young Soul, The Mature Soul, and The Old Soul.

Where Has The Concept Of Reincarnation Originated From?

The first detailed descriptions of reincarnation can be traced back to the 1000 BFE. The cycle of rebirth was present in Buddhism, Jainism, and various philosophy schools of Hindu.

Who Can Solve This Test?

This quiz is best enjoyed by those who believe in reincarnation and have at least some knowledge of soul rebirth. However, if you are not interested in spiritual matters or have never heard of it before, you can still have fun solving this test.

How Many Questions Does This Test Have?

There are 20 questions in total.

What Kind Of Questions Can I Expect?

We take into consideration various factors which include your values, lifestyle, viewpoint, and whether you are a mature or immature human being.

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