MCAT Practice Test | Completely Free

MCAT Practice Test | Completely Free

Hello! Are you planning to go into medical studies and preparing to take your MCAT? Check your level of knowledge with our MCAT practice test before facing the real-deal exam. Have you mastered all the material? Perhaps you need to study some more? Your score on this MCAT practice test will tell you all you need to know.

What is MCAT?

The MCAT is the exam designed for those applying to a med school in the United States and Canada. If you want to become a doctor, a nurse, a veterinarian, or any other medical professional, the MCAT is a must.

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The MCAT exam was created to test your problem-solving abilities, critical and analytical thinking, and knowledge of general biology, chemistry, psychology, and sociology.

The Chem/Physics chapter is the first on the exam. It covers the material related to chemical and physical sciences. To do well in that section, you need to know the basic biochemical and biophysical mechanisms that living organisms operate on. It has 59 questions in total. 44 questions are related to passages provided on the exam, and the remaining 15 are standalone. You have 95 minutes to finish the section.

The CARS section covers critical thinking and logical reasoning. You have to be able to analyze the passages in front of you, interpret the information, and support or disprove an argument. You might be asked about a broader idea or a specific detail in the text. This section has 53 questions related to passages.

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The Bio/Biochem section covers basic biological and biochemical processes like growing, reproducing, or gaining energy, how the cells and organs work, and what the body needs to do to complete these processes. The section has 59 questions, with 15 being standalone and the rest relating to passages. Like in the first section, you have 95 minutes to complete it.

The Psych/Soc section covers psychology and sociology in the context of biological science. You will be expected to know basic psychological and sociological concepts, as well as scientific reasoning and critical thinking. Like in previous sections, you will have 59 questions, including 15 standalone and 44 connected to passages. You will also have 95 minutes to complete the chapter. 

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How do I practice for the MCAT exam?

It takes time and discipline to prepare for the MCAT. Making a study plan will allow you to better organize your and concentrate on the areas that still require practice. Start with finding out all the necessary information about the exam: application deadlines, basic rules, what is allowed at the testing center and what isn’t, how the scores work, and what the content outline is.

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To help you out, here is a general list of the content areas covered on the MCAT:

  • Biomolecules
  • Cells
  • Complex Organic Systems
  • Physical Processes
  • Chemical Processes
  • Processing the Environment
  • Biological, Psychological, and Sociocultural Factors of Behavior
  • Individuals and Society
  • Knowledge of Scientific Principles
  • Scientific Reasoning
  • Statistical Reasoning

Before taking the official exam, you need to understand how much you know and what are your strengths and weaknesses. Completing a practice test will help you identify what parts of the material you still need to review. 

When you take practice tests, focus on what you’re not that good at. Where do you still lose points? What questions are difficult? Focus on the problem areas so you can excel in the future. 

Everybody has different strategies to help them study. For some, making flashcards is an effective method of memorizing things. Others do well practicing with friends. Some students like to create summaries of the passages they just read. Whatever strategies work for you, make sure to include them in your study plan!

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Free online MCAT practice test

Our free MCAT practice test will help you get ready for your exam and get accepted to your dream medical school! This simple but detailed quiz has questions similar to those you will see on the official exam. Your score will show how much more you have to learn!

Are you ready for your MCAT? Take this practice test so the real exam will be a piece of cake. With our quiz, you will feel confident at the testing center!

What is the passing score on this practice test?

You have to score at least 15 points to pass our practice test.

How do I take an MCAT practice test?

To take the practice test, click on the link on this page and get to answering questions.

How do I practice for my MCAT exam?

We suggest making a thorough study plan and taking many practice tests to get ready for your exam.

Are there free MCAT practice exams?

Yes, you can find many free MCAT practice tests online. Our quiz is completely free!

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