Aptitude Test | 2022 Free & Honest Test

Aptitude Test | 2022 Free & Honest Test

Do you have a natural inclination to learn new things? Assess your knowledge and skills with this free aptitude test. Get prepared with our quiz and take your aptitude exam with ease!

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What is an aptitude test?

This test measures a person’s cognitive ability, the way they would behave in specific situations, and natural strengths in a given subject. It is used to evaluate job candidates and school applicants.

What three categories of aptitude exams are there?

Organizational aptitude tests are created either internally by a company or externally by a standardized testing center. They are frequently used in the first round of interviews to get a thorough assessment of the candidate’s skill sets and how well they meet the job criteria.

Educational aptitude tests determine the students’ level of aptitude in particular academic disciplines. These exams can demonstrate how well pupils are studying subjects like math and language. It can also show whether they are progressing at a suitable rate and whether they need special schooling support.

The career aptitude assessment tests focus on the potential employees’ innate skills and preferences in a professional or work context.

What is a career aptitude test?

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The career aptitude assessment test checks a candidate’s ability to handle various work scenarios, problem-solving skills, and knowledge of a specific industry or area.

Best career aptitude test

There are many types of career tests, depending on a specific area of expertise and skills sought by the employer. What to search for when trying to practice?

The best free career aptitude test will offer feedback and solutions to all the questions. Some tests will analyze your score against potential career choices or give you a personalized report in the end.

Many practice tests on the Internet are rather costly. Our employee aptitude test is completely free!

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Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test

CCAT is a pre-employment test created by Criteria Corp. It is a popular recruitment test measuring the individual’s cognitive abilities, problem-solving skills, critical-thinking skills, and ability to interpret information.

The CCAT contains three categories of questions.
Numeral reasoning questions cover basic arithmetic, percentages, graphs, tables, number sequences, and other mathematic tests.

Verbal reasoning questions cover topics like synonyms and antonyms, analogies, syllogism, letter sequences, pointing out errors, and logical reasoning.

Spatial reasoning questions assess the ability to deal with multi-dimensional images. They include matrices, abstract figure sequences, and odd-one-out exercises.

The CCAT includes 50 multiple-choice questions, and the time limit is 15 minutes. People who don’t speak English on a native level and those with disabilities can get additional 4 minutes (22 minutes in total). The average score for CCAT measures around 24 points.

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Examples of aptitude test

Numeral reasoning tests are an example of an aptitude test. They ask prospective employees to demonstrate their ability to analyze and interpret numbers. The questions will involve percentages, ratios, currency conversion, data analysis, and financial analysis.

Verbal reasoning tests will ask test-takers to display text-comprehension skills. The candidates will have to know how to interpret a passage of text and answer questions based on it.

Error checking tests assess a candidate’s ability to recognize errors and evaluate the correctness of the information given to them.

Diagrammatic reasoning tests require candidates to look at a series of shapes, patterns, and figures and answer questions under time pressure by applying logical reasoning.

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Situational judgment tests present various workplace scenarios to test-takers and assess how they approach them.

The E-tray exercise test assesses a person’s suitability for a certain position. Candidates will be given information about a fictional workplace situation, and they will have to respond appropriately. It’s an opportunity to prove they can organize their workload effectively, efficiently use their time, delegate tasks, and resolve issues.

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Personality tests are used to assess various aspects of a person’s character, including strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, personal ethics, how they build relationships, how they react to different situations, etc.

When taking an aptitude exam, what should you expect?

For each question on the multiple-choice psychometric tests, there is only one correct response. Your score is then recorded, and your level is evaluated in relation to other applicants who took the same test as you.

Is an IQ test an aptitude test? There are differences between these two types of tests. IQ tests measure general intelligence – the ability to operate in all areas. At the same time, aptitude tests assess a narrower range of skills. They also don’t consider the age of candidates, while the intelligence tests do.

Are you prepared to demonstrate your expertise? Take this free online aptitude test and be prepared to ace your real exam! Have fun and good luck!

Is an IQ test an aptitude test?

IQ tests measure general intelligence – the ability to operate in all areas. At the same time, aptitude tests assess a narrower range of skills.

What to expect when taking an aptitude test?

The psychometric tests are multiple-choice, with only one correct response in each case. Your score is then recorded, and your level is evaluated in relation to other applicants who took the same test as you.

What are the three types of aptitude tests?

Organizational, educational, and career assessment tests.

How many points do you have to get to pass the test?

To pass our test, you have to get at least 11 points.

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