How I Met Your Mother Quiz | Superfans 15/20 Challenge

How I Met Your Mother Quiz | Superfans 15/20 Challenge

Hello everyone! Today we have another trivia-style quiz for you. If you’re here, you’re probably a fan of the series How I Met Your Mother. But do you know everything about this series? That’s why we’ve prepared a special and quite difficult How I Met Your Mother Quiz so that you can measure your knowledge about this series. Are you ready? Challenge accepted!

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How I Met Your Mother Characters

How I Met Your Mother is an iconic series that has gained a lot of popularity. After the Friends series ended, people still wanted more stories about a supportive group of friends. And since that idea worked once, they decided to create HIMYM, which is somewhat similar, but also has a fresh new approach.

The series has a main character, and he is a man named Ted Mosby. The form of presenting the story is interesting, it shows Ted Mosby in the future, telling his children how he met their mother. Almost every episode begins with a small scene of a son and daughter sitting on the couch and listening to their father. However, it must be said that some of the stories Ted tells are not suitable for children.

We learn about his teenage years since he lived with roommates, had various adventures and most importantly, searched for his real love. The series also focuses on the supporting characters. It may not be as balanced as in Friends, but we also get to know and take a good look at the lives of Marshall, Lily, Barney and Robin. Also, this is also a group of five friends who spend a lot of time at the bar and have many interesting and fun adventures.

The main characters of HIMYM:

  • Ted Mosby
  • Robin Scherbatsky
  • Marshall Eriksen
  • Lily Aldrin
  • Barney Stinson

Ted Mosby

As we mentioned, the main character is Ted Mosby. In the story he is in his twenties, living in New York with his friend Marshall and his girlfriend Lily, whom he met in college. Ted is a typical romantic who dreams of meeting a woman, falling in love and starting a family. Therefore, he makes many attempts to meet different women, but his relationships usually end in failure.

He does, however, have a few deeper relationships, which we always cheer for and hope will eventually be the mother of the children he keeps talking about. Ted is an architect by profession, we also look at his professional career, various ups and downs. However, the main thread is always his relationships. Did you like this character from HIMYM? You could say that Ted was a bit like Ross Geller from Friends. Like him, he didn’t let go so easily when it came to love and was this condescendingly wise character in the group of friends.

Robin Scherbatsky

Robin is the first woman in Ted’s story with whom he falls in love. But the relationship obviously ends in failure, and Robin becomes a close friend of Ted and his friends. Robin is from Canada, and often a form of joke is how Americans are different from Canadians. Robin is a journalist by profession, also we see how her career develops.

Robin didn’t fit in with Ted at first because she had a different approach to life than he did. Ted wanted to start a family, while she did not want children and dreamed of traveling. Robin is a strong woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to stand up for herself. She had a very strict father who treated her like a son, so we notice various stereotypically masculine traits in Robin. She is a character perceived differently by viewers, some liked her a lot, others were irritated by her decisions and behavior. And what is your opinion of Robin?


Marshall Eriksen

Marshall is Ted’s friend from his college days. He is a kind and considerate man who is very different from his friends. He has been in a relationship with Lily since the beginning of the series, and their relationship is deep and long-lasting, not like Ted’s brief acquaintanceship. Marshall has very formed moral values, which is often mocked in the series. Many viewers agree that he is the most mature character of the five, and has the most healthy approach to relationships and life choices.

Marshall at first worked in a bank, but later quit that job to pursue his dream of becoming a lawyer and later also a judge. He is a man of large stature with a soft heart who always tries to help others. He is originally from Minnesota and has two older brothers. The main plot, however, is his relationship with Lily, during the course of the seral we watch their relationship develop.

Lily Aldrin

Marshall’s girlfriend and Ted’s friend. The three have always stuck together since college. Lily is a fun character who adds some feminine energy to the series. She often advises Ted on relationship issues and chastises Barney for inappropriate behavior toward women. Lily is a kindergarten teacher by profession, and her hobby is painting.

She has a good approach to children and in time with Marshall they are considering starting a family. Ted watches this relationship from the sidelines and cheers them on, but also strongly envies them, because he would like to experience something like this himself. Lily is more delicate than Robin, but she can also be strong and firm. A lot of viewers, however, accuse her of being manipulative. This is because at times she has interfered too much in Ted’s love life.


Barney Stinson

Barney is a person who accidentally joined a pack of friends, but has already stayed there for good. Barney is a typical pick-up artist and playboy. He often ridicules Ted’s romantic approach to relationships and tries to show him what kind of life he should want.

However, learning about Barney’s story, we notice that he is not as clueless and confident as he thinks he is. He had a very problematic relationship with his mother, and for a long time he did not know his own father. In turn, his past wrongs made him such an immoral person.

Barney has a good position and earns a lot, the typical joke of the series is that no one knows what Barney really does for a living. Barney’s approach to women is very inappropriate and harmful. Viewers see this character as the most problematic. He cares only about sex, and sometimes manipulates women to gain what he wants. Barney is a typical comedic character who sustains the humor of the series.

How I Met Your Mother Quiz

The HIMYM series was completed in 2014. Nine seasons were created, people finally met the mother of Ted Mosby’s children. However, as the series was so well received, in 2022 it was decided to make How I Meet Your Father in its likeness. You can already watch the first two seasons of the new series on streaming platforms.

On the other hand, when it comes to the How I Met Your Mother series, I think you’re ready to accept the challange and take our How I Met Your Mother Quiz quiz. See if you remember all the details and important plots of this series correctly. It is also a good way to recall the plot to prepare for the new version of HIMYF. You will be able to compare the two series rightly through this. Perhaps the second story will be even more interesting?

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How many questions are in this How I Met Your Mother quiz?

There are 20 questions in this How I Met Your Mother quiz.

Are there spoilers in this How i Met Your Mother trivia quiz?

Yes, there may be spoilers from the series in this quiz.

Do I have to watch the entire series to take this How I Met Your Mother quiz?

It is recommended, because the ultimate How I Met Your Mother quiz includes knowledge from all nine seasons.

Does the How I Met Your Mother quiz have a high level of difficulty?

Some questions can be difficult and tricky in this hard How I Met Your Mother quiz.

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