Green Line Test | This Quiz Predicts 90% Accurately

Green Line Test | This Quiz Predicts 90% Accurately

Have you heard about the viral Green Line test making rounds on TikTok? This Green Line test supposedly tells the truth about the couple’s relationship. Are you ready to take a look at pictures of some famous couples and put them to the test? Perhaps it will help you reevaluate your own relationship!

What is the Green Line Test?

You might not know what this test even is. Let’s explain!

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Green Line Test

This test has been taking over the online sphere lately. But how does it work? The Green Line Test follows the supposed “green line rule.” According to this theory, the way two people in a couple pose next to each other can tell a lot about their relationship.

How does it work?

To “conduct” this test, you are supposed to draw a straight green line on the couple’s picture over their posture. The purpose of the test is to determine who is sitting or standing straight and who is leaning towards the other.

Basically, the person standing straight supposedly is confident, strong, and has all the power in the relationship. The person leaning in “enters” the world of their partner. They are needy and emotionally dependent on the other person.

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Are you still confused? Take a lot at this picture of two famous couples, Kanye West with Kim Kardashian and Will Smith with Jada Pinkett-Smith. Can you tell anything from their postures?


Some people tried to analyze various pictures of couples to prove that men leaning into their partners were needy, dependent on them, with a weak mindset, and of “lower value.” At the same time, women who stood straight in pictures were seen as strong and confident, and they were thought to wear pants in their relationships.

If both people in the picture stand straight without anyone leaning in, it’s supposed to mean that the relationship is solid.

However, is it all true? Can you depend on this test to make definitive opinions about someone’s relationship? Let’s discover if this test could be an accurate tool to analyze the quality of a relationship.

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How accurate is the Green Line test?

Despite the test’s immense popularity online, it did not gain the professionals’ approval. Relationship and body language experts straight-up debunked the test. Several of them spoke out, claiming that the Green Line theory doesn’t have any merit.

It’s worth noting that the creator of the test isn’t a professional, but simply a random TikTok user. The test doesn’t have any scientific backing whatsoever.

Is the test sexist?

Some people claimed that the Green Line theory is sexist. It assumes that a relationship can only be considered positive when the man is confident and powerful. When the woman “wears the pants,” the man is perceived as weak and needy, and the relationship suffers.

But can we say it’s true? After all, men and women can both be powerful, and both can have feelings and be emotional. Relationships should not be judged based on who is the more dominant partner. Additionally, it makes no sense to try and analyze someone’s relationship only from a picture.

Still, no matter what we think about the test, we can’t deny it’s become another viral sensation. The test creator’s original video on the topic reached over 9 million views. The “green line” hashtag had 74 million views as of May 2022. These are some impressive numbers!

Some people believe that the test’s author is not being serious, and the whole concept of green lines is just satire. We will never know for sure.

YouTube video

A lot of TikTok users find entertainment in analyzing their own relationships or famous couple’s relationships. As long as we don’t take the Green Line theory too seriously, there’s nothing wrong with having some fun. It would be pretty silly to judge the strength of your love through some TikTok experiment!

How does our test work?

How will this test be conducted? We will show a series of photographs of various famous couples. Green straight lines will run through each image. Your job will be to identify whether or not the couple passed the test. The instructions are pretty straightforward. Of course, remember that all of this is just a game and good fun!

Are you all set for the Green Line test? Brace yourself and analyze these couple pictures! Do you think you’ll be good at that?

How does the Green Line work?

A picture of a couple is analyzed by drawing a straight green line across their posture. The person sitting straight is supposed to be more dominant.

What score can you expect?

Twenty correct answers will give you twenty points.

How accurate is the Green Line test?

The experts claim that the test isn’t very accurate and has no scientific basis. It’s fun, though!

What do the green lines mean in pictures?

They go over the person’s posture and are supposed to indicate the person’s role in the relationship.

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