Flags Of The World Quiz | Can You Guess Them All? | 2023 Geography Quiz

Flags Of The World Quiz | Can You Guess Them All? | 2023 Geography Quiz

Hi all! Welcome to our quizzes! Are you a geography geek who can tell the difference between the flag of Poland and Monaco? Can you easily name the colors of the Egyptian flag? Or maybe you are a true globetrotter who has seen it all during your escapades? No matter if you are an expert vexillologist or enjoy learning geography, we welcome you to try our little challenge – Flags Of The World Quiz! 

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Flags Of The World Quiz – About The Quiz

Recognizing all 193 National Flags is no mean feat. There are many tiny countries which are neither popular tourist destinations nor famous because of their history. Not many people know the flags of such countries as Nauru, Marshall Islands, San Marino, or Lesotho. What is more, some National Flags are very similar to each other which adds to the challenge. For instance, Scandinavian countries like Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, and Faroe Islands – all share a cross on their flags with colors being the only exception. Being able to tell the difference between these flags is proof that someone is a geography geek!

If you are wondering how good your geography knowledge is, our test is a great way to learn the answer. Flags Of The World Quiz includes 20 National Flags from around the world. There are famous flags but also very little known national symbols. We also included a few tricky flags which are very similar to other flags, so pay close attention if you don’t want to lose points!  

If you are ready, click the ‘Start Quiz’ button and proceed to answering questions. And remember – no googling the answers! 

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National Flag – Meaning And Functions

Flag is a bunting or a piece of cloth which is the most important symbol of a sovereign nation, armed force, community, or an organization. With few exceptions, flags have a rectangular shape and simple design consisting of few colors. The National Flag represents a country and is used during national celebrations, international events, sport events, and political meetings. The National Flag is usually a symbol protected by law. Desecration of the flag or portraying it in a negative way may result in a penalty and even imprisonment. 

There are currently 193 flags representing sovereign nations. The oldest National Flag belongs to Denmark (adopted in 1370) while the newest decoration represents Mauritania (adopted in 2017). However, the concept of the National Flag is much older than Denmark’s insignia. It can be traced back to ancient times when nations were represented by ceremonial images and decorative streamers. They were cheap, easy to make, and done the job well as an easily recognizable symbol.

Flags symbolized many different factions throughout history. They were used by merchant guilds, gods, towns, ships, armies, leaders, communities, lords, and mercenary bands. A flag represented values and power of a given faction or person and was treated with respect. Desecrating and destroying an enemy’s flag was a sign of utmost disrespect, able to lower the morale of the group it belonged to. Some battles were won thanks to a successful capture of the enemy’s flag. 

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Design Of National Flags

The choice of colors and elements included on a flag are connected to the country’s history and culture. Each component of the flag has its meaning, symbolizing the features of a given nation. When someone takes a look at the flags of the world, they may notice that many of them use similar structure and design choices. At first, it may seem that flags’ colors are arbitrary and don’t convey anything in particular. However, despite similarities, each flag has its own story to tell. 

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Some flags have common origins like geography, culture, religion, and traditions. They can be referred to as flag families. If you take a look at Scandinavian flags like Norway, Denmark, Or Sweden you will quickly realize why they are considered ‘flag relatives’. Some flags consist of such elements as crosses, stars, crescent moon, and coats of arms which, due to their historical origin, appear on more than one flag. 

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Flags Of The World Quiz | Questions And Answers

Are you ready to solve Flags Of The World Quiz? Find out how many flags from around the world you can recognize! Only real experts can score 20/20!

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Which Flag Is The Most Famous?

The most famous flag is without a doubt the USA National Flag. Despite its simple design, it is easily recognizable throughout the whole world. The rich and long history of the United States is also one of the reasons the USA flag is present in many history books.

Which Nation Has The Oldest Flag?

The longest-running National flag belongs to Denmark. Its flag was adopted in 1370. However, according to the legend it dates as far back as 1219.

Can A National Flag Be Changed?

The National Flag can be changed. This may happen because of several reasons: shift in political power, design updates, ending a war, changes in demographics. For instance, the flag of Afghanistan was changed 30 times during 102 years of Afghanistan Independence.

What Is The Most Unique National Flag?

The flag which breaks all the rules of flag’s design is the banner of Nepal. It is the only National symbol which does not have a rectangular shape. Its structure consists of two rectangular triangles put on top of each other.

How Many Questions Does ‘Flags Of The World Quiz’ Have?

There are 20 questions in total. Each question consists of one National Flag and four possible answers.

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