Are You A Cougar? | This Quiz Will Confirm It | Instant Results

Are You A Cougar? | This Quiz Will Confirm It | Instant Results

Hello everyone! Are you in a mood to solve some exciting quizzes? We certainly hope so, because the quiz we prepared for you today will tell you something new about your dating preferences! So stay tuned and see what this all is about!

‘Are You A Cougar?’ Quiz – Before You Start

‘Are You A Cougar?’ Quiz we prepared for today is especially useful to women in their 30s or 40s who like to date younger men or women. If you seek romantic relationships with people who are much younger than you and don’t really enjoy dating those who are around your age, that means you may be a cougar. Our quiz takes into consideration 20 different factors which will confirm whether you really are a cougar or not. 

Some people like younger men and women but are not cougars. Sometimes they date people around their age and can even end up in a relationship with someone older than them. Love can be complex and unpredictable, we never truly know what fate has in store for us. However, if you are an ultimate cougar, you will never want to establish a relationship with someone who is older than you.  

So what is the truth about your romantic preferences? Are you a cougar or not? Check out our quiz and see for yourself! All you need to do is honestly answer all 20 questions included in the quiz. 

If you would like to learn more about cougars, keep reading! There are a lot of interesting facts about this subject in the next part of the article!

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Cougar – Predator Cat Or Woman?

When we hear the word ‘cougar’ we usually imagine a wild predatory cat, ambushing its prey in a forest or mountains. These big cats are native to both Americas and are also known as pumas and mountain lions. However, ‘cougar’ is also used as a slang term to describe a woman who seeks a sexual or romantic relationship with a much younger woman, man, or both. But why ‘cougar’ specifically? Why the big, wild cat? The answer is still a topic for a debate, but fortunately there are some clues.

Origins Of The Slang Term

Even though the exact origins of the term ‘cougar’ are not known, it is believed that it comes from Western Canada. It was first used in 1999 on, a Canadian dating website. It is also speculated that the term originated in Vancouver, British Columbia. It referred to older women who would visit a bar and return home with anyone who was available. 

Since 1999, ‘cougar’ has often been used as a derogatory term, but nowadays it has neither positive nor negative meaning, simply describing someone’s romantic preference. 

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Cougars In Media

The phenomenon of middle-aged women interested in younger men and women has also been discussed in television shows and was brought up in movies and advertisements. For instance, the movie Cougar Club from 2007 was dedicated to this phenomenon, while the 2009 tv show called The Cougar featured older women who would choose a partner for a date from 20 much younger men. 

YouTube video

The phenomenon of ‘cougars’ is often associated with celebrities like Demi Moore, Madonna, and Sam Taylor-Johnon. These famous and glamorous women were known to date much younger men, which made this phenomenon a hot topic numerous times. 

On the other hand, many argue that famous cougars existed ages ago. Notable figures that are believed to establish relationships with younger men include Cleopathra, Elizabeth I, and Catherine the Great.

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Both mountain lions and cougar women are full of life, cunning, and smart. Cougar women know their worth and don’t lack confidence. Sometimes they can take advantage of someone’s young age and try to exploit the lack of experience of their dates. Because of this reason, cougar women may sometimes seem like predators, ambushing and seducing younger men and women. Cougar cats are native to both Americas, which explains why the slang term came to life in Canada. However, who is the real author of the term ‘cougar’ we may never know.

Now that you learned about the ‘cougar phenomenon’, you are ready to solve the quiz! We hope you will enjoy answering questions we prepared for you and uncover something new about yourself!

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Are You A Cougar? Personality Quiz For Women

Are you a woman in your 30s or 40s and want to be in a relationship with someone much younger than you? You may be a cougar. Check out our quiz to know for sure!

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Is It OK To Be A Cougar?

There is nothing morally wrong with being a cougar. Romantic and sexual preferences can vary greatly from person to person. As long as there is mutual consent between two adult people, it doesn’t matter if there is a big age gap between them.

Do Cougar Women Take Advantage Of Younger People?

Some older women may take advantage of someone’s young age and lack of life experience. In this scenario, it can be seen as a morally wrong act. Because of this, cougar women are sometimes referred to as predators.

What Are The Possible Results In ‘Are You A Cougar’? Quiz?

Depending on how you respond to the questions, you are going to learn to what degree you are a cougar. There are four results: Definitely Cougar, Probably Cougar, Probably Not Cougar, and Not Cougar. Each result also comes with its own explanation.

How Long Does It Take To Solve This Quiz?

‘Are You A Cougar’? Quiz is a short but concise test. It should take you between 3 and 5 minutes to solve.

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